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Continue Packing♪

I bought a new make up remover and refill for facial foaming soap because I prefer these.


For medicine, my boyfriend taught me this combination is good to cure when I start getting a cold: Yunker Kotei (revitalizer) and Kakkonto (herbal based cold medicine).

These are commonly sold in liquid in a bottle, but I found them in powdered form.

It’s definitely lighter and easy to carry around, especially on the plane if necessary.


I plan to bring a hair dryer, curlers and an electric pot to make tea.

These are all international model; I can switch voltage from 100-120v to 200 – 240v.


In Japan, the electric outlet/socket is Type A (two flat pins); therefore, I need to bring few plug converters to use these electric appliances in overseas.

I can transform this plug converter according to the electric outlet type.

Don’t you think this is cool?


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Lawry’s The Prime Rib


I had a nice dinner at Lawry’s the Prime Rib Tokyo.

I enjoyed their Prime Rib with seasonal dishes: asparagus soup, famous Lawry’s spinning bowl salad, scallops, and dessert.

We enjoyed all dishes with nice glasses/two bottles of red wine.

The wine surely enhanced the flavour of food.

I don’t need to explain how it was, the photo speaks itself.

Yes, it was delicious….the ambience is nice and enjoyed a conversation with nice companies.



This restaurant started in Los Angeles in 1938.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Tokyo opened in Akasaka, Tokyo in 2001.

In March 2014, the restaurant reopened at the Ebisu Garden Place due to rebuilding the previous location building.

I still remember what was happened there when I was dining at the old Lawry’s the Prime Rib Tokyo in Akasaka.

Dad was there, too!

I sneaked to his table to surprise him.

Yes, he was very very very surprised!

I still remember how he looked!!! hahaha

I again enjoyed food and moment at Lawry’s the Prime Rib Tokyo tonight ♥

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Let’s Get Ready♪

I plan to take a short vacation to go to Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland)!!!

Let’s start getting ready!


I bought new mobile accessories for this trip: wide lens, thin carrying mobile case enabling to clip a wide lens, AC adapter with 4 USB ports and extra power bank♪

I need to check internet accessibility…. hummmm

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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

I met my schoolmate for lunch today.

We are friends since Junior High School.

We talked like we were still teenagers. 5.5 hours!!! Non-Stop!!!

We also enjoyed nice Hiroshima local food, Taichazuke (Red Snapper with Soup).

This way is Hiroshima way of enjoying Red Snapper.

This restaurant, Ochi Kochi, serves all Hiroshima specialties.

The restaurant is located at B1 Floor of Tau Hiroshima antenna shop where we can also shop Hiroshima products.

Hiroshima is located southern Japan, famous for oysters, lemons, etc.

I bought a Sake Zoka; it’s sweet and fruity♪

I didn’t know I’ve been supporting Hiroshima by purchasing various Hiroshima products such as lemon juice.

You can tell that I didn’t buy it today because the bottle is empty!!!


We continued to talk at Starbucks.

We both enjoyed a seasonal drink, Baked Cheese Cake Frappuccino.

Thanks for being my good friend!!!

I look forward for our next girls chat! XOXO


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I’m disappointed.

I thought today would be my last visit to the dentist.

I’ve been visiting my dentist for many times already.

I started visiting my dentist because my filling/cover for a cavity came out.

I needed to visit for each steps: cleaned it and put the temporary filling; treated it, took a mold and put the temporary filling; placed the filling/cover and checked the condition of the new filling/cover (a total of four times).

When I came back for checking on filling/cover after installment, he told me I have a cavity.

I went back for cleaning, treating & taking a mold and installing my filling/cover for my cavity for a different tooth (a total of three visits).

After he finished installing a filling/cover for my cavity today, he told me I need to start treating a root that causing inflammation to my gum.

He needs to take out my filling/cover and check the root next time.

I asked about a bump on my gum when he started the cavity treatment and he explained to me about the cause, inflammation.

If he knew he needs to treat it, why can’t he just treat it together with other teeth? 

I need to go back again for each steps again. Sigh.

I asked my dentist, what else do I need to treat? 

He told me I would be fine after treating my root.

I don’t mind to pay fee for double, eventually I’ll pay for the whole treatment. 

But I do mind that I need to go back many times to complete the treatment. 

Because train ride consumes more time than treatment time!! Boo hoo.

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Korean BBQ Dinner

I had Korean BBQ dinner with friends.

They made me laugh so hard so that I forgot to take a photo of nice dinner. hahaha

Eating Japanese wagyu beef in Korean BBQ style is popular among Japanese. 

Do you know that a popular dish, beef tongue, was innovated by Japanese and now it became a popular dish in Korea? 

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Hair Styling on Rainy Season Day


It was time to refill my shampoo and conditioner bottles.

It became a common practice to refill shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand soap, detergent, etc. in Japan.

I think this is a good practice to reduce garbage; simultaneously manufacturers can keep their consumers loyal to their products. hummmm

If a product can satisfy a consumer, it would easily win consumer’s loyalty. Well, I am.

I like this Asience series which is designed for Asian hair.

I salute Kao’s product development team because this is another Kao product that I use daily…

It is rainy season in Japan. Sigh.

It is difficult for me to keep a nice hair style during rainy season with high humidity because my hair will spread.  Boo hoo.

KERASTASE hair oil helps me to control my hair style.

I usually curl with Panasonic electric curlers and sometimes use hair clips.

Please behave good tomorrow morning so that I can start a day in a good mood.

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What’s your favorite Apps?

Mom visited me after her long lunch with friends.

YES, I managed to punch out at five!!  YES, I DID IT!!

I could be rude to my boss today by giving attitude, “I am busy at this moment”. hahaha

After our dinner, our regular session started.

I regularly check Mom’s mobile and apps.

If it’s necessary, I download, update, and organize apps, then teach till she feels comfortable to operate alone.

First, it required me TIME and PATIENCE. PATIENCE!

I don’t think I was a good teacher then, but she didn’t give up because she was having fun with apps.

After realizing how happy she looks when she uses her apps that can satisfy her curiosity and keep her connecting to her friends, I enjoy teaching her.

Her favorites apps are LINE (chat apps with many stamps (icons/characters)), few translation apps and You Tube.

My favorites are LINE (it’s widely used and necessity among Japanese), WhatsApp, Facebook (mainly to check on friends), the Wisdom, Google Translation, Camera, LINE Camera, FrameUrLife, MOLDIV, Pic Collage, MyFitnessPal & RecStyle (since yesterday), Pinterest, Kindle, Jango and WordPress!!!

What’s your favorite Apps?