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Healthy Saturday

I woke up and went to gym for cycling.

Recently, I added a new routine: taking a bath after morning exercise.

It’s refreshing.

Then cooked a healthy brunch.

After brunch, I went to hair salon.

I had good time chatting with my favorite beautician: she is funny, sweet and good (skillful).

After finishing my hair, time to go for body therapy.

I asked for an advice how to further improve my health.

He encourages me to continue going to gym for cycling (warming up).

I don’t need to work out hard because objectives are enhancing blood circulation and increasing metabolism.

Instead of increasing volume of exercise, he advises me to control my appetite.

Yes, I love to eat and drink…this is my weakness.

It’s dinner time; I cooked simple dinner.

Then Mom who was in town today arrived my apartment.

We had Gluhwein (I made it with Gluhwein bouquet (spice bouquet)) together with a Gluhwein cup that I bought in Germany when we visited Christmas Markets in 2006.


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Cooking Rice in a Pot

I cook rice and brown rice in a pot.

Cooking rice in a pot is very easy.

This time, I cook brown rice.

I wash two cups of brown rice and add 120% of rice of water.

First, cook with strong fire to bring it up to boiling, then lower the fire to the lowest to cook till all water is absorbed.

Add 120% of rice of water again; then cook brown rice the same way again.

Cook with strong fire till boiling; then lower the fire to the lowest to cook till all water is absorbed.

Turn on the fire to maximum for 10 seconds; then turn off the fire to steam it for 10 mins.

I cannot eat all at once so I quickly pack them individually to make a ready-to-eat instant rice pack.

You need to pack immediately after finishing steaming it for 10 mins.

If you leave it long, rice won’t be moist enough when you heat it up by microwave.

Now these are ready to be frozen.

I can easily heat it up by microwave to enjoy steaming brown rice anytime.

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I miscalculated.

I’ve been exercising so I thought I can eat bit more; I’ve been eating out to escape from the office to get fresh.

However, I didn’t understand calories and I’ve been miscalculating.

Now I’m thinking over my diet because I’ve gained weight, though I exercise.

I finally cooked and checked calories for what I ate today…it’s over calories…

I brought lunch so I thought I saved calories to eat cookies (it was additional 200 calories).

This was my dinner (I need to consider menu to look photogenic. ahaha).

I added natto (fermented soy beans).


With these simple food, my total calory for a day is still over about 400 calories.

Hummm I’m taking few days off to go to Disney Tokyo from tommorrow.

I’m going to stay there to enjoy food, too…

I’ll be more careful on ordinary days so that I can enjoy special occasion like tomorrow.

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HFriday, Saturday and Sunday

On Thursday, after arranging flower, I stayed up late busily cleaning up my room because Mom wanted to stay over night on Friday after her visit to the dentist.

Out dentist is walking distance from my place.

Mom was already at my room when I got home.

Mom brought her homemade food; it’s always nice.

We were both tired coz Mom was busy cooking and I was busy cleaning so we went to bed early.

Next day, after lunch, Mom went back home.

I went to hair salon and grocery shopping.

I wasn’t keen to cook these days; but I should care what I eat.

To escape from the office, I’ve been eating out for lunch.

In addition, I went out for dinner…meaning I’ve eating too much.

On Sunday, suddenly I care my food; trying to be healthy.

The drink is special: it’s mixture of tomato juice and daikon (Japanese radish) juice.

Daikon helps detoxing.

My friend who has food allergy taught me this.

Today, I went back to Akihabara to pick up a housing for GoPro Hero 6 that I ordered.

It will enable to go down deep as 60 m. Wow.

Well, I had to return to Akihabara for more important matter.

I needed to request for exchange of GoPro because it doesn’t get charged…

I got a new one and the sales staff checked the camera before handed it over to me.

Now it works!

I cooked dinner to  e healthy.

I had persimmon for dessert; this year, I just love persimmons!

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Healthy Food

I cooked healthy breakfast.

I opened Maltese Cuctus Jam (Gozo) to enjoy with yogurt .

I visited Malta in 2016.

It’s nice country: people are nice, ocean is beautiful, food is nice because agriculture products are so fresh.

I would love to visit Malta again.

At dinner, I had Azuki Kuzu (red bean flavored arrowroot).

I bought this at the shop near Saigoku No. 5 Fujiidera (Fujii Temple).

It’s delicious and it’s healthy because Kuzu assists to increase immune system and body temperature, enhance blood circulation, stabilize hormone and mental, antiaging and many more.

I like it so I should continue taking it for my health!

I also learned that 15 cc of black vinegar and 15 cc of chopped  ginger will warm up body and detox excess waste; and a glass of tomato juice for cleaning blood.

Let’s monitor the outcome.

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Starting a Day Not Healthy, but Making it a Healthy Day

I had Castella or Kasuteta (Japanese cake) for breakfast.

This is simply made of flour, eggs and sugar.

This dessert was brought to Japan by a Portuguese missionary in 16th century.

We call it Castella, but there isn’t any dessert like this in Spain; we don’t know the origin of this dessert.

Today, we eat pancakes and waffles for breakfast so I can eat this dessert which is made of flour, eggs and sugar for breakfast, right?

I’m getting board doing the same routine everyday: go to office and return home.

It was a nice day to walk in a light breeze.

I walked from Shonagawa to home.

It was 4.5 km journey and fun. 

There are a quite numbers of shrines and temples standing between buildings.

There is a Japanese traditional archery shop next to a temple, selling Japanese traditional archeries in Tokyo! 

There are many interesting shops and restaurants on the way home.

I stopped by at a supermarket, Lincos.

It was a small adventure.