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Busy Scheduled Saturday

First I went to spa to maintenance myself.

I also sent Choco to grooming so Choco also maintenance himself.

We both beautify ourselves.

I can continue beautify myself by getting quality sleep.

I finally receive my bed: Serra New York 552 from Dream Bed.

Japanese manufacturer is licensed to produce Serra Brand bed in Hiroshima, Japan.

It took 50 days to receive it.

How do I like it? Very Much!

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Design Day

I joined the Design Tour to be with my colleague for a day.

First, we visited Good Design Marunouchi.

Currently, 50 juries are introducing their best G-Mark winner products here.

Yes, I spotted Haku Accessories.

I can wear gold plated jewelry like a sticker.

First, cut the tape to suitable length, then remove the plastic film, place the jewelry on my skin, wet the paper so that it will stick.

We can buy some of these G-Mark winners’ product at Good Design Store Tokyo by Nohara at KITTE

We continue our trip to Ueno Station, Hard Rock Ueno Station.

Then walked AmeYoko (American Street).

I had a Kebab for lunch.

We stretched to Akihabara to visit Hobby Building, Radio-Kan (Radio House).

We returned to Roppongi to visit Design Hub.

We could get information on other G-Mark winners that is difficult to display the actual product such as urban development.

We did enough exercise for a day.

My friend wants to eat Unagi (eel) for dinner so I took her to my favorite eel shop, Shojikiya, Roppongi.

We continued our coffee, Starbucks Christmas Drink Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino, at her room.

We often communicate via emails and WhatsApp; it was nice spending time together!

Hope to see you soon again!

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Wine Tasting for Bourgogne White Wine

I participated in Wine Tasting for Bourgogne White Wine at Enoteca Marunouchi Lounge.

I tried five types of white wine from Bourgogne.

These are:

Chablis Grand Cru Bougros Daniel Dampt (2014)

Marsannay Geantet Pansiot (2015)

Bourgogne Aligote Matrot (2014)

Puligny-Montrachet Olivier Leflaive (2016)

Macon-Villages Les Heritiers Du Comte Lafon (2017)

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Halloween Nail

I bought CHANEL matte nail in red: 636 ULTIME.

Since it’s in matte, I thought it would look nice with this Halloween Nail Sticker which I bought at CanDo (100 YEN Shop).

It’s easy and I can make many variation.

This is one of example.

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Middle Day in Long Weekend

It is Japanese National Holiday tomorrow: Sports Day.

My office will close so I tried many new things for Choco today.

We went breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

He can join us at the terrace table.

I enjoyed relaxing morning with Choco,

I took him to clinic at Green Dog, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi to get his medicine for filaria.

Then we went for a walk in the area.

We went Joker Pet Care at Roppongi Hills.

I didn’t buy anything there but Choco met many friendly people.

He seems to have so much fun being out.

He starts enjoying walking!

I thought he needs his own resting place at the living room so I bought him a bed at Green Dog, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

He seems to love it!

Yes, he had an exciting day.

Sleep well.

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I went to Takashimaya Nihonbashi Main Store to change my points to vouchers.

I cumulated some points so I went to CHANEL counter to get this pallet: 232 TISSE VENITIEN.

I like this combination and I’m about to finish one colour.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the same pallet so I get a similar color.

While I’m at the counter, I was attracted to many new colours…

I had no intention but ended up buying these….

Who hates cosmetics?

Who hates CHANEL?