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Business Trip to Wakayama (Day 4)

I couldn’t upload on that day, but I think I should share what I experienced in that day.

Well, I was sentimental disabling this view from my window.

Before leaving Wakayama, we had an excursion to learn Japanese technology and culture.

First, we visited Shima Seiki Mfg Ltd.

This company is leading sewing machine in the world which occupies 60% of global market.

The company introduced a whole garment machine to reduce waste by producing a clothing by one single yarn.

The company also introduced 3D design machine to reduce time and cost.

The company has amazing technology, but I’m not allowed to take any photos at the premises.

I received a nice souvenir from them.

Then we visited Nakano BC: brewer of sake, Umeshu (plum wine), shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) and also producer of ume extract as health food.

The company name, BC means Biochemical Creation.

This is my first tour of Umeshu company.

Reserve Tanks

Processing Tanks

This is Sake production tank.

I remember this Sugidama (a ball) as a good luck charm.

However, it has more meaning to it.

It means when it turns green to brown, it means Sake is ready, time to enjoy it.

I tried their plum extract which is so sour!!!

It supposed to supplement improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, anti-bacteria and many more.

There is a machine to check our blood flow.

I was worried that I might get a negative comments; on the contrary, my blood flow is good! Yeah!

I had a vegetarian lunch at the harbor.

Typhoon 7 wad approaching the area so tides are high.

There is a fish market a d fruit market to enjoy shopping Wakayama delicacies.

Fish market

Fruit Market

I enjoyed staying in Wakayama and would love to come back again!!!

This what I wanted to report the other day…

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Business Trip to Wakayama (Day 1)

I was frustrated because I could not post my blog: Trip to Bulgaria and Romania (Day 4).

I tried to post again and again but I still failed.

I thought I should post in order so I took a break since then.

I will try to post about my Trip to Bulgaria and Romania when I find time to redo.

Today, I decide to restart my blog.

It is nice to share a small happiness that I find in every day life.

Today, I came to Wakayama to participate in a workshop and forum.

It’s about 4 hours journey by train from Tokyo.

I took a Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka then changed to Tokkyu Kuroshio (Express Kuroshio).

This is my first time to try Tokkyu Kuroshio.

Seats are comfortable.

There is one seater seat.

It took one hour to reach Wakayama from Shin-Osaka.

We visited tourism office, market and historical display area.

Then checked in at Daiwa Roynet Hotels Wakayama.

Yeah, I’ve got a Castle view!

We even walked to the castle.

It was a nice walk.

After visiting the temple, I had nice Japanese dinner with my boss.

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Shopping at Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara

I went to Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara which has sales area of 23,800 sqm to find TV, Blue Ray Recorder, refrigerator and laundry machine.

The retail named Camera because it originated a specialized camera shop, but today, the store cannot survive by just selling cameras.

The store sells cameras, electric home appliances, mobiles, PC, accessories, toys, TV games, etc.

It’s quite fun to visit for even window shopping.

I usually go there when I want to consider purchasing these products to obtain product information.

I did the same thing this time.

In the morning, obtained enough information on each products, then returned to condo to double confirm the size of area for each home electric appliances; then returned to Yodobashi Camera to purchase them.

We decide to support Japanese manufacturer this time.

TV: Sony

Blue Ray Recorder: Panasonic

Refrigerator: Mitsubishi

Laundry Machine: Sharp

I cannot wait for the delivery day.

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Golden Week Holiday in Kyoto (Day 2)

Took a train to Ishiyama Eki (Ishiyama Station) to participate in a special Buddhist ceremony at the temple in Shiga.

I love listening to Buddhist sutra reciting; and also participating to recite it.

The peaceful moment brings me clam and peace.

After participation in a special prayer, visited Iwamadera (Iwama Temple), Ishiyama, Shiga.

First, I hit the bell.

Please take note that you cannot hit it on the way back; you will bring bad luck instead.

If you forget to do it, it’s okay.

This is not the must.

There is Bokefuji Kannon (Goodness for senile dementia prevention) at this temple.

There is also Shirahime Ryujin (White Princess Dragon Goddess) for beauty.

The temple is located on the mountain.

Then I proceeded to Hondo (main temple).

Hondo (Main Temple)

There is a small beautiful pond next to the Hondo.

The famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, composed a poet.

Furuikeya Kawazu Tobikomu Mizuno Oto

(Old Pond, a Flog Jumped, Sound of Splash)

Then there is also Fudo Do (Fudo Temple).

Fudomyoo is God of Fire.

He can burn all bad luck!

There is also Inazuma Ryuo Sha (Shrine for Lightning Dragon).

This God will prevent us from lightening and fire.

And there is also Taishi Do, Temple for Kobo Daishi (Kobo Buddhist Priest).

There is a resting room; you should take a rest here to meet more Gods and Eight Great Priests.

After dropping souvenirs at the hotel room, went out to buy tomorrow’s breakfast.

On the way to the bakery shop, stopped by at the Yojiya cosmetics shop located inside of hotel.

Yojiya was the specialized cosmetics manufacturer for Geisha.

Today, Yojiya also produces cosmetics for general consumers like me.

I bought UV protection loose powder in white.

I have sensitive skin so I want to avoid wearing UV protection cream by wearing a hat and THIS!

Then walked down to LAQUE to buy breads and cut pineapple for breakfast.

We arrived late last night and were active today.

We decided to have dinner at Japanese Restaurant Irifune at the hotel.

I enjoyed nice Kyoto food and Kyoto Sake Heiangu with Mom.

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Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Today, I went to Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo to renew my passport after office hour.

The counter is conveniently opened till 7:00 pm to receive the application.

And it takes only a week for my passport to be ready; I can pick it up any time after 17 April 2018.

After I happily submitted my application for renewing my passport, I lined up to get a new product sample.

Kirin the Strong (Citrus Vodka, alcohol 9%) was launched today.

Staffs were busily disseminating a newspaper’s special issue like advertisement as if it’s a big news together with a sample of 250 ml can.

No harm to get a free drink.

I consider myself lucky today.