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Trip to Palau (Day 1)

I booked a flight using mileages for my diving trip to Palau.

My flight is conveniently at 8:50 pm from Narita Airport allowing to work at office till 5 pm to rush to the airport.

Narita Airport is not opened for 24 hours; the last flight departs before 10 pm.

The airport is quiet at this time.

I had dinner at Snack & Cafe Avion

Yeah, these are definitely snacks! 

I’m waiting for my boarding time… fufufu

Boarded and waiting for take off!!!

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Enjoy Girl’s Night @ the Palace Hotel Tokyo

I am invited for the Palace Hotel’s reception to have a hotel tour and to enjoy their drinks and  food.

The Hotel is located nearby the Imperial Place and Marunouchi Financial District, Tokyo; the view from the hotel is nice and open.

The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World with nice facilities.

Banquet Rooms

Evian Spa

And Rooms

Fortunately, my boss couldn’t make it to this event because he was ordered to attend a meeting that he couldn’t escape from.

I had nice drinks, food and chat with my friend from a sister organization.

Her boss cannot make it, neither because he caugh a flue: influenza.

We simply enjoyed the event without our superiors presence!

Furthermore, the event is free!

And so sweet of them, I received a door gift: raisin and cranberry witches.

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Cafe Day

My friends from Singapore gave me this Singaporean brand TWG Alfonso (Mango) Iced Tea for a sourvenir.

It has rich Mango fragrance and deep flavour.

It turned my room into a nice cafe.

In the evening, I remember I have a voucher that expires on 31 August 2017 for a free sandwich or desert at Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Tokyo.
I decided to get a sandwich and juice for dinner.

Unfortunately, a store that I picked sold out an egg sandwich so I got a pudding.

To my sirprise, Recipe and Market’s pudding is so eggy!

It’s small, but can give you satisfaction!

It was a cafe day and calming day.

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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Part 3 (Day 2)

On the way to the diving shop, I thought I’m lucky today because I found two crabs on the street.

This is Mikomoto Hammers, specialized in Hammerhead Sharks.

However, I could upload only these fish: threeline grunt, yellow striped butterfish, etc.

Between divings, I ate threeline grunt at Moki, Umi no Ie (Beach House Restaurant), Yumigahama Kaigan (Yumigahama Beach) Nuhahaha

Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch even one Hammerhead Shark; though, I appreciate Komei-san for his warm hearted guide and teaching me to improve my diving skills.

Thank you Komei-san, thank you Mikomoto.

I returned to Tokyo by Marine Express Odoriko 75.

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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Part 3 (Day 1)

I came to Mikomoto for practice and catching Hammerhead Sharks.

Today visibility was okay, average of 15 m, maximum 20m.

When I take this photo, I had a light.

I took this photo without light; it’s more in green.

This how we dive in a party.

I told my instructor that I’m sick of Takabe ( yellow striped butterfish) and want to watch Hammerhead Sharks!

Due to Typhoon 5, I didn’t have clear sight for last two dives.

Today, I could see the beautiful landscape of Mikomoto.

After diving, went to Korean BBQ Keiuma for dinner.

It’s delicious so a phone of this restaurant never stops at dinner time for reservation.

And this restaurant is highly recommend

I will continue to dive tomorrow; therefore, I’m staying at Pension Minami-Izu Shokan that is walking distance to my diving shop: Mikomoto Hammers.

A room is cute and private Onsen (Hot Spring) is nice.

Private Hot Spring

This Pension is also highly recommended.

I wish I can catch Hammers tomorrow.