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Furniture Hunting with Mom

My parents plan to move to a new condo.

Mom is looking for new furniture and so as I.

We plan to go for furniture hunting today; that’s why Mom spent night at my place last night.

I excused myself to go to gym and quickly got ready to go out.

Of course, before we go for a good exercise, we went to get a nice brunch at my favorite Italian Restaurant: Il Ritrovo, Roppongi Hills.

This restaurant is famous for pizza.

The chef won the pizza contest in Italy.

Food is delicious; price is reasonable; staffs are nice.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for an Italian.

We took enough fuel, then went to IDC Otsuka (International Design Center Otsuka) Ariake Show Room, Ariake, Tokyo.

Otsuka Kagu Ltd. is the first furniture retailer implementing direct import of furniture from overseas.

Yes, this company had an issue with furniture industrial people by breaking the Japanese tradition of multi-layered distribution system in Japan.

This is my favorite furniture store because I can find about 50,000 items in 75,000 sqm.

I can compare many styles, concepts and brands at once.

Yes, it is a good exercise because I walk back and forth to compare furniture.

Yes, this shop ables to see the actual products.

Mom found a dining table and chair set and lace.

I’m considering a bed and light.

We plan to visit few more shops.

I love furniture hunting!

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Family Dinner @ Aux Six Arbres, Roppongi

I’ve been looking for a French restaurant that my Dad wants to dine.

I had difficulty to locate it because he gave me the wrong area to look for…tonight, we locate it and went to Aux Six Arbres.

I’ve dined here before so I knew this restaurant, but I didn’t think this is the restaurant that he was looking for because he gave me the wrong area.

He dined here 20 years ago.

He followed his superior at that time so he couldn’t remember the location.

Well, it’s sweet of Dad that he thought of taking us (Mom and I) here.

All of us enjoyed nice French.

Desserts, we could select from these.

These all look nice, how could I resist them?

Therefore, I asked for a small piece for all together with a cup of Espresso!

There are more…we all brought them back.

Restaurant is cozy and food is nice so we smiled through out the dinner.

I think this restaurant becomes our family restaurant tonight♪

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Trip to Hokkaido (Day 2)

I forgot to post the view from my room last night.

It was snowing so looked romantic like this.

When I woke up, the view is this.

This hotel has a nice view overlooking Onsen-gai (Hot Spring Town).

Of course, I went for morning Onsen (Hot Spring) before breakfast.

The breakfast is buffet style.

After breakfast, departed hotel for Otaru.

On the way to Otaru, there are few cars parked on the street.

We stopped to see what’s there.

There are tents…they are doing Wakasagi Tsuri (pond smelt fishing) in nature! Wow!

Reached Otaru.

Otaru is known as port city and famous for canal and glass!

I tried making a tumbler by blowing glass at Taisho Glass Kan (Taisho Glass House).

Hon-kan (Main Shop)

Blow Glass Studio

Sensei (teacher) helped me greatly so I could make a tumbler.

After making a tumbler, also made a marble bead at Taisho Glass Beads Kan (Taisho Glass Beads House).

After making crafts, went for lunch.

Walked on Otaru Sushiya-dori (Otaru Sushi Restaurant Street).

There are many Sushi Restaurants on both sides of this street.

Picked and went in Asahi Zushi Honten (Asahi Zushi Main Store) among sushi restaurants on the street.

And ordered Special Sushi.

We continued for Foodie Hunting in Otaru.

Hokkaido is famous for Ramen; looked for a nice ramen in Otaru.

The chef of Tokai-Ya is former French chef.

According to the web, Ramen tastes sensitive and sophisticated and comments are right.

Ordered a bowl of Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, Ninniku (garlic) Chasiu Miso Ramen and Katsuo-meshi (bonito rice).

After walking in Otaru, stopped for coffee at Cafe Deco, Otaru Roman-Kan (Romance House).

Otaru is nice town to walk.

Now time to go back to our hotel: Sankeien, Jozankei Onsen.

One hour drive back to hotel is breath taking.

Snow is thick and heavy; I won’t see these sceneries in Tokyo.

Its cold out; therefore, it’s very nice to dip in Onsen.

I love to dip in open air bath in cold.

Ate dinner and relaxing on Futon.

Plan to wake up early tomorrow for Wakasagi Tsuri (Pond Smelt Fishing). hehehe

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Dinner with Friends from LA

I miss her.

I don’t think I had sufficient time to catch up with her.

I took her to my favorite Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurant in Roppongi, Yakiniku 433.

Perhaps, we were too busy eating…?

After eating various parts of beef, we went for desserts at Hoshino Coffee.

Yes, I announced my resolution yesterday – Losing Weight, but I think I can apply exception when I’m spending quality time with my friends from overseas.

She brought me goodies from Trader Joe’s: Cocoa Batons (Rolled Wafers with Rich Chocolate Cream), Green Tea Infused Mints and Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter with Shea & Mango Butters.

I cannot wait to try them!

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Trip to Nikko (Day 4)

It was snowing when I woke up.

It was nice to dip in open air bath in the morning before breakfast.

It’s time to go back home, Tokyo.

We had time till our train back to Tokyo, we stopped by Kissa (Cafe) Tsuruya for a coffee and oshiruko (red bean soup with mochi (pounded rice)).

Sayonara Kinugawa Onsen (Hot Spring) Station.

Snow stopped nearing to Tokyo.

Oh no, returned to Sky Tree where I started this trip.

Returned to Asakusa by Revaty.

It was peaceful and relaxing Year End and New Year holiday.

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Foodie Trip (Day 3)

I started my day with Japanese breakfast at Toraya, the Sunroute Hotel Wadayama, Hyogo.

We are near to the Ruins of Takeda Castle, Asagoshi city, Hyogo.

The only thing I didn’t know is I need to walk 2.2 km to reach the summit and the ruins of castle.

It was a nice walk to the summit.

We are greeted by the rainbow; that’s encouraging.

We finally reached the ruins of Takeda Castle.

Today, there are only castle’s stone foundation is available to visit.

The view is nice from the summit.

This is the ruin of Tenshukaku (the main building of the castle).

This ruins of Takeda Castle is famous and also called, Tenku no Shiro (the Castle above the Sky).

It is not the season now, but when the time is right, I can see a magnificent view like in a photo.

I would like to come back again for this scenery.

After a good excessive, I had Miso Nabe Udon (Miso Claypot Udon), together with snacks, Himeji Oden (Himeji Style is to eat oden with ginger sauce) and Oinari san (vinegared rice with tofu) at Wataya, Himeji, Hyogo.

Now left for a dessert.

This is Himeji’s casual dessert: Gozasoro.

It has two flavors: Koshian (red beans) and shiroan (white beans).

This would be my last Foodie Report for this trip.

This wasn’t a typical way of celebrating Christmas with turkey and cakes, but I enjoyed it greatly!

Merry Christmas!