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18 & 19 November 2018

I packed boxes for next moving day.

The mover collected them in early morning to deliver them at my new place around noon.

There are only two of them but very fast and efficient.

I could start unpacking in the afternoon.

I’m still unpacking now because I am considering where to put them for easy handling in my daily life.

I’m also sorting things.

If things are not needed for a new place; I also Sayonara them.

Sometimes, it takes time to make a decision.

Some of them look old and tired, but I have many memories so difficult to let it go.


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17 November 2018

I participated in the 7th anniversary of Aunty’s Buddhist Ceremony at Onjuku, Chiba.

Many of my relatives gathered on Saturday morning.

We miss Aunty; simultaneously, we enjoyed talking among us before and after the ceremony at lunch.

After the ceremony at the temple, we stopped by one of our relative’s house to talk more.

They gave me souvenirs: fresh vegetable from their house farm

These are so fresh and healthy because they don’t use any agricultural chemical at this farm!

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16 November 2018

It’s been a while – two weeks? – since I posted last blog.

I’ve been physically and mentally tired because I cannot get a proper break.

I am demotivated because after completing all projects I thought I can get a break; but my boss didn’t approve my leave because he plans to take leave.

Yes, I’m very frustrated.

I should think of good time so I decide to post old dates.

On 16 November 2018, I planned a mariage styled dinner at French Restaurant IIZAKA, Yotsuya 3-chome.

Chef Iizaka served for few Ambassadors as their residence Chef.

The couple closed the restaurant just for five of us because if there were others, timing of food would be different from tables and they want to serve food at the best condition.

All dishes were like art.

Sommelier (wife) selected nice wine to match these delicate food.

I had my first Beaujolais of the year which was released on 15 November 2018.

Both my stomach and heart were satisfied with nice food & wine and their hospitality.

This is the restaurant that I surely want to return.