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Debut at Pool♪

I debut at pool today. Horay!

I went to gym pool this morning because my physical therapist recommended me to walk in the pool for twenty mins three times a week.

I’m sorry if I disappoint you; I went to pool to walk, not to swim. hahaha

It was fun to walk in pool and I felt gooooood because I could occupy (not fully occupied to myself) quiet moment at  the pool, shower booth and powder room.

This is my new bathing suits.

I have few bikinis for beach, but not for gym.

Unfortunately, my body requires a lots of tune-up before wearing bikini to gym pool.

Yes, one day, I want to wear a sexy outfit to gym. 

This morning was a very productive Saturday morning.

After returning from gym, I went to brunch with my old friend from Kyoto.

We had Egg Benedict and coconuts pancakes at Eggcellent, Roppongi Hills.

We had so much to catch up. fufufu


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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