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Starting a Day Not Healthy, but Making it a Healthy Day

I had Castella or Kasuteta (Japanese cake) for breakfast.

This is simply made of flour, eggs and sugar.

This dessert was brought to Japan by a Portuguese missionary in 16th century.

We call it Castella, but there isn’t any dessert like this in Spain; we don’t know the origin of this dessert.

Today, we eat pancakes and waffles for breakfast so I can eat this dessert which is made of flour, eggs and sugar for breakfast, right?

I’m getting board doing the same routine everyday: go to office and return home.

It was a nice day to walk in a light breeze.

I walked from Shonagawa to home.

It was 4.5 km journey and fun. 

There are a quite numbers of shrines and temples standing between buildings.

There is a Japanese traditional archery shop next to a temple, selling Japanese traditional archeries in Tokyo! 

There are many interesting shops and restaurants on the way home.

I stopped by at a supermarket, Lincos.

It was a small adventure.

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Home Head Spa

This series of shampoo and treatment allows me to enjoy head spa at home: Plosion de Salon.

As labeled on a bottle, shampoo is in carbonated foam to massage scalp.

It’s refreshing and relaxing.

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Happy Anniversary

It is my 1st Blogging Anniversary.

Today I try to look for a happiness in my normal daily life for blogging.

It could be small; but it can enrich my heart.

Simultaneously, I realize how important and difficult to deliver a message.

YES, I’m happy I started last year and YES, I will continue blogging!

Happy blogging!

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Alfons Mucha

I went to the National Art  Center, Tokyo to see Mucha’s art.

He was a Czech painter.

He painted many large sized paint (6 x 8 meters canvases) under a theme of Slav Epic, depicting the history of the Slav people and civilization.

I just wonder how he structured these designs in his head to express on large canvases.

I was allowed to take photos of few paintings; but I could not take a photo of a whole painting because there were many people standing in front of it.

But even it’s partial, we can tell how talented he was.

It is strange when we admire his paintings from distance, his paint grows as if there is a spot light lighting the area.

On the other hand, his Art Nouveau is just breath taking; they are so beautiful.

I’m glad that Mom asked me to go with her.

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Business Trip to Nagoya (Day 1)

It’s Sunday, but we’ll start our programme early on Monday; we arrive Nagoya a day before.

I’m staying at Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel.

It’s new, convenient and functional.

New – this hotel is newly opened on 17 April 2017.

Convenient – it’s connected to Nagoya Station.

Functional – the size of room is only 20 sqm, but it’s functional.

We can experience IoT world.

We can operate light, AC, etc from a tablet.

I’m lucky to have a Nagoya Castle View.

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One of My Saturdays

This week I’ve been going to bed early; therefore, when I woke up today, I already felt fresh!

I went soba shop for breakfast.

I had a bowl of Hiyashi Kitsune (Cold Deep-Fried Bean Curd Noodle).

Nickname of this bean curd is Kitsune (fox) because we believe a fox that represent a guardian of area, messenger of shrine or god of harvest, likes this deep-fried bean curd.

Then, I prayed at my shrine, Tenso-Jinja (Tenso Shrine).

It feels good to pray in the morning when a town is still quiet.

But as you can see, this shrine is located in the center of Tokyo, between highrised buildings.

I got ready to go for body maintenance.

Now I don’t have a serious pain, but there are many parts that need to be fixed: legs, organs, shoulders and head…?

After refreshment, I cooked simple lunch:  Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Chinese Noodle).

I placed too much toppings over Chinese styled yellow noodle.

I’ve been eating well today; tonight’s dinner, it was tapas style (small dishes).

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Weekday Night

I didn’t upload for few days; I was simply busy with work. 

After busy days, I went for a quick bite and went to bed early.

On Thursday night, I went to my regular Sushi Restaurant, Sushiya no Goto.

On Friday night, I went to a new restaurant, Niku no Rakuem (Meat Paradise) at Roppongi Yokocho.

At First/Ground Floor of ROI Buildig, Roppongi, about twenty restaurants operates.

Is this a typical Asian style restaurant corridor for you?

The most recommended restaurant there is Niku no Rakuen (Meat Paradise).

If you are a meat lover, it’s casual and delicious.

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Trip to Kamogawa, Chiba 

Yesterday, on Saturday, I drove to Kamogawa, Chiba to attend a Buddhist Ceremony for our Grand Father which is scheduled on Sunday.

It takes three hours drive to reach there and the ceremony is scheduled at 10:30 am in the morning.

We (family members) decide to arrive one day earlier to enjoy staying in town.

We used to visit there often when our grand parents were still alive.

We have many memories here and there in town.

We used to stay in Kanpo no Yado Kamogawa, a hotel operating by a Japanese former national insurance company (currently, privatized).

We used to dine at a restaurant to enjoy local food and bath in a large public bath over looking Pacific Ocean.

This hotel is reasonable and located in front of Kamogawa Sea World (aquarium) and our Temple, Eimeiji (Eimei Temple).

I attended a ceremony and we also enjoyed eating lunch and talking after the ceremony.

They gave us a box of Soramame (broad beans) as a sourvenir. 

I love this beans so quickly boiled and ate when I got back.

It’s so fresh!!!

I miss my Grand Parents.

Please Rest In Peace.