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What shall I do?

Gym removed Hulu.  Boo boo.

I still have 4 more episodes to complete the Suites Season 4.

Today, TV is broken for a machine (the image was frozen)that was available; I finished reading a magazine before my one hour session ended.

WiFi is not available.

What shall do there?

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Sayonara Hokkaido

Today, I started my day by visiting Toyako (Toya Lake) observatory.

At the bottom of the mountain, the weather is so nice and warm for September in Hokkaido.

Toyako is also a caldera lake like Shikotsuko (Shikotsu Lake).

Toyako area is famous for a hot spring area because Usuzan (Mt. Usu) is active as a volcano.

Showa Shinzan (Showa New Mountain) has proven that Usuzan is still active.

This 290 m high mountain is new; it was created 70 years ago in Japanese era, Showa 20 (1945).

Usuzan’s volcanic activity rose a flat wheat field into a mountain: Showa Shinzan!
I took a rooeway to take a good look at the atrio and summit of Usuzan, Showa Shinzan and Toyako.


On the way down, I managed to take a last look of Yoteizan and Toyako.

I don’t want to end this trip, but it’s time to return for Tokyo.

First, I took Hokuto 8 from Toya-eki (Toya Station). 

On the train, I ate  kanimeshi (crab rice) and Hokkaido apple ice cream, enjoying Hokkaido local food on a local train.

And scenery; these are photos of Konuma (Small Pond).

At Shin Hakodate Hokuto-eki (Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station), changed to Hokkaido Shinkansen (Hokkaido Bullet Train), Hayabusa 24.

On 26 March 2016, the Shinkansen (bullet train) line was extended from Aomori, main island to Hokkaido.

It runs Seikan Tunnel (tunnel between Aomori and Hakodate, Hokkaido), under ocean for 54 km in 30 mins. 

It takes only 4.5 hrs to reach Tokyo…

Usually I prefer a shorter traveling time; but for today, it means end of my Hokkaido trip and I want to enjoy longer.

Boo hoo.

I will plan to visit different areas of Hokkaido to enjoy great nature and delicious local food! 

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The Windsor Hotel Toya

In 2008, Japan hosted the G8 Summit Meeting at this hotel, the Windsor Hotel Toya.

This hotel is located on the mountain so it made easy to protect VVIPs.
The hotel is overlooking Toyako (Toya Lake) and can enjoy view of Yoteizan (Mt. Yotei).

My room is facing at ocean with nice view of sunset.

Tonight, it was French and I don’t need to explain how delicious it was…a picture speaks itself.

After dinner, discovering hotel…

On the way to the hot spring bath, we looked down fireworks because the hotel is on the top of mountain, 625 m above sea level.

The hotel extended to build a hot spring bath that is why a hallway is so long to reach there; but it’s worth dipping for a good night sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and surprised to see how white it is.

Even at hot spring bath…

And breakfast…

The hotel is famous for freshly baked breads so I decided to have American breakfast.

I love to have a glass of morning champagne♪

Oh no, it’s time to say Sayonara to the Windsor Hotel Toya.


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Hokkaido Trip (Yoichi-Otaru-Toya)

I woke up and went for a morning dip.

I could see Yoteizan (Ezo Fuji: Hokkaido Mt. Fuji) in front of me while dipping in an open-air bath.

Sun just sat on the summit of Yoteizan like Diamond Head.

I felt energy rising in me as if I were charging from these great nature.

First, I stopped at Nikka Whisky Factory in Yoichi.

I used to watch a morning TV drama series “Massan” which was based on the life of the founder of Nikka Whiskey, Mr. Masataka Taketsuru.

This place was used to shoot the drama so    it’s fun to walk around remembering stories.

These cute whiskey barrels are everywhere!

I wish we could stay here longer because we could try rare kind of Nikka Whiskey (I tried 20 years), and free whiskey: apple wine, Taketsuru Pure Malt and Super Nikka.

Seriously, I wanted to spend more time there to appreciate these drink.

Next, went to Otaru, famous as a canal city.

I  visited Otaru few times, therefore I decided to visit Old Aoyama Family’s Guest House.

This family made wealth with herrings.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take photos of breath taking rooms and furniture.

These are real and good craftsmen works. 

Imagine this is just an entrance…

After visiting Old Aoyama Guest House, I quickly returned to Otaru City Centre to eat a kaisendon (seafood bowl).

Before reaching hotel, quickly stopped by at Kyogoku Fukidashi Koen (Kyogoku Spring Source Park) to collect spring water.

I shall enjoy fresh spring water tonight.

I didn’t have a dessert at lunch so I enjoyed dairy farmer’s ice cream before heading to hotel.

Tonight’s hotel is the Windor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa!

I will post about this hotel later.

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Hokkaido Trip (Tomakomai – Shikotsuko – Niseko)

I arrived Tomakomai Port exactly at 11:00 hrs.

First, visited the Northern Horse Park.

I patted few ponies thinking of my late Grandpa.

Hokkaido is famous for breeding race horses.

My Gramdpa looked forward for weekends to watch horse races.

He was a social player because he enjoyed calculating odds, not much of a gambler.

Dairy farming is one of major industries in Hokkaido.

I enjoyed milk and haskap (blue-berried honeysuckle) ice-cream, pudding, hot milk and iced coffee at the Kitchen K’s Garden.

Shikotsuko (Shikotsu Lake) is a caldera lake. 

Shikotsuko is surrounded by mountains: Eniwadake (Mt. Eniwadake, top), Fuppushidake (Mt. Fuppushidake, bottom right) and Tarumaesan (Mt. Tarumae, bottom left).

Unfortunately, the summit of Tarumaesan is covered with clouds. 

According to a tour guide, the summit looks like a bucket being placed upside down and it’s an active volcano! 

We drove by Yoteizan (Mt. Yotei), also known as Ezo Fuji (Hokkaido Mt. Fuji).

Yes, it has Mt. Fuji’s shape.

Then checked in at Hilton NisekoVillage.


This hotel is famous for skiing and golf.

I wish I were here for golf today…

Hotel expanded a shopping and restaurant area in the premise; walked around this area after a buffet dinner.

This hotel has a natural hot spring that flows directly from the origin; I enjoyed open-air bath.

I became thirsty after taking a bath.

It’s nice to drink  a glass of Niseko Ezo Porter Beer (Hokkaido local beer) and Niseko Highland Mountain Grape Wine (local sweet wine). fufufu

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Waking up on New Ishikari

Ohayogozaimasu (Good Morning)

I didn’t close the curtain last night.

I thought I would wake up when Sun rise; but alarm woke me up.

I went for a morning dip.

I like to dip in the morning with morning sunshine.

And I had a power breakfast.

I took a walk on the deck…

Then enjoying listening to live piano concert with ocean view.

We are approaching Tomakomai.

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New Ishikari

A room is spacious with an area of 40 sqm.

Basic things are equipped and quite comfortable.

I have few bars to access internet at my room. Yeah!

I enjoyed a buffer dinner, live music and a public bath on this New Ishikari.

After dipping a bath, now I’m relaxing at the room, watching TV (sometimes TV freezes) and drinking nice local drink that I bought at a souvenir shop on New Ishikari: Hokkaido Guarana Highball (I’ve never tried this guaranara drink. It tastes herbal.) and Tokachi Wine.

The waves are nice, actually making rocking in nice rythum.

It’s difficult to open my eyes….

Oyasuminasai (good night).