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Aoyama, Yurakucho, Ginza and Roppongi, Tokyo

Mom stayed over night so I cooked brunch for two.

First, we went to fabric specialized store: Christian Fischbacher at Aoyama, Tokyo.

This company imports curtains from Switzerland and Italy.

There are few curtains that we are interested.

We troubled them to hung curtains to see how it looks on windows.

They are nice and kind that they didn’t mind to do so.

Then we decide to go to an interior shop, Nitori at Yurakucho, Tokyo.

On the way to Aoyama 1-Chome Station, we passed by Honda Headquarters’ Showroom.

It seems Honda launched a new motorcycle today.

Japanese fiscal year starts in April and ends in March.

1st April is the first day of Japanese fiscal year.

It is a suitable day for implementing something NEW for Japanese company today.

We reached Nitori which is located at 5th and 6th Floor of Marronnier Gate Ginza 2, Yurakucho, Tokyo.

Nitori is originated from furniture production town Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

Today, the company aggressively imports economical furniture and operates 471 retail stores.

To my surprise, there are Nitori shops in Taiwan (27 stores), the USA (5 stores) and China (11 stores).

Furniture is economical and stylish.

I can even learn how to hung my curtains from their sales floor.

Today, we both enjoyed furniture hunting.

We went for good meaty dinner at Dedesuke, Ginza.

We enjoyed various parts of beef.

On the way back, we stopped by Japanese bakery shop, Kimuraya at Ginza.

Kimuraya is famous for Anpan (red bean bans).

Today, I bought Sakura-Koshian-Pan (Sakura Red Bean Bans), Sakura-Cream-Pan (Sakura and custard cream bans) and Ichijiku-Pan (fig bans).

I plan to bring them for my lunch tomorrow.

Then I get Sakura Cinnabon at Cinnabon, Roppongi for breakfast.

I cannot wait to try them all tomorrow!!! fufufu

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You Mee

Sorry for not updating my blog for few days.

I am simply busy with work and down with a cold.

I feel much better now.

Today, I received a gift box from Malaysia.


A box of newly developed Malaysian style instant noodles!

There are Penang Prawn Noodles, Green Curry Noodles (Dry), Sanbal Chili Fried Noodles (I think this is Mee Goreng) and Plain Noodles.

I tried Penang Prawn Noodles tonight. Very shrimpy, Yammy!

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Wonderful Birthday

It’s nice sunny day and it’s my birthday.

I texted my friends for tea and dinner.

Though, my invitation was at last minutes, they came.

They brought cakes and sang the birthday song for me.

So sweet of them!

We chatted, laughed, drunk and ate.

Having a wonderful time together is the best birthday gift.

Thank you my friends.

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Cooking Satay

I use these Malaysian sauce to cook Malaysian Satay.

First, I marinated lean chicken with marinated sauce.

According to the packaging, I should marinate for three hours, but I didn’t wait so much because I use chicken breast tender.

I supposed to skewer them, but I saved the process.

I also use oven to grill them.

I pour Satay Sauce (peanut sauce) from another packet…it tastes delicious!

Of course, this cannot beat Satay that are properly prepared and grilled on charcoal in Malaysia, but not bad at all for easy preparation such as marinate and grill ONLY.

I’m bring it as my tomorrow’s lunch.

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Cooking @ Home

I love to dine out with friends; but I cannot dine at a restaurant alone.

When I’m lazy to cook, I buy take out dinner.

Well, it’s not healthy and some are not welcomed such as rice or other carbohydrates.

Nowadays I cook at home.

Unfortunately, most of time, dishes that I cook are not photogenic enough to be posted and these are not my own recipe; I search from internet, mostly from COOKPAD.

I cooked Oyakodon (Family Rice Bowl: Chicken, Egg and Rice) tonight.

I made a minor modification by using chicken tenderloin and with brown rice.

I try to make it healthier.

2.8 million recipes are introduced at COOKPAD.

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Healthy Saturday

I woke up and went to gym for cycling.

Recently, I added a new routine: taking a bath after morning exercise.

It’s refreshing.

Then cooked a healthy brunch.

After brunch, I went to hair salon.

I had good time chatting with my favorite beautician: she is funny, sweet and good (skillful).

After finishing my hair, time to go for body therapy.

I asked for an advice how to further improve my health.

He encourages me to continue going to gym for cycling (warming up).

I don’t need to work out hard because objectives are enhancing blood circulation and increasing metabolism.

Instead of increasing volume of exercise, he advises me to control my appetite.

Yes, I love to eat and drink…this is my weakness.

It’s dinner time; I cooked simple dinner.

Then Mom who was in town today arrived my apartment.

We had Gluhwein (I made it with Gluhwein bouquet (spice bouquet)) together with a Gluhwein cup that I bought in Germany when we visited Christmas Markets in 2006.