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Shopping Weekend

Yesterday, on Saturday, 9 March 2019, I went to Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo to buy golf shirts and a hat for my friend in overseas.

To my surprise, these golf wears by Leonard Sports Paris are mainly produced for Japan market and only available in few areas in Asia.

It was fun shopping on behalf. hahaha

On Sunday, 10 March 2019, I went to Osaka to meet my friend from Malaysia.

I hopped on Shinkansen (bullet train) in the morning and went to Osaka.

We met up at Nanba and had our lunch.

We walked Dotonbori area and decided to have grilled seafood at Isomaru Suisan Dotonbori, Osaka.

Perhaps, I looked helpless; it was so nice having someone cooking for us!

We had a big lunch but no worries; we started walking for shopping!

We took few selfie at Dotonbori (Dotonbori River), Osaka.

We continued shopping at Shinsaibashi Suji Shotemgai (Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade).

We stopped at Daiso (100 yen shop), 3Coins+Plus (300 yen shop), etc.

There are many foreign tourists to shop; therefore, the choice of products, especially for Japanese Souvenirs are good and many!

Starbucks is popular among us.

Many beautiful seasonal Sakura designed tumblers and cups are available.

I checked the merchandise before in Tokyo.

There are many choices like shown in below photos.

But when we visited the first Starbucks of today, there are only few Sakura design merchandises available.

Other designs are all sold out at that shop.

I became panic because I wanted to get one for my dear friend.

We looked for other Starbucks – Starbucks Shinsaibashi BIG, America Mura (American Village), Shinsaibashi, Osaka – and found the design that she wants.

Luckily, I found it!

Today, merchants finish fast because the purchasing power of foreign tourists is so great.

I was in panic so I bought it, though I’m in Osaka.

Then made me wanting to have one for myself so that we can be twins. hehehe

Starbucks became a great shopping place for us.

Time was running out for me; I had to catch the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

But we had another destination for shopping: Daimaru Department Store Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

My friend wanted to get something nice for her bosses who fought for her so that she can take this training programme in Osaka.

It’s so sweet of her.

But time is ticking…I helped her to decide souvenirs but I ran out time to accompany her to get tax refund.

Japan is safe and systematic.

I guided her and left for Shin-Osaka Eki (Shin Osaka Station) to catch my Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

I managed to reach Shin-Osaka to catch my Shinkansen.

I’m heading back to Tokyo.

I had a good time with my friend.

We laughed and exercised well.

You know women don’t mind to walk around and around the store.

I needed a crazy fun like this to get a break.

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Trip to Egypt (Day 1)

As usual, I was busy packing till last minutes so I woke up early to continue packing.

This time, I needed to prepare sending Choco to the pet hotel.

I’ve chosen the pet hotel that we took class.

When he arrived at the pet hotel, he seemed happy because he might still remember the staffs; but when he was taken, he looked bit sad…?

I was worried about him, but I received a daily report that he is having fun with friends.

I’m happy for him.

Unlike me, I arrived too early to Narita Airport.

The counter wasn’t opened yet; therefore, I took a drink at Tully’s to relax.

Finally, the counter opened and checked-in.

I wanted to check new collection of cosmetics; but two of them are already sold out. Sigh

I bought one lip stick and one alternative eye shadow.

This time, we used United’s Lounge.

There are less people so peaceful and comfy.

I was told that there aren’t any inflight alcohol serving so that I decided to enjoy Sake before departure.

We took the direct flight from Narita, Tokyo to Cairo, Egypt by Egypt Air.

We were greeted by Guava juice and chocolates.

First I thoughts seats are narrow; however, to my surprise, it’s quite spacious and comfortable because Egyptians are tall.

Though this airlines don’t provide a slippers, but I’m quite happy with varieties of amenities.

Food is European food.

I watched three movies.

I fell sleep for first two movies; however, these were action movies so that I don’t miss much because they were fighting on the movies.

22 Mikes


Lastly, I watched a movie about a woman changing her life by living with Pug: Patrick.

I fully understand her.

I slept and woke up for breakfast.

About to reach Cairo, Egypt.

This map shows places where I would visit such as Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simpbel, etc.

I got excited when I look at it.

It’s quite a distance from Japan… we travelled 10,416 km.

We landed Cairo at 3:30 am.

It was still dark and we continued our trip to Luxor by taking a domestic flight.

Though I continued sightseeing, I should stop Day 1 and continue as next day from here because I spent one night on the plane.

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Genius Bar, Apple Store Ginza

Finally, I managed to go to Genius Bar, Apple Store Ginza today.

Apple Staff inspected my iPhone and concluded that my phone need to be replaced.

