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Weekday Night

I didn’t upload for few days; I was simply busy with work. 

After busy days, I went for a quick bite and went to bed early.

On Thursday night, I went to my regular Sushi Restaurant, Sushiya no Goto.

On Friday night, I went to a new restaurant, Niku no Rakuem (Meat Paradise) at Roppongi Yokocho.

At First/Ground Floor of ROI Buildig, Roppongi, about twenty restaurants operates.

Is this a typical Asian style restaurant corridor for you?

The most recommended restaurant there is Niku no Rakuen (Meat Paradise).

If you are a meat lover, it’s casual and delicious.

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Takuhai (Delivery) Box

I’m keeping my hair long.

However, my hair is thin so it’s easy to get waves when it’s moist.

The other day, I tried this KERASTASE Hair Oil for Colour-Treated Hair at a beauty salon; it’s heavier than other KERASTASE series, but lighter than Moroccan Oil.

I asked for one, but it was out of stock.

My beauty salon is just one block away so I asked them to deliver when a product arrive.

I received a product in Takihai Box (Delivery Box).

There are few delivery boxes at my apartment to leave a delivery box if a receiver is out.

A delivery person will leave a note to inform number of box and its combination to open a door

I usually come back home in the evening, so this Takihai Box plays a great role for me.

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I visited Docomo (mobile carrier) shop to check my subscription status.

I waited my turn and it took me more than one hour to check my status.

I found out that I was charged monthly for TV, music and many more services which I called to terminate 18 months ago.

It cumulated USD 900.

Today, we are asked to check the status on the system to save paper and cost.

I thought I don’t mind it, but these additional services are listed at the very bottom which I overlooked.

Today, I asked a shop to send the statement by post. 

Ahhhhh, I’m not a digital person as I thought…..

Well, I was at Docomo from 3 pm – 6 pm. 

I had time to look around.

There are many key chains stuffed in baskets.

I thought these look cute and goofy.

I asked for one and got six. 

I plan to give these to my niece.

I hope she would like them.

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School Reunion

School reunion was organized at the school.

Instantly, we were all brought back to school days.

We haven’t seen each other for years, but we all laughed through the event.

We walked around the school with sentimental feelings.

It was so nice to see old friends and TEACHERS.

Our bond is there and precious. 

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Nowadays I can easily find the word, mindfulness, on Japanese women’s magazines.

There are many magazines at my beauty salon and I read about it briefly the other day.

Today, I was standing in a train on the way to my dermatologist.

I needed to hold a rail because a train was packed. 

Since I was holding a rail, I cannot play with my mobile.

I looked outside, but I couldn’t see anything because windows were all fogged up due to a cold rain.

I remembered MINDFULNESS.

I didn’t close my eyes, but my surrounding created a perfect situation to listen to my feeling.

I have frustration.

While waiting for my turn at the dermatologist, I browsed on internet to learn more about MINDFULNESS.
Now it’s time to listen to my feelings to love myself more.

Perhaps, I can practice while I’m taking a bath because I sit in a bathtub for 10 – 15 mins in nice aroma and I’m relaxed.


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When I finished working, it was drizzling, but I felt exciting.

I didn’t make mistake on the title.

I’m taking leave tomorrow so I waited for today, Thursday.

That’s why T.G.I.T. fufufu

Now started counting down, 30 mins to midnight.

A new day will start!