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Action Camera: Vemico

I bought an action camera via Amazon yesterday.

I ordered online yesterday morning (about at 9:30 am) and reached me in the evening — within a day! 

I was busy last night attending flower arrangement class; therefore, I opened a box today.

It comes with a water proof housing for 40 m and it’s reasonable: JPY 6,000 (USD 60).

It takes 1.6 million pixels photos and 4K movies and it can connect to WiFi.

I will play with it tomorrow.
Hope to share good photos with you.

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A Decent Lunch

I went out to have a decent lunch, Chinese @ Hagoromo, Ginza, Tokyo today.

Rice (carbohydrates) was delicious; I didn’t weight it, but I guessed about 200g.

Later I checked the calories for rice; it’s 330 calories. Ahhhhhhh

I sought an advice from my physician and was told I should enjoy salad for dinner…

I’m also encouraged to exercise more. Another ahhhhhhhh

When I returned home, I received a package – aibow touch pen.

Hummmm, I can write on my iPhone and iPad, but not as I dreamed.

My palm is on the way.

On the web, someone advised to wear a glove.

It won’t look nice…. sight

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Enhancing My Time @ Gym and Room

It is a Japanese national holiday today: Ocean Day.

It’s been hot in Japan and there was no national holiday in July.

Japanese government was smart to create a national holiday in July for a break.

However, my office opened today.

It’s been a quiet day so I went out for lunch.

I had a Freahness Burger’s Cheese Burger set.

It’s a nice Japanese burger shop and delicious, but I learned that calory is high… 

delicious food always with calories…… ahhhhhh

Boss left the office and I was alone in the office this afternoon.

I quickly finished writing reports and sending emails to make time to further study about privileges of being Amazon Prime members.

Annual fee of JPY 3,900 covers fast delivery fee, video and music.

I was considering to enhance my time at gym and room with these video and music.

I had time to Pochi.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Video


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Today’s Shopping @ Amazon 

Yes, I pochi (press) again yesterday.

Today, I already received a package.

I opened a box…. ta-da!!!

I bought a 20,000 mAh power bank.

It’s heavier than I thought by actually holding 397g body; but it cannot beat the price: only USD 20 for 20,000 mAh!

This time, I’ll try not to spoil it.

Last time, I didn’t know that I need to charge and use it immediately.

When I brought it to my trip, it didn’t work…

This time, I will charge and test it!

This is my third time buying Moroccan Oil.

The other day, I bought small bottles for traveling.

This time, I’m buying a bigger bottle: 200 ml.

All women cannot live without hair care products and today, Moroccan Oil became a must item for my hair.

It came with a Moroccan Oil paper bag.

In Japan, a branded paper bag is equally important. hahaha

Lastly, I bought two boxes of 48 carbonated bath tablets – Kao’s Bub – in six aroma.

It’s consumable items (I already posted about Bub), I use one tablet every night when I bath; therefore, I bought two boxes to save delivery cost (free delivery).

Am I happy tonight?


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10th Anniversary of Japan Online Game Association

I attended 10th Anniversary of Japan Online Game Association.

Food was nice: lobster, shark fins, sushi, cakes, etc.

I had fun meeting representatives from online game industry; they could be Otaku!!

Am I a gamer? 

No, but now I’m in charge of promotion of digital contents.

I don’t know how to play a game, but I have Otaku friends! 

Otaku Banzai! (Otaku Yeah!)

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I bought these in Vegas: iPhone 6S Gritterly Case (I love gritterly things), iPhone Cover Power Bank, Wireless Headset and Speaker.

I don’t know I did buy them with a good price, but I’m happy with design and quality.

Now I’m motivating to go to gym by listening to upbeat music with a new headset.

It’s tough to keep the motivation…ahhhhhh

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Shopping @ Bic Camera, Yurakucho

My hair curler died after returned from the U.S.

Today, I went to Bic Camera after office to buy my favorite Panasonic Hair Curler – the successor.

We cannot judge a retailer by its name.

Bic Camera was originally a camera shop selling cameras.

Today, it’s a retailer selling a wide range of products such as food, alcohol, mobile phones & accessories, PC, printers, electric household, beauty goods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.

This shop is fun to visit.