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Steam Iron

I’m sweating as if I were in a sauna.

I could say that I’m in a steam sauna. 

As I mentioned earlier, I like to hand wash my clothes at home. 

After washing them, I need to iron them. 

I bought a steam iron. 

I’m glad that I bought this because it enables me to wash most of my clothes at home, instead of sending them out to a laundry shop.

I can save money, but it requires sweat, especially at summer. 
I made a good move to iron before taking a bath. 

Wow, I feel like I’ve done a good exercise. 

I’m ready to take a bath!

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Seasonal Tradition: Sumida River Fireworks

Mom visited me and she brought her homemade cooking.

We had a late lunch together and opened a bottle of Moët.

 Ummmmm, it was nice. 
After lunch, we took a nap. hahaha 

We woke up at 7 pm; it was already dark.  Ahhhh

On every 4th Saturday of July, about 20,000 fireworks go up on Sumida River. 

I went to Sumida River to watch it few times. 

I enjoyed watching it from the bottom of fireworks and listened to the sound.  

Today, we watched it on TV.  hahaha

We call out old fireworks’ business name when fireworks go up. 


This is seasonal, too. 

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Onigiri (Japanese Traditional Rice Ball)

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The other day, I introduced an innovative Danish product.

Today, I would like to introduce a Japanese innovative packaging.

Onigirri, a rice ball, is Japanese traditional food.

It fs very handy to eat at anytime, as a breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and even late night snack.

First, pull down a strap.

Second, pull a wrap sideways.

Third, pull another side of wrap sideways.

Seaweed is sandwiched by layers of plastic wraps; therefore seaweed is nice and crispy till you open it.

And I won’t dirty my hand!!

It comes in many flavors: salmon, tarako (fish roe), tuna mayonnaise, sour plum, etc.

You can find it at any convenience stores.

Please try it one day!

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Malaysian Day!

A nice family invited me for lunch, home made Malaysian food. 

I had Sarawakian Laksa (noodle), beef, chicken, tomato rice and nice Sarawakian layered cakes, cookies and fruit. 

It was delicious and we enjoyed our conversation while eating. 

Tonight, I was invited for dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market at Ikebukuro. 

I haven’t met them for two years and I was excited to see them again!

Food is American style fried seafood, but this restaurant is Malaysian franchise restaurant.

It was interestingly a Malaysian Day!! 

At last, I met Ultraman! hahaha

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Scandinavian Dinner @ Lilla Dalarna

We (Mom and I) enjoyed Danish and Swedish beers, salad, assorted sausages (including reindeer sausage) and favorite meatballs with mountain berries.

We talked about our recent trip to Scandinavian countries and discussed about our next trip.

After dinner, I enjoyed mint green tea at home.

This is Denish tea.

It’s nice and I can brew tea in the bag!

They are so innovative and fashionable!!

I love traveling!