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My New iPhone Case

This is my new iPhone case that I bought at Pink Lemontree, Harajuku ( yesterday.

The store sells lovely staffs and these can excite me.

Harajuku sells many girly and inexpensive products.

This is a good example, a watch for USD 10!

And they are cute!

I can play with colours.

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Summary of My Week

I was rushing to places past few days and returned home after midnight.

I try to blog everyday; but I didn’t have stamina to do so.

Therefore, I decided to upload the summary.

On Friday, we went to Indian Restaurant Khan Kebab a Biriyani @ Ginza.

Sometimes, I get disappointed with food that requires many types of spices.

I understand the restaurant might face trouble sourcing the spices or simply trying to save cost. 

But at this restaurant, I enjoyed every food.

On Saturday, after our field trip to the cutting edge Japanese innovation center TEPIA, we explored Tokyo.

TEPIA is quite interesting to visit.

You can also participate in Japanese innovation.

This is the Nissin Cup Noodle Dancing Robot. 

The robot dances for three minutes while waiting for a noodle.

It’s a nice three minutes timer.

Then we went to Shibuya.

I enjoyed Kebab at Saray Kebab at Shibuya.

I had Kebab rice with humms and cherry drink.


I also went to Harajuku.

The crepe was introduced in here; therefore, it is a fashion to eat a crepe here.

I ordered one.

I had Angel’s Heart strawberry crepe.

On the show window, there are six pieces of strawberries, a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate; but I had only two pieces of strawberries and mainly tasting whipped cream.

There are many crepe stalls; you should try others.

I decided to post bads as well.

I had a bad experience on Friday.

My friend bought watches as sourvenir at Don Quijote Ginza (we call the retails Donki for short).

Before ringing a cashier, we asked if they could set the time to Malaysian time which is one hour earlier than Japan.

Two sales persons said they would do, but we were told we need to purchase them first.

Fair enough, so my friend bought watches.

Then the lady who did cashier started telling me we cannot ask them to set the time because they are busy.

I told her we asked in advance and they said okay, it is not fair that the store asked us to purchase and after we purchase refuse to do what you promised.

She was bitching all the way.

But I kept quiet because I wanted everything to be processed.

Luckily, we asked them to set the time because one of them was out of battery.

This bitching lady needed to process it again, so she was really bitching.

But I don’t understand why she was so angry because the total amount was more than USD 500.

Then later we found out that she punched wrongly.

The amount was overcharged.

There is a tag saying, if you buy four, the price is JPY 2500.

But she charged JPY 1000 each.

Next day, we went back. 

She was there again and told us the store won’t refund if we don’t have every merchandises with its barcode.

The scene was about to get nasty, then a lady cut in.

I explained all the situation by showing a photo of price tag, pointing the actual signage and showing receipt.

This nice lady quickly apologized and processed to refund.

But the bitching lady was still bitching in Japanese.

And a man, I don’t know what’s his position, but he was siding this bitching lady by saying “you are right, you did the right thing” in front of customers.

I don’t understand them.

She overcharged a customer and it’s okay?

When we settle this, the price tag isn’t there any more.

The store must have taken it away quickly.

Luckily, I took a photo before they took it out.

This made me realized I need to write something bads as well, to protect consumers like us.

We went to other Donki, but they assisted us nicely and so as other stores.

Watch out the lady at Donki Ginza 2nd Floor watch section, she overcharges and she thinks it’s right to bitch in front of foreign customers in Japanese. 

She made me shame.

My friends from overseas thought Japanese are nice; but She succeeded to give a different impression to them who visited Japan for first time.

Luckily, they met more Japanese during their stay so they know she is the exceptional case.

After Harajuku, we went to Akihabara and had sushi.

The sushi restaurant strategically uses iPads to assist foreign visitors in many languages.

Too bad I didn’t take any pictures at Akihabara.

Perhaps, next time.

On Sunday, I catch up on my sleep because I need to go back to office as usual tomorrow.

