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12 December 2018: Christmas Shopping

Mom has been asking me to take her for Christmas Shopping, particularly Christmas Tree Hunting.

She is looking for a Christmas Tree.

We are looking for 2 m or higher, a large size for typical Japanese housing.

Therefore, I took her to IKEA Tokyo Bay (Funabashi/HQ) and Costco Makuhari.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a suitable Christmas Tree, but bought necessaries such as sparkling juice, chocolates, cheese, mixed nuts, etc for coming Christmas dinner.

I love Scandinavian designed household products at IKEA.

I love American food and goods.

We bought two dresses for a little niece; she loves them.

At the evening, I went to Ginza Mitsukoshi Department to buy appreciation gift for our flower arrangement teacher together with a mate.

We made a set with Fortnum & Mason Christmas Spiced Tea and Shortbread.

Hope she would enjoy them.

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3 January 2019

I bought my little niece a piano lesson book at Book Shop Book First Roppongi for her New Year Gift yesterday.

There are words for songs, music notes and piano keys inside.

The notes and keys are indicated in colors to learn easily and there is self play mode to learn rhythm as well.

I’m happy to see her playing over and over.

The room was full of music then.

Now she went back home so it’s quiet in house.

I miss her.

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7 December 2018

I assisted photo shootings of product, superfood Granola, at Tokyo Gas Shiodome Cooking Studio, Shiodome, Tokyo.

We moved to Prince Hotel Karuizawa for the meeting with the Chief Chef of the area hotel to recommend serving Superfood Granola for the hotel breakfast.

The hotel, Prince Hotel Karuizawa, will host G20 summit in 2019.

This would be a great opportunity to introduce the product globally.

We had our lunch on the Shinkansen (bullet train) on the way to Karuizawa, Gunma.

Many foreign tourists visit Karuizawa for golfing, skiing and shopping at Mitsui Outlet Karuizawa.

The Chef waited for us to serve special menu using Superfood Granola.

What a nice surprise!

These were so good.

I wish we could stay longer, perhaps, staying at the hotel for the holiday.

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Busy Scheduled Saturday

First I went to spa to maintenance myself.

I also sent Choco to grooming so Choco also maintenance himself.

We both beautify ourselves.

I can continue beautify myself by getting quality sleep.

I finally receive my bed: Serra New York 552 from Dream Bed.

Japanese manufacturer is licensed to produce Serra Brand bed in Hiroshima, Japan.

It took 50 days to receive it.

How do I like it? Very Much!

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Design Day

I joined the Design Tour to be with my colleague for a day.

First, we visited Good Design Marunouchi.

Currently, 50 juries are introducing their best G-Mark winner products here.

Yes, I spotted Haku Accessories.

I can wear gold plated jewelry like a sticker.

First, cut the tape to suitable length, then remove the plastic film, place the jewelry on my skin, wet the paper so that it will stick.

We can buy some of these G-Mark winners’ product at Good Design Store Tokyo by Nohara at KITTE

We continue our trip to Ueno Station, Hard Rock Ueno Station.

Then walked AmeYoko (American Street).

I had a Kebab for lunch.

We stretched to Akihabara to visit Hobby Building, Radio-Kan (Radio House).

We returned to Roppongi to visit Design Hub.

We could get information on other G-Mark winners that is difficult to display the actual product such as urban development.

We did enough exercise for a day.

My friend wants to eat Unagi (eel) for dinner so I took her to my favorite eel shop, Shojikiya, Roppongi.

We continued our coffee, Starbucks Christmas Drink Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino, at her room.

We often communicate via emails and WhatsApp; it was nice spending time together!

Hope to see you soon again!