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Furniture Hunting with Mom

My parents plan to move to a new condo.

Mom is looking for new furniture and so as I.

We plan to go for furniture hunting today; that’s why Mom spent night at my place last night.

I excused myself to go to gym and quickly got ready to go out.

Of course, before we go for a good exercise, we went to get a nice brunch at my favorite Italian Restaurant: Il Ritrovo, Roppongi Hills.

This restaurant is famous for pizza.

The chef won the pizza contest in Italy.

Food is delicious; price is reasonable; staffs are nice.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for an Italian.

We took enough fuel, then went to IDC Otsuka (International Design Center Otsuka) Ariake Show Room, Ariake, Tokyo.

Otsuka Kagu Ltd. is the first furniture retailer implementing direct import of furniture from overseas.

Yes, this company had an issue with furniture industrial people by breaking the Japanese tradition of multi-layered distribution system in Japan.

This is my favorite furniture store because I can find about 50,000 items in 75,000 sqm.

I can compare many styles, concepts and brands at once.

Yes, it is a good exercise because I walk back and forth to compare furniture.

Yes, this shop ables to see the actual products.

Mom found a dining table and chair set and lace.

I’m considering a bed and light.

We plan to visit few more shops.

I love furniture hunting!

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Healthy Saturday

I woke up and went to gym for cycling.

Recently, I added a new routine: taking a bath after morning exercise.

It’s refreshing.

Then cooked a healthy brunch.

After brunch, I went to hair salon.

I had good time chatting with my favorite beautician: she is funny, sweet and good (skillful).

After finishing my hair, time to go for body therapy.

I asked for an advice how to further improve my health.

He encourages me to continue going to gym for cycling (warming up).

I don’t need to work out hard because objectives are enhancing blood circulation and increasing metabolism.

Instead of increasing volume of exercise, he advises me to control my appetite.

Yes, I love to eat and drink…this is my weakness.

It’s dinner time; I cooked simple dinner.

Then Mom who was in town today arrived my apartment.

We had Gluhwein (I made it with Gluhwein bouquet (spice bouquet)) together with a Gluhwein cup that I bought in Germany when we visited Christmas Markets in 2006.


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Family Dinner @ Aux Six Arbres, Roppongi

I’ve been looking for a French restaurant that my Dad wants to dine.

I had difficulty to locate it because he gave me the wrong area to look for…tonight, we locate it and went to Aux Six Arbres.

I’ve dined here before so I knew this restaurant, but I didn’t think this is the restaurant that he was looking for because he gave me the wrong area.

He dined here 20 years ago.

He followed his superior at that time so he couldn’t remember the location.

Well, it’s sweet of Dad that he thought of taking us (Mom and I) here.

All of us enjoyed nice French.

Desserts, we could select from these.

These all look nice, how could I resist them?

Therefore, I asked for a small piece for all together with a cup of Espresso!

There are more…we all brought them back.

Restaurant is cozy and food is nice so we smiled through out the dinner.

I think this restaurant becomes our family restaurant tonight♪

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Trip to Nikko (Day 4)

It was snowing when I woke up.

It was nice to dip in open air bath in the morning before breakfast.

It’s time to go back home, Tokyo.

We had time till our train back to Tokyo, we stopped by Kissa (Cafe) Tsuruya for a coffee and oshiruko (red bean soup with mochi (pounded rice)).

Sayonara Kinugawa Onsen (Hot Spring) Station.

Snow stopped nearing to Tokyo.

Oh no, returned to Sky Tree where I started this trip.

Returned to Asakusa by Revaty.

It was peaceful and relaxing Year End and New Year holiday.

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Trip to Nikko (Day 1)

Depart Asakusa Station for Kinugawa Onsen (hot spring) Station by Spacia, Tobu Line.

I enjoyed privacy for two hours train ride at Compartment 2.

Sky Tree and peaceful scenery from window

I see snow at Kinugawa Onsen Station; yes, it’s cold here.

It’s a hot spring town.

The station gate looks like as if we are going to enter a hot bath.

Kinugawa Onsen

I took a shuttle bus to Kinugawa Plaza Hotel.

Opened a door and there is a fusuma (sliding door) to lead us to a main room and small sun (living) room to over look a river.

There is a public hot spring bath; therefore, there is a shower booth only at the room.

We had dinner at room and dinner was nice.

After dinner, went to Onsen.

There are free ice candy bars: Gari Gari Kun Onsen Manju (black sugar flavor).

I watched Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red/Women Team vs White/Men Tram Song Battle) on TV.

Watching this TV programme is a typical way to spend New Year’s Eve in Japan.

Namie Amuro who is celebrating her 25th career anniversary decides to retire next September.

This year would be her last performance at Kohaku.

Singers who are selected to perform on this programme is based on the performance and popularity in the year; therefore, Japanese singers are honor to participate in this programme.

After Kohaku, watching Iku Toshi Kuru Toshi (Year to Go, Year to Come).

Listened to Temple’s Bell to purify the spirit to receive a New Year.

Happy New Year!

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Day 3 at Magic Kingdom

Last meal (breakfast) at Magic Kingdom; I got Mickey omelette.

I left Magic Kingdom, but Magic continued because I still continued having fun.

My friend from Australia visited Tokyo for a short business trip.

She always purposely stays at Grand Hyatt Roppongi near my apartment so that we can meet up easily.

We went to Fingers Jinbocho for dinner.

It’s a new trend in Tokyo to eat food with hands.

I thought it would be new for her, but according to her, it’s common in China. 

She often visits China for business. Arama!

Anyway, we enjoyed catching up each other, we laughed through, and we had (definitely me) too much drink. hahaha