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Kasumidai Country Club, Tsukuba Course, Ibaraki

It had been raining, but rain stopped today.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain again tomorrow.

I’m so lucky to play a golf on the sunny day between rainy days.

On the way to the golf course, it was foggy.

But when we arrived at the Kasumidai Cluntry Club, it was sunny and nice.

The course is nice, but my skill for putting was off today.

I couldn’t win any prize today. Boo Hoo

But it’s nice being a woman; I get a nice pack of coffee as a ladies’ participation award.

It was nice to meet golf mates that I missed playing with.

Kasumidai Country Club, Tsukuba Course is highly recommended.

I would love to play here again!

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Productive Evening…?

I clocked out 5 o’clock tonight and went to Azabu-Juban, Tokyo to pick up my car that returned from the auto inspection.

I’ve been driving this car for 13 years and still love it.

Then, went to grocery shopping and ate dinner.

After dinner, went to gym for cycling and reading a magazine for 30 mins.

Took a bath.

Am I productive? 


I need to burn negative energy and feeling.

I should burn fat as well. hahaha

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Auto Inspection

In Japan, we need to send our car to mandatory auto inspection three years after purchase then every two years.

I send my car for auto inspection to a gas station in neighbor.

Recently, I received a sticker for being a royal member for JAF (Japan Automobile Federation), Japanese version of AAA.

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Friday Night at Kanda, Tokyo

Kanda is at downtown Tokyo.

There are many restaurants with history and uniqueness.

First, I had a Dotenabe (Oyster Claypot) at Suishin, Kanda, Tokyo.

This restaurant is a Izakaya type (casual Japanese bar restaurant.)

After this, went to Suntory Whisky Bar at Kanda, Tokyo.

This bar is an old fashion bar.

Many reserved bottles are kept in food lift. hahaha

I had few glasses of Highball (whisky and soda).

Downtown Tokyo is fun♪