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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Part 3 (Day 1)

I came to Mikomoto for practice and catching Hammerhead Sharks.

Today visibility was okay, average of 15 m, maximum 20m.

When I take this photo, I had a light.

I took this photo without light; it’s more in green.

This how we dive in a party.

I told my instructor that I’m sick of Takabe ( yellow striped butterfish) and want to watch Hammerhead Sharks!

Due to Typhoon 5, I didn’t have clear sight for last two dives.

Today, I could see the beautiful landscape of Mikomoto.

After diving, went to Korean BBQ Keiuma for dinner.

It’s delicious so a phone of this restaurant never stops at dinner time for reservation.

And this restaurant is highly recommend

I will continue to dive tomorrow; therefore, I’m staying at Pension Minami-Izu Shokan that is walking distance to my diving shop: Mikomoto Hammers.

A room is cute and private Onsen (Hot Spring) is nice.

Private Hot Spring

This Pension is also highly recommended.

I wish I can catch Hammers tomorrow.


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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka (Day 2)

When I finished diving yesterday, the ocean became clear so I had a high hope to catch Hammerhead Sharks! 

I could see more fish today…..


But no Hammerhead Shark….. ahhhhhh

Sayonara Mikomoto-jima (Mikomoto Island). 

After finish two dives at Zabune and Enokuchi Point, I had late lunch at Restaurants nearby Izukyu Shimoda Station.

Sushi, and 

Chinese… yap, I was greedy. hehehe

I reserved a seat for Odoriko 118 at 4:50 pm and I had time for my train.

After lunch, I still had time to enjoy free foot bath at Shimida Station.

I think I enjoyed my stay as much as I could.

Okay, it’s time to get on the train.

I’m glad I took a train this time.

It was relaxing and enjoying sceneries from the window — even sleeping! 

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Diving @ Kushimoto, Wakayama

Kushimoto is located at the southeast point of Japan’s Honshu (main island).

The dive shop, Coral Queen, owns a boat and takes us to off shore points if the condition permits.

I’m lucky and went to all off shore points, 5 dives in two days.

On Saturday, I went to Shimamawari, Ichinone and Ninone; on Sunday, Ninone and Ichinone.

These diving spots are with interesting landscape, fish (tropical fish, too) and creatures (including edible ones such as Ise Lobsters, Slipper Lobster and shells) and corals (hard and soft).

Rockfish with a group of Silver-Stripe Round Herring


I named it, Half Dome, or is it more like Shark Fin?


Many fish


You can see that ocean is beautiful; therefore, seafood is so fresh and delicious!!

Lunch at Coral Queen is nice: Shirasu-don (Baby Sardine Bowl)

And dinner at town, Matsu-zushi.

It’s a bit far from Tokyo, 7 hours to reach there, but I would love to go back Kushimoto, Wakayama again to enjoy diving and food!

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A Decent Lunch

I went out to have a decent lunch, Chinese @ Hagoromo, Ginza, Tokyo today.

Rice (carbohydrates) was delicious; I didn’t weight it, but I guessed about 200g.

Later I checked the calories for rice; it’s 330 calories. Ahhhhhhh

I sought an advice from my physician and was told I should enjoy salad for dinner…

I’m also encouraged to exercise more. Another ahhhhhhhh

When I returned home, I received a package – aibow touch pen.

Hummmm, I can write on my iPhone and iPad, but not as I dreamed.

My palm is on the way.

On the web, someone advised to wear a glove.

It won’t look nice…. sight

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Enhancing My Time @ Gym and Room

It is a Japanese national holiday today: Ocean Day.

It’s been hot in Japan and there was no national holiday in July.

Japanese government was smart to create a national holiday in July for a break.

However, my office opened today.

It’s been a quiet day so I went out for lunch.

I had a Freahness Burger’s Cheese Burger set.

It’s a nice Japanese burger shop and delicious, but I learned that calory is high… 

delicious food always with calories…… ahhhhhh

Boss left the office and I was alone in the office this afternoon.

I quickly finished writing reports and sending emails to make time to further study about privileges of being Amazon Prime members.

Annual fee of JPY 3,900 covers fast delivery fee, video and music.

I was considering to enhance my time at gym and room with these video and music.

I had time to Pochi.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Video


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I bought these in Vegas: iPhone 6S Gritterly Case (I love gritterly things), iPhone Cover Power Bank, Wireless Headset and Speaker.

I don’t know I did buy them with a good price, but I’m happy with design and quality.

Now I’m motivating to go to gym by listening to upbeat music with a new headset.

It’s tough to keep the motivation…ahhhhhh

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Sightseeing in Tokyo

I had a nice brunch at Eggcellent, Roppongi.

Everything is so eggy there.


I had a Beauty Bowl!

A coffee cup wished me a nice day.

Today, I went to sightseeing Tokyo: Shibuya, Omotesando and Ginza.

Today, I had fun visiting LINE Friends Store @ Harajuku, Tokyo.

There are three LINE Friends Stores in Japan: Tokyo, Sendai and Fukuoka.

It’s a LINE’a characters merchandise shop and we can also take a photo at Brown’s Room.