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Continue Packing♪

I bought a new make up remover and refill for facial foaming soap because I prefer these.


For medicine, my boyfriend taught me this combination is good to cure when I start getting a cold: Yunker Kotei (revitalizer) and Kakkonto (herbal based cold medicine).

These are commonly sold in liquid in a bottle, but I found them in powdered form.

It’s definitely lighter and easy to carry around, especially on the plane if necessary.


I plan to bring a hair dryer, curlers and an electric pot to make tea.

These are all international model; I can switch voltage from 100-120v to 200 – 240v.


In Japan, the electric outlet/socket is Type A (two flat pins); therefore, I need to bring few plug converters to use these electric appliances in overseas.

I can transform this plug converter according to the electric outlet type.

Don’t you think this is cool?



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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