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Trip to Egypt (Day 2 Part 2)

I’m spending relaxing Sunday with Chocolate at home today, cleaning room, doing laundry, etc.

Therefore, I decided to continue where I left it on my trip to Egypt.

I thought I would have time to upload about my trip sooner; but simultaneously, I had something that I wanted to share on that day that prevented me to continue.

Well, my second day in Egypt had been a long day.

We slept on the flight from Tokyo to Cairo; then continued our first half of sightseeing of the day.

We finally reach to our lodging for three nights: the Moon Dance Cruiser.

We were welcomed by Hibiscus Drink and my room is named my favorite “Da Vinci”.

To my surprise, the room is spacious for a cruise.

There is a spacious living room; I mainly use this room as my wardrobe.

There is a welcome fruit plate in the bedroom.

Fruits are delicious for deserted area.

Everyday, bed was made nicely.

Cobra hahaha

There is a basin then toilet, shower booth and…


First, I was excited about having a sauna in the room.

However, this sauna was newly equipped the the recent renovation; therefore, the staff doesn’t know how to turn it on properly or lack of informing us on how to use.

First night, it went up only 40 C.

I thought Egyptians enjoy sauna in low temperature.

I found it can go up to 70C from other tour mates the next day.

The second night, I asked the staff to on the sauna again.

Originally, I was informed it will take 10 mins to heat up so I prepared accordingly.

However, it took 10 mins to go up to 40 C and another a half hour to reach 70 C.

My body got cold while waiting for the sauna to heat up.

The third night, I turned on sauna early so that by the time I come back from dinner, it would be just ready.

Well, it reached 70 C before going for dinner.

I happily came back to the room and found sauna was cold as 40 C.

I was frustrated and I followed what staff was doing previous night.

I turned the switch and heard ticking sound… it has the timer.

Ahhhhh, I had to wait for 40 mins again.

I was frustrated so I put pajama and stick Hokkairo (hot plasters) on me and sat in the sauna and waited to reach 70 C.

I made my own sauna and managed to sweat.

By the time, I learned about the sauna, it’s time to get off the cruise. Sigh

After quickly inspecting our room facilities, we had our lunch on the cruise

It’s buffet lunch and I enjoyed food and drink.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are precious in Egypt; therefore, fresh juice is more expensive than alcohol.

Usually, it’s vise versa.

I enjoyed all fresh fruit juice and this is banana juice.

After lunch, we departed for the Luxor Temple.

This temple was built over 3,000 years ago…?

Therefore, this temple was used by others as well.

There is a mosque in the temple; Muslims modified the temple partially during their time.

At the other end, there is a church.

Nonetheless, we can find many Egyptian legacy in the temple.

This is Rameses II; the great Pharaoh (King) who united the North and South Egypt.

You find lotus and papyrus flower at the foot of two men who are tied by a rope.

Lotus is symbol of the North Egypt and papyrus is the South Egypt; therefore, this statue represents Ramses II united the North and South Egypt.

Ramses II had a beautiful and supportive wife: Nefertari.

I leaned a great lesson recently; I was like why this, why not, etc., I was frustrated.

Today, I realize I am happy just loving him.

I can understand how much Nefertari loved him by looking at her statue.

She is such a loving person.

There is another symbol of great love: Tutankhamen and Ankhsesnamum.

She also supported him with her great love.

There are many beautiful and meaningful motif.

We tried to read Hieroglyphic Alphabets from this chart to understand the story of motif.

There was culture

and great engineering skill.

How could it end…?

We returned to the cruise.

The cruise parked in front of the Luxor Temple so that we could continue admire the Luxor Temple in warm orange when the sun is setting.

On that day, or room was facing the Valley of the Kings.

We watched the sun setting from the room.

After the sun set, the petro station parked next to our cruise to supply the fuel.

It’s very convenient!

I enjoyed food and drink in Egypt.

After returned to the room, what happened with sauna is explained earlier. hahaha

Other than that the bed is comfortable and I slept well.

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Business Trip to Hokkaido (Day 2)

Last night I had a difficulty to fall sleep.

Then I remember I took a Monster which was distributed on the street for promotion.

This is my first Monster and now I read clearly “Extra Strength” on the bottle.

No wonder I couldn’t fall sleep even I took a nice bath last night.

Nonetheless, I had the second bottle this morning to keep me going today.

I went down to take a breakfast.

I was informed by a taxi driver that the hotel, Hotel Keihan Sapporo, received the best breakfast award among hotels in Sapporo.

I enjoyed the varieties.

Then we headed to Hotel Okura Sapporo to organize a seminar.

After the seminar, we visited two organizations to establish business relationships.

The organization that we visited is nicely located in front of the Hokkaido tourist place: Sapporo Tokeidai (Sapporo Clock Tower).

We are lucky that we could take few tourists photos.

Between two meetings, we took a break and lunch to enjoy nice Hokkaido ice cream at Yukijirushi Parlor (Snow Brand Cafe), Sapporo.

I had the limited edition: Strawberry Parfait.

After the second meeting, we rushed back to the hotel to pick our luggages to depart for the Shin-Chitose Airport because snow is getting heavy.

It was the wise decision to depart for the airport earlier because it took longer to reach to the airport due to the bad road condition.

We enjoyed shopping and dinner at the airport calmly.

I bought Royce Yamazaki Whiskey Chocolate and Rokkatei Milk Chocolate Coated Strawberries for myself. hahaha

Now I will head back home.

