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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka (Day 2)

When I finished diving yesterday, the ocean became clear so I had a high hope to catch Hammerhead Sharks! 

I could see more fish today…..


But no Hammerhead Shark….. ahhhhhh

Sayonara Mikomoto-jima (Mikomoto Island). 

After finish two dives at Zabune and Enokuchi Point, I had late lunch at Restaurants nearby Izukyu Shimoda Station.

Sushi, and 

Chinese… yap, I was greedy. hehehe

I reserved a seat for Odoriko 118 at 4:50 pm and I had time for my train.

After lunch, I still had time to enjoy free foot bath at Shimida Station.

I think I enjoyed my stay as much as I could.

Okay, it’s time to get on the train.

I’m glad I took a train this time.

It was relaxing and enjoying sceneries from the window — even sleeping! 

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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka (Day 1)

Today, I took the first Kodama (the Second earliest Shinkansen/bullet train) to Atami, Shizuoka.

Then, I changed to Ito Line to Izukyu Shimoda Station.

I dived twice at Zabune, Mikomoto Island, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka to look for Hammerhead Sharks.

The point is only 15 – 20 mins away from the harbor.

I thought I saw the shadow of shark, but nobody saw it and I don’t have a proof/photo…. hummmm

Today, I saw a group of Takabe (Yellowstriped Butterfish) and Isaki (Grunt).

After two dives, I checked in at Hotel Marseille which is conveniently located in front of Izukyu Shimoda Station.

I was hungry and had early dinner, Korean BBQ @ Hanmi, Shimoda, Shizuoka, at 5:30 pm.

Energy is charged.

I hope I can meet Hammerhead tomorrow.


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Action Camera: Vemico

I bought an action camera via Amazon yesterday.

I ordered online yesterday morning (about at 9:30 am) and reached me in the evening — within a day! 

I was busy last night attending flower arrangement class; therefore, I opened a box today.

It comes with a water proof housing for 40 m and it’s reasonable: JPY 6,000 (USD 60).

It takes 1.6 million pixels photos and 4K movies and it can connect to WiFi.

I will play with it tomorrow.
Hope to share good photos with you.

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Attended the Seminar @ Tokyo Dome Hotel, Korakuen, Tokyo

This hotel is named Tokyo Dome Hotel because it stands in front of Tokyo Dome which is the home for Tokyo Giants Baseball team.

I’ve been here to watch baseball games and come for music concerts such as Mariah Carey, Rolling Stones, etc.

 (Now I enjoy arts in overseas because there is a designated theatre for a play or music to appreciate it in the best condition, instead of temporary stage.)

There is a theme park and spa, La Qua as well.

There are also roller skate rink (it will turn into an ice skate rink during the Winter) and bowling alley.

In a way, it’s a dream land…?

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Foodie Report: Gathering @ Restaurant Kern, Toranomon, Tokyo

Seven of us get together to enjoy Japanese style western food and drinks.

Of course, we chat on many issues: trips, hobbies, self improvement, politics, memories, etc.

A group of us get together at every season (quarter). 

I look forward for this gathering because we are all from different companies, industries and age group; interesting.

And we all love to enjoy good food and drinks! 

A party set, 7 dishes and all you can drink for 2 hours, is JPY 5,200.

This restaurant opened in 1962.

If you want to try Japanese style western food; this is the place.

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Diving @ Kushimoto, Wakayama

Kushimoto is located at the southeast point of Japan’s Honshu (main island).

The dive shop, Coral Queen, owns a boat and takes us to off shore points if the condition permits.

I’m lucky and went to all off shore points, 5 dives in two days.

On Saturday, I went to Shimamawari, Ichinone and Ninone; on Sunday, Ninone and Ichinone.

These diving spots are with interesting landscape, fish (tropical fish, too) and creatures (including edible ones such as Ise Lobsters, Slipper Lobster and shells) and corals (hard and soft).

Rockfish with a group of Silver-Stripe Round Herring


I named it, Half Dome, or is it more like Shark Fin?


Many fish


You can see that ocean is beautiful; therefore, seafood is so fresh and delicious!!

Lunch at Coral Queen is nice: Shirasu-don (Baby Sardine Bowl)

And dinner at town, Matsu-zushi.

It’s a bit far from Tokyo, 7 hours to reach there, but I would love to go back Kushimoto, Wakayama again to enjoy diving and food!

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Escape from Tokyo

It’s been very hot in Tokyo.

I decide to escape from Tokyo; hopped on a plane after office.

Arrived at Kansai Airport.

And here I am….at Kushimoto Royal Hotel.

I stayed at this hotel in last February and introduced this hotel.

At that time, I visited here for different purpose, visiting temples, then I spotted few dive shops in this area, wondering how beautiful it could be being at the tip of Kii Peninsula.

Good night.

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A Decent Lunch

I went out to have a decent lunch, Chinese @ Hagoromo, Ginza, Tokyo today.

Rice (carbohydrates) was delicious; I didn’t weight it, but I guessed about 200g.

Later I checked the calories for rice; it’s 330 calories. Ahhhhhhh

I sought an advice from my physician and was told I should enjoy salad for dinner…

I’m also encouraged to exercise more. Another ahhhhhhhh

When I returned home, I received a package – aibow touch pen.

Hummmm, I can write on my iPhone and iPad, but not as I dreamed.

My palm is on the way.

On the web, someone advised to wear a glove.

It won’t look nice…. sight