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2 December 2018

It is the day to hand over my apartment keys back to the agent.

I lived here for 9 years and 4 months.

I was very sentimental when I returned keys because there are so many memories.

There were goods and bads – I was happy.

I closed one chapter and moved on to another.

I celebrated my new start at Italian Restaurant Osteria Dieci, Azabu-Junan, Tokyo that night.

I had nice Italian wine: Monte Del Fra, and

Nice Italian food.

Choco also celebrated with me.

He had an appetizer (dried lean chicken) and main dish (chicken and vegetables).

We are adding this restaurant on our favorites.

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New Family: Choco-chan

I met him two months ago.

I fell in love with him at first sight.

However, I wasn’t ready for him at that time because I didn’t know where is a dog hospital, what to prepare for him.

Furthermore, I’ll be out for work most of the day and I stay over nights for business and leisure.

While I was learning what to do and what to prepare, he was taken by another family; and I witnessed the very moment.

I left the shop crying two months ago.

Today, I stopped by the shop, just wanted to look at cute puppies.

Then I saw a playful one like Choco-chan with exact same information as him; I thought he is a brother of Choco-chan.

I asked the shop about him.

Then a staff answered he’ve been for few months.

I was like, what?

It’s HIM!

The family cancelled…

I thought it’s fate! We are fated!

Without hesitation, I brought him back home tonight.

I know it’s not easy to keep him: more responsibility; but I want to be with him.