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31 December 2018 (Omisoka: New Year’s Eve)

It’s omisoka for Japanese and we supposed to be at home to prepare welcoming New Year.

However, my boss (foreigner) didn’t approve my leave (Japanese) because he took holiday since 21 December 2018.

My boss approved all other Japanese staffs to take leaves so I was alone in the office.

I could be the only person in the building as well.

Luckily, boss called to inform me I’m allowed to close the office at 3 pm.

The town was quiet and deserted.

I rushed back home because I was expecting my niece for New Year holiday.

She changed in a dress that we bought for her.

She likes blue princess look dress which Mom chose for her than black and red lady look dress which I picked for her.

We all (including Choco) stayed up late till midnight to welcome New Year together.

We greeted

Akemashite Omedetogozaimasu

(Happy New Year!)

Now I manage to update what I left out in December 2018 because I was sick.

Now I’m back on track and hope you would continue enjoying my blog.

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Ad Hoc Dinner

We went to Keisen Flower School to check closing sales items.

I bought these three items; I will terribly miss the school.

After visiting the school, I invited my friends for tea at my house because Mom went to buy cakes for her friend and us.

We had so much to chat so my friends stayed for dinner.

I went to grocery shopping to prepare simple dinner.

Again, it was simple and I bought a ready-made chicken to save time.

A whole chicken is just nice for four of us.

I like to host gathering at home so that we can talk freely (not worrying about others), stay long as we want (staff won’t chase us out) and I don’t have to walk back home (especially in cold!).

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Nanakusa Gayu

I might blog about this last year; but let me blog about this.

We have a custom to eat Nanakusa Gayu (seven-herb porridge) on every 7 January to wish for good fortune and to rest stomach from New Year celebration food.

Today we can conveniently get all seven herbs in a packet.

There are

Suzushiro: Japanese white radish (White) represents innocence

Seri: Japanese parsley grows long for prosperous

Suzuna: old vocabulary for radish which means bell to call God

Hotokenoza: the herb looks like the seat for the Buddha.

Nazuna: means taking off dirt by patting

Gogyo: the shape of Buddha’s body

Harabeko: many leaves represents prosperity

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12 December 2018: Christmas Shopping

Mom has been asking me to take her for Christmas Shopping, particularly Christmas Tree Hunting.

She is looking for a Christmas Tree.

We are looking for 2 m or higher, a large size for typical Japanese housing.

Therefore, I took her to IKEA Tokyo Bay (Funabashi/HQ) and Costco Makuhari.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a suitable Christmas Tree, but bought necessaries such as sparkling juice, chocolates, cheese, mixed nuts, etc for coming Christmas dinner.

I love Scandinavian designed household products at IKEA.

I love American food and goods.

We bought two dresses for a little niece; she loves them.

At the evening, I went to Ginza Mitsukoshi Department to buy appreciation gift for our flower arrangement teacher together with a mate.

We made a set with Fortnum & Mason Christmas Spiced Tea and Shortbread.

Hope she would enjoy them.

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3 January 2019

I bought my little niece a piano lesson book at Book Shop Book First Roppongi for her New Year Gift yesterday.

There are words for songs, music notes and piano keys inside.

The notes and keys are indicated in colors to learn easily and there is self play mode to learn rhythm as well.

I’m happy to see her playing over and over.

The room was full of music then.

Now she went back home so it’s quiet in house.

I miss her.

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2 January 2019

I started my new year morning with Shishimai (lion dance) and Masuzake (Japanese sake in a wooden square cup).

After experiencing Japanese traditional new year, we went for Belgium breakfast at my favorite breakfast restaurant: Le Pain Quoitidien, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

I had New Year Special Menu.

I started with a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate 2019.

Off course, I enjoyed all food.

Furthermore, I received a new year gift from the restaurant: Fukin (Japanese traditional kitchen cloth) and a ticket for free audio museum guide.

After heavy brunch, I played with little niece at Hinoki-cho Park.

Though we had a heavy brunch, we enjoyed strawberry tea with Phillips Chocolate the Boston’s Oldest Chocolateir for tea break.

Coincidently, I used a mug that I bought it at Pier 1 Imports in Boston.

We relaxed a bit at home and went for grocery shopping; I cooked Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) for dinner.

Can I call BBQ cooking ? hahaha

We are spending New Year in very traditional way: relaxing family gathering.

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7 December 2018

I assisted photo shootings of product, superfood Granola, at Tokyo Gas Shiodome Cooking Studio, Shiodome, Tokyo.

We moved to Prince Hotel Karuizawa for the meeting with the Chief Chef of the area hotel to recommend serving Superfood Granola for the hotel breakfast.

The hotel, Prince Hotel Karuizawa, will host G20 summit in 2019.

This would be a great opportunity to introduce the product globally.

We had our lunch on the Shinkansen (bullet train) on the way to Karuizawa, Gunma.

Many foreign tourists visit Karuizawa for golfing, skiing and shopping at Mitsui Outlet Karuizawa.

The Chef waited for us to serve special menu using Superfood Granola.

What a nice surprise!

These were so good.

I wish we could stay longer, perhaps, staying at the hotel for the holiday.