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Network Connection

I’m starting my holiday tomorrow, but I might need to go back to office to change Ethernet Properties on my office PC enabling to access office network from outside of office.

I’m such an amateur.

I thought I can change it from outside.


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Leave or Not to Leave

Recently I joined a new gym so I was considering to leave the current gym.

However, during my absence (about a month), the layout of the gym changed and installed a new equipment.

Hummm it wasn’t bad today.

Should I leave or not to leave…?

I paid the monthly fee till July 2018 so let’s try few more months.


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Shopping at Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara

I went to Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara which has sales area of 23,800 sqm to find TV, Blue Ray Recorder, refrigerator and laundry machine.

The retail named Camera because it originated a specialized camera shop, but today, the store cannot survive by just selling cameras.

The store sells cameras, electric home appliances, mobiles, PC, accessories, toys, TV games, etc.

It’s quite fun to visit for even window shopping.

I usually go there when I want to consider purchasing these products to obtain product information.

I did the same thing this time.

In the morning, obtained enough information on each products, then returned to condo to double confirm the size of area for each home electric appliances; then returned to Yodobashi Camera to purchase them.

We decide to support Japanese manufacturer this time.

TV: Sony

Blue Ray Recorder: Panasonic

Refrigerator: Mitsubishi

Laundry Machine: Sharp

I cannot wait for the delivery day.

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Today, I accompanied my boss to visit companies in Yokohama.

The meeting was quite interesting because I was learning about new industry: LNG.

I also enjoyed dinner at Arabic Restaurant AL AIN.

Hummmm food is delicious.

This became my second cheat day of week. Ahaha