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Trip to Australia (Day 2)

According to our tour guide, when this trip was planned there was a direct flight from Melbourne to Ayers Rock everyday.

However, today, the flight is scheduled on some days of week and we couldn’t use that direct flight for our tour schedule.

Therefore, we departed our hotel at 5 am to catch two flights (Melbourne to Sydney and Sydney to Ayers Rock) to reach Ayers Rock.

When we reached to the airport it was still dark.

Each of us received packed breakfast to eat at the airport.

Sun rose and became brighter when we departed Melbourne.

I was still full from a packed breakfast so I brought this banana cake back which was served on the flight.

Konnichiwa Sydney.

It looks a big city to me; perhaps, I should plan to visit one day.

I did some window shopping at the airport while waiting for the next flight.

It was fun to visit various shops to check the trend In the Australian market.

I can kill time just doing window shopping. hahaha

I had lunch on the flight; just nice for my stomach condition.

I also enjoyed smooth free inflight WiFi service. fufufu

I got excited when we were about to land.

I was lucky.; I could see Ayers Rock (Uluru) from the plane.

And Mount Olgas (Kata Tjuta: Many Heads).

Even we landed, we could have a good view of Ayers Rock.

It has proven that we safely landed at Ayers Rock Airport!

We headed for the Sails in the Desert, our hotel for two nights.

We were welcomed by mysterious local music.

After checking-in, we quickly went to our room to get ready (unpack) for the adventure.

We headed for Kara Tjuta.

There is an iconic street on the way to Kata Tjuta.

This road is called the shortest short cut to Perth.

Perhaps, one day I can try 2,000 km journey.

We had a nice walk to the Vally of the Wind in the Walpa Gorge Walk, Mount Olgas.

The Vally of Wind.

The mirror pond looked beautiful today.

Thanks Mount Olgas to welcome me today.

Sun started setting at the direction of Mount Olgas.

Now we are going to enjoy Ayers Rock’s way of sun setting with sparkling wine and finger foods.

First Ayers Rock is in dark colour.

I also tried to drink up Ayers Rock by placing it in my glass upside down.

Sun started setting, then…the colour of Ayers Rock changed to its Amazing red!

It was so romantic: cloud is in amazing gold and full Moon rose from left side of Ayers Rock.

Sun set and Ayers Rock returned to darker colour again.

The other side (the direction of Sun Set) is also beautiful.

We, Japanese, usually appreciate watching Sun Setting, but today otherwise.

We enjoyed Ayers Rock in colour of Sun Set.

Hummm I don’t like this… the dark cloud started spreading….

After enjoying beautiful Sun Setting View, we had a nice picnic dinner.

We supposed to have our romantic dinner at the table like this…

However, we started feeling rain dropping…Some of us took initiative to move to a table under the roof by taking a chair.

And others followed.

It became more romantic and created more cozy atmosphere to unite us closer.

We introduced ourselves and laughed throughout the dinner though rain became harder.

I also enjoyed dessert: a chocolate cake with a hot chocolate.

I made a cup of hot chocolate before announcement of dessert menu. hahaha

We were surely tired because we started today early.

We came back to hotel to rest, hoping to climb Ayers Rock tomorrow.

Please stop lightning, thundering and raining.


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Trip to Australia (Day 1)

I heard the news that Ayers Rock will close end of October 2019; surely I need to make a trip ASAP.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 is a year away.

I relaxed at the Sakura Lounge, Terminal 2, Narita Airport before our departure.

I enjoyed food and drinks.

I bought some nail polish at airport duty free shops today.

Now it’s boarding time.

I didn’t fly with JAL for few years because I didn’t have a good memory.

This time, I enjoyed their warm hospitality, nice facilities and food & drinks.

I borrowed their cardigan.

Amenity bag is ETRO.

I enjoyed lunch.

After enjoying, they made my bed.

I could sleep comfortably with mattress and full flat seat.

How nice!

I watched the movie, Green Book.

I read woman magazine Domani and Crea.

I also enjoyed sky shopping: Moroccan Oil in travel size.

I further enjoyed light dinner.

It’s any time meal concept so that we order whenever want.

I would like to thank flight attendants to make my journey comfortable.

Thank you for your hospitality; looking forward for returning flight!

To my surprised, immigration went smoothly.

We walked to Royal Park Melbourne Airport to check in.

I spent a full day for traveling today.


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I ♥️ Choco

I haven’t posted for a while because I was spending more quality time with Choco.

He behaved well when he was puppy so I thought I don’t need to pay much attention to him.

Well, I was wrong.

He started misbehaving and I didn’t know why.

He even started crying as if he is under pain which made me worried.

I took him to the hospital but doctor could not identify the cause.

I booked for his full health check up including X-ray.

