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Evening with/for Choco-Chan

I went our for dinner together with Choco-Chan.

I like to dine at Orange, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

Food is good and the restaurant allows Choco-Chan at a terrace table.

I would be worried about Choco-Chan at work or when I’m out.

I ordered this IP WiFi camera which is suitable monitoring a baby, elderly, pet and home security last night. Yeah!

Now I can check on him anytime!

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Happy Saturday

I had a bad week at work.

I’m glad that I applied for a trial lesson for boxing fitness programme at B-Monster Ginza this morning.

We boxercise in dark.

The loud EDM kept me going; otherwise, I won’t be able to finish the whole programme.

Well, technically I took a break in between so I may not able to say a WHOLE programme, but I could still stand when we finished the lesson.

It was fun!

I was seriously considering to become a member, but currently, the membership is full so I couldn’t.

I will check other studio.

After boxercise, I went to lunch at Din Tai Fung Ginza at Kirarito Ginza.

I love their dim sum.

I also enjoyed their famous Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice!

I hope I didn’t cancelled out my exercise with these lunch. hahaha

At evening, I took Choco-chan for a walk for the first time.

He is small so he can get enough exercise at home, but it would be nice to get fresh air and fun.

We went to the Light and Mist Digital Art @ Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

It is beautiful.

I hope Choco-chan also enjoyed the evening.

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Ladies Movie Night

After the meeting, I rushed to Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

We had our dinner at Lexus Cafe.

Yes, there is a Lexus Cafe in Tokyo.

In addition, we had a rotisserie chicken.

Then we went to watch Mission Impossible Fall Out.

Wow we are nothing comparing to Tom.

He can still stunt!

I enjoyed watching it at Premium Theatre with bigger screen and better audio.

Love you, Tom!

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New Family: Choco-chan

I met him two months ago.

I fell in love with him at first sight.

However, I wasn’t ready for him at that time because I didn’t know where is a dog hospital, what to prepare for him.

Furthermore, I’ll be out for work most of the day and I stay over nights for business and leisure.

While I was learning what to do and what to prepare, he was taken by another family; and I witnessed the very moment.

I left the shop crying two months ago.

Today, I stopped by the shop, just wanted to look at cute puppies.

Then I saw a playful one like Choco-chan with exact same information as him; I thought he is a brother of Choco-chan.

I asked the shop about him.

Then a staff answered he’ve been for few months.

I was like, what?

It’s HIM!

The family cancelled…

I thought it’s fate! We are fated!

Without hesitation, I brought him back home tonight.

I know it’s not easy to keep him: more responsibility; but I want to be with him.