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Choco’s Birthday Cake

It’s Choco’s 1st Birthday tomorrow.

Since it’s his 1st Birthday, I want to give him a cake.

I ordered roast beef with sweet potato cake for him at Teppanyaki Yasaiya, Roppongi.

There are many dogs at the restaurant.

According to a restaurant staff, there was a dog event at Yoyogi.

I brought bag his cake.

Happy Birthday Choco!!!

I love you and I’m happy to be with you!

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Celebrating Birthdays (13 April 2019)

I invited my school mates and we all celebrated BIRTHDAYS.

I need to spell birthdays with s because we celebrated my birthday on 3 March, other friends’ birthday on 15 March and 7 April and Choco’s on 15 April.

We prepared a birthday cake with a birthday plate without name.

We sang birthday song starting for me, then I brew candles; lit candles and sang a birthday song for other friends…and for Choco, too!

He couldn’t have a bite but he seems interested in a Joel Robuchon cake!

I cooked Chinese for five for dinner and they cleared all.

Time flys and we chatted past 11 pm.

It was fun to reunited!

I shall plan again for Summer…?

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Office Ohanami (Sakura Viewing) Lunch on 9 April 2019

Boss took us out for Ohanami Lunch at the Oven, Aqua City Odaiba, Tokyo.

We luckily managed to get the window view table.

It’s buffet lunch with varieties of food such as Japanese, American, Mexican and Chinese.

I had American and Mexican.

The restaurant is located at the sightseeing spot.

We walked the area for a while.

It was nice refreshment.

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Hosting Lunch for My Friends on 7 April 2019

I invited my friends for Ohanami (Sakura Viewing) Party.

My parents arranged dinner on 6 April 2019; therefore, I could not use the kitchen on the previous day.

I managed serving food by Costco delicatessen.

I usually cook, but I didn’t have time to cook for 11 of us this time.

I have been wanting to try Costco Party so I tried it for this day.

I also used paper plates.

It was like picnic in house. hahaha

I also ordered drinks on Amazon to make a drink bar.

The above photo is showing partial drinks.

This was the actual drink bar.

Wr met at 1 pm and they left after 9:30 pm.

I had fun and I hope they did, too.

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Belated Birthday Lunch hosted by Boss (4 April 2019)

Boss celebrated my and other colleague’s belated birthday at Restaurant Sky, Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier.

The restaurant is located on 16th floor over looking Tokyo.

Originally, we could reserve a table only at semi-private room without window view, but when we reached there, our table is at the main area with a little of window view.

This is my second time to enjoy the buffet lunch here.

Though I didn’t have a birthday cake, there are many pretty cakes in pink: strawberry collection.

Thank you, Boss.