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Ichigo Warabimochi: Strawberry Warabimochi

It’s strawberry season in Japan.
Japanese strawberries are so sweet.

You should try them while you are in Japan because strawberries are fragile, easy to get damaged; therefore, difficult to ship out.

This is ichigo (strawberry) warabimochi.

These jelly are made by warabi (mountain vegetable) starch.

These are usually covered by Konako (soybean powder in gold) and kuromitsu (black sugar).

I enjoyed this light dessert after heavy dinner.

It’s delicious and I like its texture – natural jelly.

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Sudden Swelling

I don’t know what happened to me over night.

I woke up and found myself swollen.

My face is so rounded, making a HQ officer to gesture I blow up.

This could be a sexual harassment, but I just laughed.

I myself couldn’t believe what happened to my body.

Last night, I slept as usual, but I feel surprisingly over tired today.


I was told that it could cause by unstable weather, frequently changing atmospheric pressure…?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fun news to report.

I want to attend the seminar tomorrow so I had to clear my work; I continue working at home.

It’s 2 am now….I hope I’ll be okay tomorrow.

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Malaysian Dinner @ Rasa Malaysia, Ginza

I had a Malaysian dinner at Rasa Malaysia, Ginza.

Food are authentic because my Malaysian friends enjoyed all these food.

Oops, I was busy eating; forgot to take photos of vegetables: sambal kang kong and sambal petai.

These are cincau (drink), butter fried prawn, chicken wings, fish head curry and pisang goreng.

I understand this is their first trip to Tokyo; but, I need to train them to enjoy Japanese food.

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Bedtime Reading

Looking at absolutely beautiful ocean, handsome fish and cute creatures.

Bedtime story supposed to put me sleep, but I’m getting excited…!?

Palau, Bohol (the Philippines), Isla Socorro (Mexico), South Africa, Ogasawara (Japan), Okinawa (Japan), etc.

How soon can I go? 

Let’s study and plan! 

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No. 4711 – if I’m not mistaken, this Cologne, Germany’s eau de Cologne is the first eau de Cologne in the world.

I noticed name of the city is the name of the product!

The aroma is natural.

When I went to Cologne, I bought it as a souvenir some years ago.

This bottle is a souvenir from Mom when she visited Cologne last year.

I enjoy wearing it, but I finish.

Time to open a new bottle.

My friends are sweet to get me a souvenir.

I have few bottles of perfumes to choose from.

This time, I selected NINA RICCI L’EXTASE.

It’s sweet.

I put perfume in an carrying atomizer, allowing me to wear it anytime.

I can SMELL his love 24/7.

This is a gift from my boyfriend.

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I try to eat healthy, but I eat snacks, junk food and alcohol sometimes.

How many times did I say to myself, this is it!

It’s so difficult to lose 1 kg, but I can easily put 2-3 kg on.

I think I need to look for a new hobby to stop eating.

I want to welcome Spring in good shape.

Any suggestion? 

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Clinic Hopping

I had a dentist appointment today.

This new dentist is good.

He explained to me how important to floss and come for regular cleaning by showing my current condition of teeth. 


I also went to dermatology at late evening.

The other day I went to dermatology in the afternoon, hoping to return home early; but I waited longer hours because there are many more patients: seniors and children.

I am right, I waited shorter today!

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My Friday Afternoon

I attended a seminar from 2 pm to 5 pm; therefore, I needed to charge energy after the seminar.

Actually, I had a cake and coffee with a friend who also attended a seminar.

The seminar ended at 5 pm; I didn’t need to return to office so enjoyed having a coffee at the nice cafe in Marunouchi.

The seminar venue is nearby Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station was opened in 1914, same as the Grand Central Station in New York.

Both celebrated 100th anniversary three years ago and these are sister stations.

Isn’t it beautiful?

On the way to my line, Marunouchi Line, I was greeted by Goku (Dragon Balls).