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Trip to Egypt (Day 2 Part 1)

We took a domestic flight to Luxor.

When we arrived Cairo at 3:50 am, it was dark; therefore, I couldn’t see the city.

Now it’s 6:15 am and we can see the city of Cairo clearly.

And sunrise.

We see houses in desert.

I enjoyed juice and cookies on the flight.

And these are also written in Arabic.

I enjoyed views from plane.

The landscape is breath taking and reminded me of Grand Canyon.

These landscapes might have created by Great Nile River.

We can clearly witness bless from Nike River; so rich and green.

This is town of Luxor.

And we landed Luxor International Airport after one hour journey.

I’m glad to know that my suitcase also arrived Luxor International Airport with me.

I started sightseeing in Luxor.

First visited Karnak Temple.

There are mini Sphinx to receive us.

There are few theories for construction method of gates.

These sands/rocks support one of theories that old Egyptians made a slope to build higher.

This is a papyrus columns.

There are a total of ten papyrus columns on two sides to be lined symmetry.

There is a section with 134 papyrus columns..

These used to be painted in nice colours.

After walking through Papyrus Columns; there are two Obelisks.

There is one wall full of Hieroglyph.

These are nice views of the Obelisk.

At the back, there is a road leading to Luxor Temple which is under the repair.

Sacred Pond

There is a Scarab.

According to the guide, if we walk around the Scarab reverse clock wise for three times, it will being good luck, but this matter is not written on the Scarab.

Nonetheless, I walked to wish for good luck. hahaha

It has been a long day because after landing in Cairo, we continued sightseeing.

I will continue the second half day in next blog.

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Trip to Egypt (Day 1)

As usual, I was busy packing till last minutes so I woke up early to continue packing.

This time, I needed to prepare sending Choco to the pet hotel.

I’ve chosen the pet hotel that we took class.

When he arrived at the pet hotel, he seemed happy because he might still remember the staffs; but when he was taken, he looked bit sad…?

I was worried about him, but I received a daily report that he is having fun with friends.

I’m happy for him.

Unlike me, I arrived too early to Narita Airport.

The counter wasn’t opened yet; therefore, I took a drink at Tully’s to relax.

Finally, the counter opened and checked-in.

I wanted to check new collection of cosmetics; but two of them are already sold out. Sigh

I bought one lip stick and one alternative eye shadow.

This time, we used United’s Lounge.

There are less people so peaceful and comfy.

I was told that there aren’t any inflight alcohol serving so that I decided to enjoy Sake before departure.

We took the direct flight from Narita, Tokyo to Cairo, Egypt by Egypt Air.

We were greeted by Guava juice and chocolates.

First I thoughts seats are narrow; however, to my surprise, it’s quite spacious and comfortable because Egyptians are tall.

Though this airlines don’t provide a slippers, but I’m quite happy with varieties of amenities.

Food is European food.

I watched three movies.

I fell sleep for first two movies; however, these were action movies so that I don’t miss much because they were fighting on the movies.

22 Mikes


Lastly, I watched a movie about a woman changing her life by living with Pug: Patrick.

I fully understand her.

I slept and woke up for breakfast.

About to reach Cairo, Egypt.

This map shows places where I would visit such as Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simpbel, etc.

I got excited when I look at it.

It’s quite a distance from Japan… we travelled 10,416 km.

We landed Cairo at 3:30 am.

It was still dark and we continued our trip to Luxor by taking a domestic flight.

Though I continued sightseeing, I should stop Day 1 and continue as next day from here because I spent one night on the plane.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai @ Yokihi, Yokohama China Town

This become my custom to celebrate New Year (Chinese New Year) with this group of friends.

One of us is working at Yokohama City Office; therefore, he offers his assistance to organize a special dinner at Yokihi, Yokohama China Town.

I say SPECIAL because this place is opened for boutique and cafe and not for dinner.

All food is delicious because these are all home-made.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Happy New Year!)

It was nice to see all of them again.

We all had good time and continued for Karaoke session. hahaha

We sang both English and Japanese songs.

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Happy Valentine

I received an eCard from a couple in the States.

