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Out of Battery

In the morning, I went to gym nearby my apartment for 25 minutes bicycle exercise before going to office.

During office hour, I had to play music to keep me going to finish at 5 pm.

After office, I stopped by at sister-gym for 80 minutes magma (stone) spa.

Now my eyes will close at any minutes.

If there is an indicator for my body energy, it surely indicates EMPTY now.

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Patissier Toshi Yoroizuka

I went to Japanese famous Patissier Toshi Yoroizuka at Midtown Roppongi to get few cakes.

Though, he is famous and popular; I tried his cake for first time today because his shop is always crowded.

I bought seasonal Relais Sakura (Sakura Roll Cake) and Choux Paysanne (Nuts Choux).

I enjoyed them with my friend over 7 hours chatting.

We had to catch up for a year.

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Be Lated Valentine Chocolates

During office hour I received a call from delivery man.

According to him, he managed to enter my apartment building so he asked my permission to leave boxes in front of my door.

I was expecting two kinds/dozens of mineral water for hot drink and purely drinking that I ordered through Amazon.

I told him it’s okay to leave there because these are water.

Then he continues, “what about chocolates?”

I was silent because I didn’t order any chocolates.

He quickly continues, “I will leave it in a mail box so please check it later.”

I thanked him and wondered.

Not many people knows my home address.

Furthermore, in Japan, women give chocolates to confess/express their feeling to men.

So it’s odd for me to receive chocolates.

I returned home and check the mail box.

Yes, there is a box of chocolate with a letter.

Chocolates are from an old couple that I had dinner with at Year-End with my mutual friends.

This is a box of Jacques Torres Chocolate New York.

A couple were saying they planned to visit their daughter who currently works in New York during the dinner.

It’s so sweet of them to bring a box of chocolates for me from New York!

These chocolates are sweet, delicate and sensitive and I love them every bites!

Thank you!

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Cooking Satay

I use these Malaysian sauce to cook Malaysian Satay.

First, I marinated lean chicken with marinated sauce.

According to the packaging, I should marinate for three hours, but I didn’t wait so much because I use chicken breast tender.

I supposed to skewer them, but I saved the process.

I also use oven to grill them.

I pour Satay Sauce (peanut sauce) from another packet…it tastes delicious!

Of course, this cannot beat Satay that are properly prepared and grilled on charcoal in Malaysia, but not bad at all for easy preparation such as marinate and grill ONLY.

I’m bring it as my tomorrow’s lunch.