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Golf Balls as Healing Tools

My physical therapist told me my ankles are hard and recommended me to roll golf balls with my arch of foot.

Then I realize I should bring these golf balls to office and roll them while I’m working!

I can save time; simultaneously refresh at the office!

Don’t you think that’s a brilliant idea? 

I shall try it!

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Golf @ Satsuki Golf Club Kanuma Course

I played golf yesterday (on 19 December 2016).

I usually go to golf by car, but this time, we took train.

It’s our Year-End golf and we plan to have Year-Emd party with drinks after the game.

The game starts at 9:30 am; therefore, I took 7:42 train (Kegon 1).

This train goes all the way to Nikko where there is a nice shrine named Nikko Toshogu.

One day I will introduce Nikko when I visit there.

The weather was very nice (sunny, warm and no wind), perfect for a golf game.

However, my game wasn’t good; I just couldn’t hit right.

After nine was better, after lunch.

I had Genghis Khan (lamb) for lunch and it was nice.

Other than my game, everything was nice: golf course, weather, food, bath, fee (my friend had a special discount) and Year-End Party food.

It was just my game… boo hoo 

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Sea Urchin and the Els Golf Tag

I received more surprised today.

I received sea urchin from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka.

It’s nice to eat with hot plain rice.

These bottles were in a box of paulownia, most formal way to send a gift.

I will keep this box and make it to a jewelry box by making partitions.

And I received another parcel from Malaysia.

Yeah! I received my Els’ golf tag!

Thank you, Santa! 

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Golf at J Tsurugashima Golf Country Club

I am a lucky person enabling to play golf three consecutive week.

Of course, I am not happy with my game coz I misshoot how many strokes? 

Yes, I do think over and over “what if…?” theory, but it’s too late. 

But I’m still thankful that I could spend a wonderful day at J Tsurugasaki Country Club today.

It’s a nice challenging course.

By the way, J Tsurugashima serves delicious lunch.

I had Oyakodon (family rice bowl – chicken and egg rice bowl) and it’s nice!

I highly recommend Oyakodon!

For dinner, we went to our favorite tempura shop, Mikaku Roppongi.

Good exercise, good food…now I need good sleep! 

Good night!

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Golf at Ichihara Golf Club Kakinokidai Course

Today, I participated in the corporate golf tournament.

Honestly, I didn’t play well…but I did few things right.

I won the Longest Driver!

I received many winner prizes and participation goods: a cup noodle, bird’s nest, Carotino red palm fruit cooking oil, Life Chili Sauce, Soy Joy energy bar, banana, (Avian bottle – I drunk it during the game), golf balls (Titleist and Callaway), tees, Golf Digest towel, Mercedes Benz Goldman shoes case, red golf bag, Tokyo Sky Bus sightseeing tickets for two and Kinokuniya Book Store gift card!

And this is my first trophy of life. Yeahhhh