Their thoughts warmed my heart in the morning of cold winter.

I miss them badly.

Today, I arranged lunch at the Moon, Roppongi Hills 52F, to celebrate my colleague becoming a permanent staff.

It is located at the same level of observatory room of Roppongi Hills (52F); therefore, the view is great.

Food is also nice.

I’m glad to know that Boss and my colleague enjoyed dining there.

Congratulations to my colleague.

When I returned to home, I was excited to see a box.

My new iPhone arrived!

I followed the instructions to transfer all data to new iPhone.

It’s successfully done. Yeah!

I formatted my old iPhone and ready to be sent back.

Now I can go to bed. fufufu

I looked back my Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t have anything romantic; I had a dinner with Mom at home eating Nadaman Restaurant’s packed dinner instead.

It was a peaceful day, YET I was happy and felt loved.

Happy Valentine!

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Genius Bar, Apple Store Ginza

Finally, I managed to go to Genius Bar, Apple Store Ginza today.

Apple Staff inspected my iPhone and concluded that my phone need to be replaced.

Yeah, I can get a new phone, actually used-new phone.

According to an Apple staff, some parts are reused from phones that sent back for repair/replaced.

I thought I can get a replacement on the spot; however, I have been subscribing Docomo Care (Mobile carrier’s care), not Apple care.

Therefore, I need to call Docomo to ask them to send a replacement by mail.

It will cost me 12,000 yen (USD 120) for repair or replacement and I’m lucky that it will reach me tomorrow.

If I have chosen Apple Care at the time of purchase, I could get it on the spot at Apple Store.

Next time, I should chose Apple Care because any problems with Apple products, it is better to check with Apple Store anyway.

I cannot wait to receive a phone tomorrow.

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Lunch Meeting

I was asked for the lunch meeting at Italian Restaurant Barnea Grill, Ginza.

We chatted over the lunch and I said “send me an email that you wanted to discuss about” at the end.

I laughed and continued “why did you come all the way for the lunch meeting if I had to check on the matter over the email?”

He introduced me a nice lunch place near my office.

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What a Day!

I received an error message that Face ID is disabled due to a problem with TrueDepth camera.

Based on the solution and technical support center, I need to bring in my iPhone to the Apple Store.

I quickly made an appointment at 5:40 pm today.

I was asked to make a back up.

I thought I on automatic iCloud back up, but it wasn’t.

I started to back up, but ahhhhh it said one hour to back up, became 5 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours……it won’t finish by the appointment.

I called the technical support center again and was advised to back up using cable, iTunes, which supposed to be faster.

I started vis iTunes, but still couldn’t make it to the appointment.

For Apple genius, this matter could be a minor problem, but people like me get panic. hahaha

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Art Day

I went to Suntory Museum of Art (Tokyo Midtown Roppongi 3F) to admire “Kawanabe Kyodai: Nothing Escaped His Brush”.

He was a very imaginative painter: animals move like humans and he also painted many ghosts, goblins and monsters.

He had his own strange world to express.

If you wish to admire his arts, you are advised to take a photo of this promotional board which is placed at 1F of Tokyo Midtown Roppongi to get 100 yen discount from admission fee by showing the photo.

I’m lucky I had few complementary tickets. fufufu

After admiring Japanese paintings, I was in the mood for a Japanese dessert.

But to enjoy seasonal anmitsu (red bean paste and jelly with syrup), Strawberry Anmitsu, at Toraya Cafe (Tokyo Midtown Roppongi B1F.), I had to wait.

This is Japanese traditional dessert cafe, but the system for queue is very modern – computerized.

People before us weren’t there to wait so we managed to get a table fast.

I expected to see strawberry fruit in Anmitsu, but there aren’t any strawberries.

Though, it’s very strawberry because its very strawberry syrup and there are few strawberry jellies.

I’m glad to chose Matcha (thick green tea) to balance the sweetness.

For dinner, I went to Korean Dinning Kosari Tokyo, Akabane, Tokyo.

Choco and I enjoyed Korean BBQ on charcoals.

Choco had grilled chicken.