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Nail Polish Remover

Last night, I was flat to redo my nails.

I supposed to receive visitors at 2 pm; therefore, at least, I had to remove them because colour was out on tips.

It’s shameful to exchange business cards.

I went to a convenient store, 7-Eleven, before office hour, and found this interesting nail polish remover.

I expected to get individual pack nail polish remover sheets.

However, this one, I place a nail at sponge and turn the bottle to remove nail polish one by one so I won’t mess up other fingers.

Japanese are good at new inventions.


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Foodie Trip (Day 3)

I started my day with Japanese breakfast at Toraya, the Sunroute Hotel Wadayama, Hyogo.

We are near to the Ruins of Takeda Castle, Asagoshi city, Hyogo.

The only thing I didn’t know is I need to walk 2.2 km to reach the summit and the ruins of castle.

It was a nice walk to the summit.

We are greeted by the rainbow; that’s encouraging.

We finally reached the ruins of Takeda Castle.

Today, there are only castle’s stone foundation is available to visit.

The view is nice from the summit.

This is the ruin of Tenshukaku (the main building of the castle).

This ruins of Takeda Castle is famous and also called, Tenku no Shiro (the Castle above the Sky).

It is not the season now, but when the time is right, I can see a magnificent view like in a photo.

I would like to come back again for this scenery.

After a good excessive, I had Miso Nabe Udon (Miso Claypot Udon), together with snacks, Himeji Oden (Himeji Style is to eat oden with ginger sauce) and Oinari san (vinegared rice with tofu) at Wataya, Himeji, Hyogo.

Now left for a dessert.

This is Himeji’s casual dessert: Gozasoro.

It has two flavors: Koshian (red beans) and shiroan (white beans).

This would be my last Foodie Report for this trip.

This wasn’t a typical way of celebrating Christmas with turkey and cakes, but I enjoyed it greatly!

Merry Christmas!

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Foodie Trip (Day 2)

I started my day with taking a hot spring.

Then enjoyed a Japanese breakfast.

We decided to visit Tachikui Sue no Sato (Tachikui Pottery Town).

Tachikui Sue no Sato Area

I tried to make a pottery for first time at Yume Kobo (Dream Factory).

Sensei (teacher) is very kind and knows how to lead students.

Tachikui-Yaki is one of six greatest pottery in Japan.

If you want to try making pottery for the first time, Yume-Kobo is highly recommended!

It was fun.

It requires discipline and it brought me peace in my mind.

I now consider learning pottery.

Sensei taught me the process.

I made four things: beer cup, Japanese tea cup, Matcha green tea bowl for tea ceremony and rice bowl (from left).

Sensei helped me greatly with beer cup and Japanese tea cup.

I made by myself rice bowl (first thing that I made) and Matcha green tea bowl (the last thing I made).

To make tall glass/cup shape is difficult compared with a bowl.

I want to make a beer cup and green tea cup alone one day.

With happy feeling, I had a happy ramen at Ohashi Ramen, Nishiwaki, Hyogo.

Then proceeded to next destination: Wadayama.

We plan to stay at normal business hotel; therefore, we stopped by at hot spring spa, Ouka no Yu, before reaching to a hotel.

There are so many different baths to try here.

I enjoyed staying here greatly.

This is a sign for women bath.

I enjoyed watching the Year-End horse race, Arima Kinen at the bath because there is a big screen TV at open air bath and sauna.

I watched the race at open air spa.

This is the replay at the lobby of spa.

I bought two bottles of Tajima Tennensui (Tajima Natural Spring Water).

I love to try local products to get energy from local area.

Hotel is located nearby this spa: Hotel Sunroute Wadayama

Again, this is Foodie Trip; Hotel is simple and comfortable.

Tonight’s main event is crab dinner at Kutaro, Wadayama, Hyogo.


Every crab dish was niceeeee: sashimi (raw), grilled, pot and last dish is porridge with crab stock.

And drink is also nice.

This is Asahi Super Dry Beer bottle with crab on the label.

And this Kani Zake (grilled crab with Japanese sake) is nice and smoky!!!

This is my Christmas 2017.

Merry Christmas!

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Foodie Trip (Day 1)

Today, it is Japanese national holiday: Emperor’s Birthday.

I took a Shinkansen (bullet train) for Himeji, Hyogo this morning.

Himeji is famous for Himeji Castle.

Himeji Castle is one of three most beautiful castle in Japan (highly recommended to visit); but, this time, I don’t plan to visit the castle.

This is a Foodie Trip!

First, I went for Okonomi-Yaki (Japanese grilled pancake) at Konomi-Ya, Himeji, Hyogo.

This restaurant is located in residence area and popular among local residence.

Chanpon-Yaki (Grilled Mix Noodle)

It’s casual, but delicious.

Coco-chan knows it and requests for her potion.

We overheard the order for others and sounded good.

To save troubles, we ordered the same.

Okonomi-Yaki with buta (pork), suji (beef sinew) and tamago (egg).

Lastly, another Okonomi-Yaki with suji, ika (squid) and medamayaki (sunny-side-up fried egg).

Then departed for Sasayama-so, Sasayama, Hyogo.

This is the view of Sasayama from a room; beautiful and peaceful.

A room is comfortable.

First thing to do after checking in at the hotel is dipping in onsen (hot spring).

Then the main event of the day — Shishi-Nabe (wild boar pot) for dinner.

This dish is only available during winter when hunting for wild bull is permitted.

Sasayama is famous for this dish.

It’s delicious and worth making a trip to Sasayama!

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Bonenkai (Year-End Gathering) Day

Today, I had two Bonenkai.

I had a corporate Bonenkai (Year -End Gathering) at Malaysian Restaurant, Malay Asian Cuisine, Shibuya, Tokyo.

I enjoyed these Malaysian food: Satay, Nasi Lemak, ota ota (it’s fish surimi. After open banana leaf, there is a curry flavored fish surimi: picture on the right), Murtabak, pandan chiffon cake and Teh tarik.

At the evening, I enjoyed Italian at Il Ritrovo, Ropppongi Hills, Tokyo with my flower arrangement class mates (7 of us).

I was busy talking during Bonenkai; therefore, I forgot to take photos.

Nonetheless, the restaurant is famous for pizza, delicious and VERY cost effective.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friends!