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IREX 2017: International Robot Exhibition 2017

Today, I attended IREX Special Guided Tour at Tokyo Big Sight.

There are many robots that Japanese companies can offer in the field of industry/manufacturing, nursing care/welfare/medical care, agriculture, forestry and fisheries/food, infrastructure, education and even entertainment.

I was also invited to International Reception to enjoy Japanese dance performance and food.

And I even received a nice souvenir, a pair of Japanese sake glasses in shape of Mt. Fuji (ordinary and Red Fuji).

How nice!

I enjoyed a day!

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Tokyo Ginza Seigetsudo

There is a cafe at Japanese traditional confectionery manufacturer: Tokyo Ginza Seigetsudo.

Food is delicious and the place provides quietness.

When I want to have quality food and quiet moment during lunch, I come here.

I had beef stew today.

After lunch, I enjoyed second cup of green tea.

Today, an artisan was demonstrating making fresh dorayaki (Japanese pancakes with red beans).

Dorayaki is Doraemon’s favorite.

I bought a freshly made dorayaki for dinner.

It’s so soft and yammy!

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Gym before Office

A while ago, I was frustrated, building negative emotion, because of co-workers.

I knew exercise will release stress.

However, in the evening, I have other things to settle.

These could be simple as visiting dentist, having dinner with friends, etc.

Once I reach home, I get lazy to go out for exercise.

One day, my physical therapist suggested to go to gym for simple exercise, riding on bicycle for 20 mins, in the morning before I go to office.

My nearest gym opens at 7:00 am.

It’s rushing and need to move quickly to save every minutes; but based on my calculation, I could manage.

I tried it the other day and it worked.

I’ve been coming to gym for two weeks.

Today, I simply feel good (no stress), being at the quiet gym and gaining more ENERGY for a day!

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Unwinding Saturday

I went to shopping in Ginza and had Ichiran Ramen for lunch quickly with my friend; then sent her to Haneda Airport.

It was short, but I’m glad we spent some time together.

She gave me many early Christmas gift.

Her honey products. I love her high quality honey.

From Hyatt. hahaha

And so sweet of her, she even bought a Christmas gift for me.

Thank you for your thoughts!

When I reached home, I quickly called my physical therapist to unwind me.

Luckily, he was available.

I fell sleep while his treatment and it was a deep sleep that I immediately felt fresh!

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Staying Over on Friday Night

I went to office on Friday, but honestly, I wasn’t productive on that day.

I waited to hit 5 o’ clock to go back to meet my friend for dinner.

We could make a reservation at Michelin 1 Star Restaurant Sushi Nakamura, Roppongi only at 9 pm.

We had some bites at Grand Hyatt Roppongi’s Club Lounge.

Yes, we had few glasses here last night, too.

Chef’s Recommendation Course was nice.

Sorry, it’s Michelin Restaurant, I behaved by not taking any photos.

My friend invited me to crush at her place.

She upgraded her room to Suite!

It’s so comfy!