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Vernal Equinox Dayi

Usually, my office doesn’t follow Japanese holiday, but we closed today. Yeah.

I appreciate this break because I am tired.

I went to my hair salon to get a hair dryer and iron: REPRONIZER 4D PLUS.

I tried this at Salon before and my hair felt so smooth after using it, especially straight iron.

I have wavy hair that is not in fashion but gives impression of damage hair.

However, after using this hair iron which won’t damage my hair because of its technology and special material — ceramic, my hair is so straight (no sign of wavy) and smooth!

It surely drew my attention.

I was told the more I use the more my hair get straighter and healthier.

I decide to get one.

Simultaneously, I was looking for a nice hair dryer.

It might give me multiple effect. hahaha

I waited to buy these for five days till today for 5 times Point Day at Roppongi Hills.

I save points to get a voucher for my beauty salon. hahaha

Today, we received a guest who is 91 years old, fit and wise.

In fact, I enjoy talking to her.

She brought us various kind of sweets for our afternoon tea.

Guess who also enjoys her company.

She will stay with us till Sunday.

What shall we do tomorrow?

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Happy Valentine

I received an eCard from a couple in the States.

Their thoughts warmed my heart in the morning of cold winter.

I miss them badly.

Today, I arranged lunch at the Moon, Roppongi Hills 52F, to celebrate my colleague becoming a permanent staff.

It is located at the same level of observatory room of Roppongi Hills (52F); therefore, the view is great.

Food is also nice.

I’m glad to know that Boss and my colleague enjoyed dining there.

Congratulations to my colleague.

When I returned to home, I was excited to see a box.

My new iPhone arrived!

I followed the instructions to transfer all data to new iPhone.

It’s successfully done. Yeah!

I formatted my old iPhone and ready to be sent back.

Now I can go to bed. fufufu

I looked back my Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t have anything romantic; I had a dinner with Mom at home eating Nadaman Restaurant’s packed dinner instead.

It was a peaceful day, YET I was happy and felt loved.

Happy Valentine!

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Genius Bar, Apple Store Ginza

Finally, I managed to go to Genius Bar, Apple Store Ginza today.

Apple Staff inspected my iPhone and concluded that my phone need to be replaced.

Yeah, I can get a new phone, actually used-new phone.

According to an Apple staff, some parts are reused from phones that sent back for repair/replaced.

I thought I can get a replacement on the spot; however, I have been subscribing Docomo Care (Mobile carrier’s care), not Apple care.

Therefore, I need to call Docomo to ask them to send a replacement by mail.

It will cost me 12,000 yen (USD 120) for repair or replacement and I’m lucky that it will reach me tomorrow.

If I have chosen Apple Care at the time of purchase, I could get it on the spot at Apple Store.

Next time, I should chose Apple Care because any problems with Apple products, it is better to check with Apple Store anyway.

I cannot wait to receive a phone tomorrow.

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What a Day!

I received an error message that Face ID is disabled due to a problem with TrueDepth camera.

Based on the solution and technical support center, I need to bring in my iPhone to the Apple Store.

I quickly made an appointment at 5:40 pm today.

I was asked to make a back up.

I thought I on automatic iCloud back up, but it wasn’t.

I started to back up, but ahhhhh it said one hour to back up, became 5 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours……it won’t finish by the appointment.

I called the technical support center again and was advised to back up using cable, iTunes, which supposed to be faster.

I started vis iTunes, but still couldn’t make it to the appointment.

For Apple genius, this matter could be a minor problem, but people like me get panic. hahaha

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b-monster Ebisu Studio

I was irritated by my boss so I ate too much confectioneries.

I punched out at 17:10hrs to participate in 18:05 hrs class at Ebisu Studio.

It was fun, though equipment is different from Ginza Studio.

I pinched drum look like set.

I could not take a photo tonight so I am taking a photo of equipment from the web.

Oh I wish I have a body like her.

I enjoyed it tonight.

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Tully’s Seasonal Drink: Nutty Caramel Apple Latte

I faced a problem with my external drive; I cannot access to it.

I saved all my works in this external hard drive so that I need to access it badly.

I went to see my friend who is system engineer for help after office.

While he was diagnosing the external drive, I calmed myself with a cup of coffee: Nutty Caramel Apple Latte for Halloween.

My external drive was admitted; he needs to run the recovery software to save it.


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Evening with/for Choco-Chan

I went our for dinner together with Choco-Chan.

I like to dine at Orange, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

Food is good and the restaurant allows Choco-Chan at a terrace table.

I would be worried about Choco-Chan at work or when I’m out.

I ordered this IP WiFi camera which is suitable monitoring a baby, elderly, pet and home security last night. Yeah!

Now I can check on him anytime!