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Business Trip to Hokkaido (Day 1)

I took an early flight to Hokkaido.

We took a train to the city center: Sapporo.

We took lunch at Marumiya, Paseo Sapporo.

We had some time before the meeting so that we stopped by at the Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival).

The first… yeah, it’s Star Wars!!!

There is a giant snow cup noodle with slide.



Tennis Player Naomi Osaka

NHK character Chiko-chan


Tokeito (Sapporo’s Crock House)



Swords Art Online

Finland Plaza

Kento Ranbu

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

NHK’s New Morning Drama: Natsusora

JRA (Japan Racing Association)

Hard Rock Family

Yuki Miku (Snow Miku) AR

I didn’t know how to activate so that I could watch the last scene.

This is the stage for acrobatic performance.

It’s time for us to return back to Prince Hotel Sapporo to depart for the meeting.

I was so happy to see Prince Hotel Sapporo because it’s getting dark and cold, but all taxies on the street were occupied.

After the meeting, we went for crab dinner at the same restaurant at Marumi, Paseo Sapporo.

King Crab

More dishes such as scollops, crab croquets, tempura, seafood salad, etc

Hairy Crab

We returned to hotel to dress up for night Yuki Matsuri (snow festival).

Hotel Keihan Sapporo

Night Yuki Matsuri was fun because it looks beautiful with colour.

There is different sculpture of Yuki Miku.

Now please compare how it looks in daytime and night.

We were cold so that we had a gluhwein (hot wine).

It’s – 6 C outside.

I really wanted to watch Yuki Miku AR and this time I asked a staff how to activate properly.

It was so much fun!!! YEAHHHH

Okay, I’m ready to go back to hotel for Daiyokujo (Large Public Bath).

I enjoyed Sudachi Bath.

For further details, please read the stand.

My body warmed up and ready to go sleep now.

Oyasuminasai (Good Night)

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Business Trip to Fukui (Day 1)

We took early Shinkansen (bullet train) to depart for Fukui as early as 7:33 am.

Therefore, I took a breakfast on the train knowing it will be three hours journey to Maibara Station to change to Shirasaki Express Train; it takes four hours to reach Fukui.

The sample looked nice and packed, but when I opened it…I was surprised how it looks….ah empty…?

When we reached Maibara Station, we rushed to the platform for Shirasagi Express Train because we didn’t have much time.

From the window of Shirasagi, we can spot snow here and there.

Nonetheless, we arrived Fukui safely and started our programme for today: networking lunch and seminar.

Since I acted as host and secretariat so that I refrained myself for taking photos but moved around the floor.

After the event, we had a dinner at Japanese Restaurant Tachibana, 2F, Yours Hotel, Fukui.

I was looking forward for the local specialty, Echizen Crab.

We also had Kaiseki (Japanese course menu) while waiting for crab.

Then tadaaaaaa crab

Then noodle and dessert.

I ate for few days potion today.

I definitely need to exercise more. haaaa

We had all events at Yours Hotel, Fukui and finally I returned to room for resting.

At the room, I opened gifts from guests.

These are Fukui local special crafts.

From left, Fukui plum castella (cake), Mayu (cocoon) cosmetics and abalone shell decoration chopsticks.

So nice!

It’s getting late and I found a foot massage machine at the closet.

I tried it to relax my feet in the room.

I can have a good sleep tonight.


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Pet Hotel @ Green Dog, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi

I wanted to come back home earlier to spend more time with Choco but I couldn’t due to a last minutes preparation for business trip to Fukui tomorrow.

I took Choco a walk before reaching to the pet hotel, Green Dog Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

He was happy and excited when we reached there.

He might have thought we went there for shopping.

He even asked to go down to play.

It was time for me to pass Choco.

I was half crying.

Now I’m alone at home for the first time since you joined to my life.

He usually takes my slipper away.

He usually asks me to go to the bed after 11 pm.

Tonight I’m going to the bed alone.

I miss you so much!

Be good; I will rush back home the day after tomorrow.

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Lucky Me!

My friend delivered me a New Year Gift: Oreno Bakery (My Bakery) bread.

It says Yume (Dream).

I had sandwich for dinner.

Even edge is so delicious.

I cut four slices for tomorrow’s lunch.

Furthermore, she took me to a buffet lunch at Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier Sky Lounge.

The varieties of food and drinks are so good.

I took more than one hour for lunch to catch up with her.

We didn’t have time to chit chat for years though we met at official functions time to time.

It’s so sweet of her to visit me today.

And thank you for delicious bread!

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7 December 2018

I assisted photo shootings of product, superfood Granola, at Tokyo Gas Shiodome Cooking Studio, Shiodome, Tokyo.

We moved to Prince Hotel Karuizawa for the meeting with the Chief Chef of the area hotel to recommend serving Superfood Granola for the hotel breakfast.

The hotel, Prince Hotel Karuizawa, will host G20 summit in 2019.

This would be a great opportunity to introduce the product globally.

We had our lunch on the Shinkansen (bullet train) on the way to Karuizawa, Gunma.

Many foreign tourists visit Karuizawa for golfing, skiing and shopping at Mitsui Outlet Karuizawa.

The Chef waited for us to serve special menu using Superfood Granola.

What a nice surprise!

These were so good.

I wish we could stay longer, perhaps, staying at the hotel for the holiday.