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Completing My Dream Set

I updated my iPhone and Apple Watch; it’s time to update my earphone.

I mentioned before that I was disappointed that iPhone X doesn’t come with AirPods even though it’s written on the box.

Apple perhaps provides AirPods for overseas market; however, I believe Apple decided to provide a cable earphone for Japan because it’s not necessary to provide AirPods to attract users because iPhone occupies Japan market high as 70 percent.

Apple sells AirPods separately for USD 170 and connector for old earphone to new earphone jack/charger jack for USD 10.

Recently, I enjoy listening to music; therefore, I decided to update my earphone when I update iPhone.

I went to Yodobashi Akihabara, Tokyo today to check on totally wireless earphone such as Sony.

After trying few others, I decided to get Sony WF-1000X.

I am enjoying clear sounded music with its noise cancelling function.

I’m happy with this investment!


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It’s raining and cold outside, 3C.

Today, I received a nice set of corporate calendar from my friend as a sign of Year-End.

Sending calendars is a traditional custom of Year-End: getting ready to receive a new year.

I like her corporate calendars because pictures are all beautiful Japanese sceneries.

I look at nice scenery of Japan when I get tired at office.

I plan to place all in my office room.

And I had Bonenkai (Year-End Gathering) at Malaysian Cuisine Penang Restaurant, Shiba-Keon, Tokyo.

We laughed over nice food.

Year-End is approaching.

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Another Gadget

I’m taking days off.

I felt good when I was walking Ginza with no schedule and no plan.

Apple Store Ginza is dressed in Christmas.

Today, I went to buy Apple Watch Cellular!

I’ve waited to get my new iPhone so that I can do necessary setting with the expert.

So pretty!

It comes with two types of charger, including a charger stand. Yeah!

Now I want to get a pair of Bluetooth cordless earphone, earplug type like in the picture.

To my surprise, iPhone X didn’t come with AirPods and charger mat.

Earphone is in different shape of point so I won’t be able to use extra earphones from old iPhones.

Furthermore, I cannot charge and listen to music at the same time because the point/jack is the same.

That’s why now I want a pair of Bluetooth earphone to complete my set.

I invest, then use them.

I use my iPhone 6S and Apple Watch Series 1 for two years for everyday.

I will still keep them.

I unlock SIM for iPhone 6S so that I can use it where local SIM is available when I visit overseas and for backup.

Today, we cannot live without a mobile…

For Apple Watch, I can still use it when I want to change the look/fashion.

I didn’t see any point to renew my iPad to iPad Pro because at work, PC is Windows tablet PC so I still use iPad Mini 4 and I’m happy with it.

I still have one more day to play with new gadgets to find new functions.

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IREX 2017: International Robot Exhibition 2017

Today, I attended IREX Special Guided Tour at Tokyo Big Sight.

There are many robots that Japanese companies can offer in the field of industry/manufacturing, nursing care/welfare/medical care, agriculture, forestry and fisheries/food, infrastructure, education and even entertainment.

I was also invited to International Reception to enjoy Japanese dance performance and food.

And I even received a nice souvenir, a pair of Japanese sake glasses in shape of Mt. Fuji (ordinary and Red Fuji).

How nice!

I enjoyed a day!

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Tokyo Ginza Seigetsudo

There is a cafe at Japanese traditional confectionery manufacturer: Tokyo Ginza Seigetsudo.

Food is delicious and the place provides quietness.

When I want to have quality food and quiet moment during lunch, I come here.

I had beef stew today.

After lunch, I enjoyed second cup of green tea.

Today, an artisan was demonstrating making fresh dorayaki (Japanese pancakes with red beans).

Dorayaki is Doraemon’s favorite.

I bought a freshly made dorayaki for dinner.

It’s so soft and yammy!

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Unwinding Saturday

I went to shopping in Ginza and had Ichiran Ramen for lunch quickly with my friend; then sent her to Haneda Airport.

It was short, but I’m glad we spent some time together.

She gave me many early Christmas gift.

Her honey products. I love her high quality honey.

From Hyatt. hahaha

And so sweet of her, she even bought a Christmas gift for me.

Thank you for your thoughts!

When I reached home, I quickly called my physical therapist to unwind me.

Luckily, he was available.

I fell sleep while his treatment and it was a deep sleep that I immediately felt fresh!

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Staying Over on Friday Night

I went to office on Friday, but honestly, I wasn’t productive on that day.

I waited to hit 5 o’ clock to go back to meet my friend for dinner.

We could make a reservation at Michelin 1 Star Restaurant Sushi Nakamura, Roppongi only at 9 pm.

We had some bites at Grand Hyatt Roppongi’s Club Lounge.

Yes, we had few glasses here last night, too.

Chef’s Recommendation Course was nice.

Sorry, it’s Michelin Restaurant, I behaved by not taking any photos.

My friend invited me to crush at her place.

She upgraded her room to Suite!

It’s so comfy!