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Lucky Me!

My friend delivered me a New Year Gift: Oreno Bakery (My Bakery) bread.

It says Yume (Dream).

I had sandwich for dinner.

Even edge is so delicious.

I cut four slices for tomorrow’s lunch.

Furthermore, she took me to a buffet lunch at Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier Sky Lounge.

The varieties of food and drinks are so good.

I took more than one hour for lunch to catch up with her.

We didn’t have time to chit chat for years though we met at official functions time to time.

It’s so sweet of her to visit me today.

And thank you for delicious bread!

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7 December 2018

I assisted photo shootings of product, superfood Granola, at Tokyo Gas Shiodome Cooking Studio, Shiodome, Tokyo.

We moved to Prince Hotel Karuizawa for the meeting with the Chief Chef of the area hotel to recommend serving Superfood Granola for the hotel breakfast.

The hotel, Prince Hotel Karuizawa, will host G20 summit in 2019.

This would be a great opportunity to introduce the product globally.

We had our lunch on the Shinkansen (bullet train) on the way to Karuizawa, Gunma.

Many foreign tourists visit Karuizawa for golfing, skiing and shopping at Mitsui Outlet Karuizawa.

The Chef waited for us to serve special menu using Superfood Granola.

What a nice surprise!

These were so good.

I wish we could stay longer, perhaps, staying at the hotel for the holiday.

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5 December 2018

I assisted the company’s product, Superfood Granola, at the Noma Cooking School, Kichijoji, Tokyo.

I’m happy to witness that the product is well received by Japanese consumers.

At the evening, I met my old friend from Malaysia at Aqua, Imperial Hotel Tokyo.

We couldn’t stop talking though it’s getting late and I mean LATE because we had so much to catch up.

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Last Thursday: Company Visit Day

I was hopping two projects last week.

First, I joined the visit to TV Tokyo and visited the largest studio and sub-studio (control room) there.

Next, I visited three factories in Ota City, Tokyo.

Ota City is a manufacturing city and one of the few locations in Japan that has a concentration of SMEs contributing to various Japanese manufacturing industries by their specialized skills and technologies.

Then Yamato Haneda Chronogate Logistics Terminal.

Yamato Holdings Co Ltd is one of Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery service provider (TA-Q-BIN) with market share of 41%. This new logistics facility allows to deliver shipments faster with accuracy. The facility is equipped with value added functions such as cleansing, printing, repairs and maintenance that visitors can experience Japanese latest logistics mechanisms.

After the programme, I met my colleague at her hotel room, REMM Hotel Roppongi, for chatting.

Her room is equipped with a massage chair.

I was tired so I occupied it for hours. hahaha

It’s a nice massage chair.

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Spending Friday Night at the Office

This week has been hectic and I really needed to refresh myself with Volt Box (Boxercise in dark).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish my work.

Instead of going out with friends or to gym, I had Domino Pizza at the office.

I haven’t had Domino pizza for a while so I enjoyed many slices.

I had many slices of pizza and I had a duty to settle accommodation for our client before his arrival, I walked to REMM Hibiya on the way back home.

I walked by the gym that I missed my session tonight.

It’s a newly opened studio, opened on 15 September 2018, and I was REALLY looking forward for my first Volt Box session at the Megalos Hibiya.

The session is very popular and it’s tough to get a spot.

Next time…

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Gift Rush

I was away to manage the project outside of office for a week.

When I returned to the office on Tuesday, I found two packages on my desk. (Yellow Box was inside of white paper bag).

In the yellow boxes, there are many nice confectioneries from Palace Hotel Tokyo.

In a gift paper bag, there are coffee and cooking ingredients from Malaysia.

Then my friend gave me special moon cakes (varieties of lotus paste moo cakes) from Malaysia because 24 September was moon cake festival.

So nice of them and touched!

Thank you for Mr. K, Mr. Z and Ms. T!


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Sunday For Choco

When I show him his carrying bag, he gets so excited to go in; it makes my preparation easy.

We went to the clinic to get his shot for rabies at Green Dog Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

Yes, this my regular shop to buy his products.

It’s conveniently located near my apartment and it has facilities of shop, clinic, pet hotel and grooming (beauty salon).

I bought a treat pouch and foldable cup here.

I’m using this treat pouch for basic training at home now.

I can clip it on my clothes so I can treat him any time; it is washable because it’s made by silicon; and it can close automatically because there is a magnet.

He is smart, but I learned I need to be patient not to confuse him.