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5 December 2018

I assisted the company’s product, Superfood Granola, at the Noma Cooking School, Kichijoji, Tokyo.

I’m happy to witness that the product is well received by Japanese consumers.

At the evening, I met my old friend from Malaysia at Aqua, Imperial Hotel Tokyo.

We couldn’t stop talking though it’s getting late and I mean LATE because we had so much to catch up.

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2 December 2018

It is the day to hand over my apartment keys back to the agent.

I lived here for 9 years and 4 months.

I was very sentimental when I returned keys because there are so many memories.

There were goods and bads – I was happy.

I closed one chapter and moved on to another.

I celebrated my new start at Italian Restaurant Osteria Dieci, Azabu-Junan, Tokyo that night.

I had nice Italian wine: Monte Del Fra, and

Nice Italian food.

Choco also celebrated with me.

He had an appetizer (dried lean chicken) and main dish (chicken and vegetables).

We are adding this restaurant on our favorites.

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1 December 2018

It is Choco’s graduation day.

We participated 10 lessons to find a way to live together comfortably.

Three months ago, I was worried, but now I’m confident and happy to live with him.

There was a set of test.

Though we didn’t pass all tests coz some are not relevant to our life style, we enjoyed participating the test.

Others are better trained but I found they participated in kindergarten to get extra training.

No wonder.

Choco received a diploma from Familina Garden Minami-Aoyama.

Good Job, Choco!

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29 November 2018

I was invited for dinner reception hosted by C-ASTEC (Chubu Aerospace Industrial Technology Centre: Nagoya/Chubu Area Aerospace Industrial Cluster) at Italian Restaurant Al Porto, Tokyo Big Sight.

I returned to Tokyo Big Sight at the evening.

First, I was hesitated to attend alone but it became a fun evening.

I watched a free projection mapping show when I arrived Tokyo Big Sight.

Then I enjoyed talking to aerospace players from Nagoya (Japan), Germany, Singapore and Malaysia with nice Italian wine and food.

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28 November 2018

I attended Opening Reception of Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2018.

The event received many people in uniform (military) and they all wearIng many stars. hahaha

The scale of event was rather small because the event was squeezed in 2018.

The next event supposed to be held in 2020 but we won’t be able to host any event there because Tokyo Big Sight, the trade fair venue, will convert to the press center for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

I managed to meet all contacts that I wanted to follow up at JA 2018.

At the evening, I participated a wine lesson on Champagne at Enoteca Marunouchi.

I tasted following champagnes:

Philippe Glavier

Nomine Renard

2008 Henriot

2012 Louis Roederer

C’est si bon!