As a part of process to identify his pain/problem, I updated doctors (I visited twice. You can imagine how terrified and worried I was!) on his current status and my worries.

Doctors cleared my worries and I think back about US.

Choco was lonely; he needed my attention.

Now I take him for a walk before and after work.

I feed him from my hand as how I used to do when he was puppy.

I thought he doesn’t like to walk because he always asks me to carry him.

However, I was wrong; he loves to walk and run without harness and he tries his best to FOLLOW me!

Now I enjoy every moment with him.

Look at him!

Today, he behaves like a Boy Scout when he wants to eat beef!

I ❤️ Choco!

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Dad gave me a worth of JPY 700 (USD 7) Starbucks voucher to me.

I wanted to buy a cute Starbucks shaker for my protein so I extended a voucher to the cashier lady together with a shaker.

The lady asked me what do I want to buy with a voucher?

I was puzzled because I handed a shaker with a voucher.

According to a lady, I can use the voucher to purchase food and drinks including coffee beans and VIA.


I decided to buy a bag of coffee: Tokyo Roast.

I will enjoy it at home.

I ended up paying quite an amount. hahaha

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Star Wars Day

May the 4th Be With You!

I had to go to Roppongi Hills for Star Wars Day.

Unfortunately, the queue is too long for special display area.

Nonetheless, I was so happy to be there to feel the spirit!

There are people wearing costumes!

Simultaneously, there was an event for Pikachu Detective for starting showing on the screen on 3 May 2019.

Pikachu is cute!

We bought a birthday cake at Almond Roppongi on the way back to celebrate OUR (niece’s and my) birthday together.

We sang “Happy Birthday Day You & Me” together. hahaha

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Trip to Malaysia (Day 5)

It’s my last day in Kuala Lumpur.

I had Char Kway Teow and Mangosteen for breakfast.

I managed to cross out few more on my wish list. Yeah.

Sayonara my Suite …. Sayonara Pavilion Hotel….

Thank you for your hospitality…

I still want to be with BFF so I asked her to park her car and join me for a coffee (I had a hot chocolate)

Well, I couldn’t stop the watch so I finally went in 30 mins before boarding time.

Everything went smoothly and I arrived at the gate when it was about to open.

I watched unfinished movie, Bohemian Rhapsody and newly released Aquaman.

I also had a dinner (fish) and sandwich for snack on flight.

I miss BFF already.

We stayed in most of the time but I didn’t get board.

It was such a wonderful break and I thank her for spending full four days with me.

I look forward for next vacation with her.

In addition, it is a Special Day for Japan: Accession of the New Emperor/Coronation Day.

We started the new era: Reiwa.

It’s a new start for me.

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Trip to Malaysia (Day 4)

I started my day with Sarawakian Style Laksa and some Chinese pao at Courtyard, the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

And Jack Fruit, grapes and local sweets.

Then I continued pampering myself by going back to Banyan Tree Spa at 10 am for Royal Banyan (3 hrs spa).

First, Foot Spa.

Then mist sauna/steam bath.

Body scrub, full body massage (hand and pouch) and facial (hand and jade stone).

Bath (herbs and rose petals) and refreshment.

I really enjoyed this three hours spa and I definitely would love to come back for it!

I quickly get ready to go out for lunch: nice Pecking Duck at Five Sem5ers, the Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

My BFF reserved a whole Duck for me.

In Japan, Pecking Duck is expensive and although we order for a half or one duck, it means only skin and not including MEAT.

Therefore, when I was asked how I want my meat to be cooked, I was puzzled.

We asked for chef’s/restaurant’s recommendation: spring onion.

I found out what they meant later.

Pecking ducks are prepared in front of us by restaurant staffs.

I enjoyed them very very much because these are luxuriously double potion of Pecking duck skins!

How rich and gorgeous!

Then I understood what a restaurant staff was asking.

We had two more dishes for meat part of duck!

For legs…

And the rest!

How generous they are and there are so much food!

For dessert, I had a nice chendol delivered from Petaling Jaya.

My BFF got it for me.

So sweet of her!

I miss chendol because this dish is not available at any Malaysian restaurants in Tokyo.

This is nicely coconuty (very coconut) with gulu Malacca (coconut sugar/syrup) and fresh coconut milk!

After lunch, I took a power nap for two hours…two hours!

I cannot believe myself because I’ve been sleeping well at night, slept during my body massage, yet took a power nap for two hours…was I that tired…?

Thought we were still full from lunch, we went to the Club Lounge to have light dinner and drinks.

I’m gonna miss the lounge.

Staffs there are so sweet and made us feeling comfortable.

I will also miss this….

I really enjoyed relaxing at the pool side last night so we went back to chill out again.

And I will miss moments in the room: chatting with BFF and ambience of the Urban Suite Room!

I don’t want to go back to Tokyo tomorrow. Boo hoo.