Yeah, I can get a new phone, actually used-new phone.

According to an Apple staff, some parts are reused from phones that sent back for repair/replaced.

I thought I can get a replacement on the spot; however, I have been subscribing Docomo Care (Mobile carrier’s care), not Apple care.

Therefore, I need to call Docomo to ask them to send a replacement by mail.

It will cost me 12,000 yen (USD 120) for repair or replacement and I’m lucky that it will reach me tomorrow.

If I have chosen Apple Care at the time of purchase, I could get it on the spot at Apple Store.

Next time, I should chose Apple Care because any problems with Apple products, it is better to check with Apple Store anyway.

I cannot wait to receive a phone tomorrow.

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What a Day!

I received an error message that Face ID is disabled due to a problem with TrueDepth camera.

Based on the solution and technical support center, I need to bring in my iPhone to the Apple Store.

I quickly made an appointment at 5:40 pm today.

I was asked to make a back up.

I thought I on automatic iCloud back up, but it wasn’t.

I started to back up, but ahhhhh it said one hour to back up, became 5 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours……it won’t finish by the appointment.

I called the technical support center again and was advised to back up using cable, iTunes, which supposed to be faster.

I started vis iTunes, but still couldn’t make it to the appointment.

For Apple genius, this matter could be a minor problem, but people like me get panic. hahaha

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Food Truck

I was working at our sister organization office today.

There are two food trucks parking outside of the building to sell Thai and Egyptian Food for lunch.

This is my first time to buy an Obento (lunch box) from a food truck and I decided an Egyptian Koshary chicken lunch set with an extra topping of Onsen-Tamago (half boiled egg).

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Business Trip to Hokkaido (Day 2)

Last night I had a difficulty to fall sleep.

Then I remember I took a Monster which was distributed on the street for promotion.

This is my first Monster and now I read clearly “Extra Strength” on the bottle.

No wonder I couldn’t fall sleep even I took a nice bath last night.

Nonetheless, I had the second bottle this morning to keep me going today.

I went down to take a breakfast.

I was informed by a taxi driver that the hotel, Hotel Keihan Sapporo, received the best breakfast award among hotels in Sapporo.

I enjoyed the varieties.

Then we headed to Hotel Okura Sapporo to organize a seminar.

After the seminar, we visited two organizations to establish business relationships.

The organization that we visited is nicely located in front of the Hokkaido tourist place: Sapporo Tokeidai (Sapporo Clock Tower).

We are lucky that we could take few tourists photos.

Between two meetings, we took a break and lunch to enjoy nice Hokkaido ice cream at Yukijirushi Parlor (Snow Brand Cafe), Sapporo.

I had the limited edition: Strawberry Parfait.

After the second meeting, we rushed back to the hotel to pick our luggages to depart for the Shin-Chitose Airport because snow is getting heavy.

It was the wise decision to depart for the airport earlier because it took longer to reach to the airport due to the bad road condition.

We enjoyed shopping and dinner at the airport calmly.

I bought Royce Yamazaki Whiskey Chocolate and Rokkatei Milk Chocolate Coated Strawberries for myself. hahaha

Now I will head back home.

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Very Japanese Sunday

I looked for a restaurant that I can take Choco with me.

We went to Monjayaki Kotobukiya, Tsukishima, Tokyo.

I had Ramune (Soda) for drink.

We started with Gyu-tan Steak (beef tongue steak).

Forgot to take a photo; I also had Sunagimo (gizzard).

Sumagimo is at the up left corner.

Then we had the main dish, Hakata Mentai Mochi Cheese Monja (Hakata fish roe, pounded rice cake and cheese in Monjya Style.)

Monjayaki is local Tsukishima food.

First we cook ingredients.

Then add soup and mix all.

We can eat moist or crispy as we wish.

We also had okonomiyaki, Kansai (Osaka Style Pancake).

Choco was tired waiting for us.

We left Kotobukiya and stopped by at Tsukiji Bon Marche Deli & Bar to get our dessert: matcha (Green Tea) soft cream.

I enjoyed Tsukiji Happy Ice Cream with colourful decoration.

At the dinner time, I had Nabe (cray pot) and Ehomaki (Good Luck Roll).

This is thick and long with many ingredients.

We face good luck direction of the year (East for 2019) and eat this roll.

I also did Mamemaki (throwing soybeans for good luck) by saying “Oni wa Soto, Fukuwa Uchi (Evils out, good luck to come)”.

And at the midnight, I placed this facing good direction of the year (East).

This will make all matters in favors.

According to old Japanese calendar, 3 February was the New Year; therefore, we have so many tradition to wish for good luck today.