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Ordinary Monday

I anticipated heavy rain at the time of commuting due to Typhoon 21; but there was no rain, just cloudy.

My subway was working okay with a slight delay on schedule.

My morning was peaceful because my boss is taking a week off.

Nowadays, I go out for lunch to get fresh air.

I had an Ankake Udon (a thick starchy noodle) at Seigetsudo Sabo (Seigetsudo Cafe), Ginza, Tokyo.

This restaurant/cafe is operated by Japanese traditional confectionery maker; the udon is Kyoto style and has delicate taste.

The place is quiet and I enjoyed quiet moment for a while.

After work, I went to gym.

It’s a quiet Monday after Typhoon.

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Gathering with Relatives

Today, I attended my Uncle’s 7th Anniversary of Buddhist Memorial Service.

My mother’s side of relatives gathered to pray for him.

We miss him, but we were all smiling and sharing memories about him.

He gathered us in one place despite our business and strong Typhoon 21.

After the prayer, we enjoyed lunch while busy catching up with each other and moved to one of relatives’ house to continue tea party.

My cousin cooked home made gyunyu  kanten (milk jelly) and pumpkin pudding; delicious!

Persimmons are harvested at their yard.

I love their fruit and vegetables because they don’t use pesticide at their farms!

There are alerts for floods and landslides for the area where I was and roads that need to take to return Tokyo.

It rained cats and dogs; however, I wasn’t afraid driving in rain because I know my Uncle is happy to see me and he would make sure to bring me back home.

I miss him.

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Dating with Dad

I replaced Mom to accompany Dad to Tokyo Symphony Monthly Concert, Suntory Hall, Akasaka, Tokyo.

Tonight’s Programme:

F. Liszt: Prelude and Fugue on the name B-A-C-H, S. 260

A. Schonberg: Variations for Orchestra, op. 31

S. Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, op. 43

M. Ravel: Bolero

Tonight’s concert was conducted by my favorite conductor: Mr. Jonathan Nott.

He conducted as if he is dancing at Bolero: energetic, passionate and rhythmical!

After the concert, we had Californian Cuisine at Wolfgang Pack Pizza Bar.

We enjoyed food and chatting.

Father-Daugter’s night is not bad.

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Kasumidai Country Club, Tsukuba Course, Ibaraki

It had been raining, but rain stopped today.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain again tomorrow.

I’m so lucky to play a golf on the sunny day between rainy days.

On the way to the golf course, it was foggy.

But when we arrived at the Kasumidai Cluntry Club, it was sunny and nice.

The course is nice, but my skill for putting was off today.

I couldn’t win any prize today. Boo Hoo

But it’s nice being a woman; I get a nice pack of coffee as a ladies’ participation award.

It was nice to meet golf mates that I missed playing with.

Kasumidai Country Club, Tsukuba Course is highly recommended.

I would love to play here again!

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Productive Evening…?

I clocked out 5 o’clock tonight and went to Azabu-Juban, Tokyo to pick up my car that returned from the auto inspection.

I’ve been driving this car for 13 years and still love it.

Then, went to grocery shopping and ate dinner.

After dinner, went to gym for cycling and reading a magazine for 30 mins.

Took a bath.

Am I productive? 


I need to burn negative energy and feeling.

I should burn fat as well. hahaha