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Lazy Sunday and Healthy Monday

Yesterday, I pochi (press) Amazon Prime Video.

I tried free one month trial to finish watching the Suits Season 4.

I wish Season 5 is available.

Japan is behind the schedule.

I also enjoyed Calbee’s premium potato chips that my friend gave me.

These are in small packets so Iguiltily ate   few.

I was lazy on Sunday; but, how about my Monday…?

I went to pool in the morning; then went to dentist for annual check up.

I’m glad to know that my teeth are fine.

But I have one tooth that I need to treat.

It was treated by different dentist before, but still require further treatment. Ahhh

I was lazy yesterday so I tried to be healthy today.

I had healthy snack: cooked banana and orange.

Canadian Extra Light Maple Syrup added nice flavor. 

 (It was a nice sunny day. I closed curtains to take a photo).

It is Canadian Day today because I had Canadian Smoked Salmon Sandwich for dinner.

Okay, time to do my nail and go to sleep Zzzzz

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Debut at Pool♪

I debut at pool today. Horay!

I went to gym pool this morning because my physical therapist recommended me to walk in the pool for twenty mins three times a week.

I’m sorry if I disappoint you; I went to pool to walk, not to swim. hahaha

It was fun to walk in pool and I felt gooooood because I could occupy (not fully occupied to myself) quiet moment at  the pool, shower booth and powder room.

This is my new bathing suits.

I have few bikinis for beach, but not for gym.

Unfortunately, my body requires a lots of tune-up before wearing bikini to gym pool.

Yes, one day, I want to wear a sexy outfit to gym. 

This morning was a very productive Saturday morning.

After returning from gym, I went to brunch with my old friend from Kyoto.

We had Egg Benedict and coconuts pancakes at Eggcellent, Roppongi Hills.

We had so much to catch up. fufufu

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Today’s Flower Arrangement

Today’s theme is Blue Star Sapphire Wedding Anniversary: the 65th Wedding Anniversary.

Wow, it’s so loving to celebrate the 65th Wedding Anniversary together – they have a big heart ❤️ 

I don’t have a blue star sapphire, but I wanted to include an element of it to my arrangement.

There aren’t many blue flowers; therefore, I prepared blue balloons.

These balloons are rounded like stones; I tried to write white lines to make them blue star sapphires, but it didn’t work.

Never mind, I still like my arrangement.

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Japanese Curry

Tonight I made typical Japanese curry.

Ingredients are beef, onions, carrots and potatoes.

Japanese curry is thick or should I say “starchy”?

It’s easy to make with curry roux.

All spices such as curry powder are in curry roux.

It tastes better next day; let it sit.

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Golf Balls as Healing Tools

My physical therapist told me my ankles are hard and recommended me to roll golf balls with my arch of foot.

Then I realize I should bring these golf balls to office and roll them while I’m working!

I can save time; simultaneously refresh at the office!

Don’t you think that’s a brilliant idea? 

I shall try it!

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Asics Walking

Last March, while I was texting, I fell from stairs and hit my knees hard twice.

Since then sometimes my knees give me a trouble.

These are my collection of Asics Walking (shoes).

Asics Walking has a VERY SOFT CUSHION.

Furthermore, there is a machine to measure my foot to make an insole according to shape of my foot instantly.

Once I tried a pair, I cannot wear other shoes… because it has a SOFT CUSHION!

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Movie Sunday

I started my day with a movie, the Accountant.

For Japanese movie title, it’s “the Consultant.” Hummmm

Well, it is a nice action movie and I know there will be the Accountant 2!

I look forward for the next movie.

Then had a lunch at my favorite Tempura shop in the town, Mikaku.

I had a Chef’s Recommendation Tendon (Tempura on a rice bowl).

I enjoyed, but a scale doesn’t lie…ahhhhhhh

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ThinkPad X1 

The other day I mentioned I got a new office PC.

It’s a tablet PC so easy to mobilize it.

I wanted to download few apps for Lenovo Pen so I brought it back home.

Yes, let’s mobilize it!

To protect a screen, I attached a keyboard as a cover, but I can detach it.

I can even hold it vertically.

I have been wanting to take a note on tablets.

Unfortunately, Apple Pencil doesn’t work on my iPad mini and so as this pen. Boo hoo.

I downloaded an app named Plumbago.

This is good for artistic work like drawing.

I cannot keep it vertically.

And this one, Nebo,  is interesting.

I can keep the screen both way (vertically and horizontally) and this is the interesting feature…my hand writing will change to typed letters.

How clever!

Nebo would be a good app to take notes. fufufu

Yes, I suppose I should work hard, but this is a fun toy! 

I’ll explore more about this toy!

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Mom is a Beauty Adviser

Mom likes to introduce me what she thinks good for her.

We are genetically similar so whatever works on her should work on me.

She gets a point.

She highly recommends me to use Kerastase Densifique.

According to her, it prevents hair loss and gives vital to hairs.

I started using from last Sunday.

It’s been few days and I agree with her; I think my hair gets tension and fluffy.

I also recommend this to others!