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Healthy Food

I cooked healthy breakfast.

I opened Maltese Cuctus Jam (Gozo) to enjoy with yogurt .

I visited Malta in 2016.

It’s nice country: people are nice, ocean is beautiful, food is nice because agriculture products are so fresh.

I would love to visit Malta again.

At dinner, I had Azuki Kuzu (red bean flavored arrowroot).

I bought this at the shop near Saigoku No. 5 Fujiidera (Fujii Temple).

It’s delicious and it’s healthy because Kuzu assists to increase immune system and body temperature, enhance blood circulation, stabilize hormone and mental, antiaging and many more.

I like it so I should continue taking it for my health!

I also learned that 15 cc of black vinegar and 15 cc of chopped  ginger will warm up body and detox excess waste; and a glass of tomato juice for cleaning blood.

Let’s monitor the outcome.

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Starting a Day Not Healthy, but Making it a Healthy Day

I had Castella or Kasuteta (Japanese cake) for breakfast.

This is simply made of flour, eggs and sugar.

This dessert was brought to Japan by a Portuguese missionary in 16th century.

We call it Castella, but there isn’t any dessert like this in Spain; we don’t know the origin of this dessert.

Today, we eat pancakes and waffles for breakfast so I can eat this dessert which is made of flour, eggs and sugar for breakfast, right?

I’m getting board doing the same routine everyday: go to office and return home.

It was a nice day to walk in a light breeze.

I walked from Shonagawa to home.

It was 4.5 km journey and fun. 

There are a quite numbers of shrines and temples standing between buildings.

There is a Japanese traditional archery shop next to a temple, selling Japanese traditional archeries in Tokyo! 

There are many interesting shops and restaurants on the way home.

I stopped by at a supermarket, Lincos.

It was a small adventure.

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One of My Saturdays

This week I’ve been going to bed early; therefore, when I woke up today, I already felt fresh!

I went soba shop for breakfast.

I had a bowl of Hiyashi Kitsune (Cold Deep-Fried Bean Curd Noodle).

Nickname of this bean curd is Kitsune (fox) because we believe a fox that represent a guardian of area, messenger of shrine or god of harvest, likes this deep-fried bean curd.

Then, I prayed at my shrine, Tenso-Jinja (Tenso Shrine).

It feels good to pray in the morning when a town is still quiet.

But as you can see, this shrine is located in the center of Tokyo, between highrised buildings.

I got ready to go for body maintenance.

Now I don’t have a serious pain, but there are many parts that need to be fixed: legs, organs, shoulders and head…?

After refreshment, I cooked simple lunch:  Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Chinese Noodle).

I placed too much toppings over Chinese styled yellow noodle.

I’ve been eating well today; tonight’s dinner, it was tapas style (small dishes).

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Buta Shabu (Pork Claypot)

It’s still nice to eat Nabe (pot dish); therefore, I cooked a pot dish, Buta Shabu (Pork Claypot).

Swing a slice of pork in hot soup to cook (not to over cook) and eat with two different sauce: sesame dressing with Chinese chili oil, and ponzu (citrus soy sauce), daikon (white radish) and bannou negi (chive).

Last I had a small potion of udon (rice noodle).

It’s not a reward day or cheating day. 

But how can I refuse this…?

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Long Day

It’s a long day today.

I left office 7:45 pm and reached home past 8 pm.

I went to grocery shopping because I didn’t feel like buying food outside.

I was exhausted, but I was in a cooking mode.

I cooked chicken in black vinegar.

And I bought Carparica Sparkling Water from Romania as my treat.

I’m trying to cut down on sugar by avoiding fruit.

But I want to have my treat.

I concluded to have a sparkling water.

I finally had my dinner at 10 pm – so late.

I forgot to buy parsley; therefore, I had to be creative for smoothie.

I made a soy milk, tomato and carrot smoothie for breakfast tomorrow.

It became nicely in pink – so romantic!

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No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat

I am practicing a new diet (eat meat, but no rice, flour and sugar) for two weeks.

Yes, I lost few kg and I’m keeping it. Yeah!

Today, I met my diet mentor (physical therapist) and was informed that I need to be careful of seasonings.

For example, Ponzu, it’s soy sauce with citrus, but a commercialized Ponzu uses fruit sugar and liquid sugar.

And salt; I need to cut salt totally.

Miso soup isn’t recommended to take because it’s too salty.

We can intake enough amino acid from meat.
Miso soup is Japanese traditional food; furthermore, miso is fermented and fermented food is known as good for body.
But it’s not recommended.

It seems my knowledge is outdated.

He advised me I shouldn’t grill a steak with salt; I should grill with pepper and garlic only.

He recommended to eat together with herbs such as coriander (paxi) to get flavour on breast chicken.

I eat Paxi when I eat Thai food or other ethnic food.

I never bought it, but I look for it at a supermarket tonight.

I tried a bite together with chicken, and I agree it tastes good.

I was in shock.

I need to further discipline myself.

When I saw this sophisticated bottle at supermarket, I decided to reward myself.

Mt. Fuji Sparkling Water.

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Chicken RecipeĀ 

I introduced a new way of diet yesterday.

Among all types of meat, chicken breast and chicken tenderloin are highly recommended.

But these parts are not juicy…

I need to cook differently to avoid getting board with chicken.

I cooked spicy chicken for tomorrow’s lunch. 

I don’t think any restaurant can make me full with meat (main dish) only; therefore, it is wise to bring a lunch from home.

I need more chicken recipe.

I also made a vegetable green smoothie for breakfast: soy milk, tomato and parsley.

I’m glad that I bought the air-vacuum smoothie maker!