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Exposing Choco

It was Choco’s class.

He must be tired after the lesson; I was. LOL

He doesn’t like to wear the harness so I started the class with struggle.

He and I tried and experienced many things.

After the class, he drank water busily.

I want him to learn that harness brings him fun; when he wears it, he can go out together.

It is Autumn and harvest festival season.

When I went out to get groceries, I saw Omikoshi (people carry God’s temporary shrine or shall I call it Car); I rushed back home to put harness on him then went down.

After watching Omikoshi, I put him down to a walk.

First, he didn’t move.

It took him a while to start walking for few meters.

Yes. Surely he was tired; we took a nap together at the couch.

At night, I took him to a walk again.

I hope he would become to like wearing the harness soon.

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Sunday For Choco

When I show him his carrying bag, he gets so excited to go in; it makes my preparation easy.

We went to the clinic to get his shot for rabies at Green Dog Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

Yes, this my regular shop to buy his products.

It’s conveniently located near my apartment and it has facilities of shop, clinic, pet hotel and grooming (beauty salon).

I bought a treat pouch and foldable cup here.

I’m using this treat pouch for basic training at home now.

I can clip it on my clothes so I can treat him any time; it is washable because it’s made by silicon; and it can close automatically because there is a magnet.

He is smart, but I learned I need to be patient not to confuse him.

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Training School

So cute of him to go in himself!

Choco knows he can go out if he goes in this bag!!!

I’m glad that he enjoys going out with me.

Choco and I attended a briefing for Training School: Familina Garden, Minami Aoyama.

We decided to take lessons and Choco would have four school mates.

We will start our class next week.

I bought a crate at my regular pet shop, Green Dog Tokyo Midtown Roppongi Store for him because he would need it there and other places.

He likes it.

He was totally relaxing by lying down inside of it at the shop.

It was a busy morning so I went to spa to unwind my body while he is taking a nap.

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Leonard 6 Years Old Balsamico

This is Italian fine Balsamico.

I love to eat salad with olive oil and balsamico.

I don’t mind to invest a bit on nice olive oil and balsamico.

This balsamico is rich and delicious; but I didn’t check its size.

I thought a bottle is size of package, but it’s only 40 ml. hahaha