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Tokyo Station Now

Before exiting from JR Tokyo Station, there are small shop lots.

Each of them sell cute and attractive stuffs!

I enjoyed window shoppings there.

Specialized shop for JR Higashi Nihon (East Japan).

Train lovers should stop by to check it out their merchandises.

Across from this shop, there are other specialized shops for traveling, household, lifestyle, food and Japanese traditional products such as chopsticks, towels, etc.

I found portable tea and coffee brewer that I bought as souvenirs from Denmark. (Bottom Shelf)

Wow, these reached to Japan!

These are delicious and recommended to buy.

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Disney Friday

Last Friday, I took a day off to visit Tokyo Disney Resort to celebrate its 35th Anniversary with the theme: 35 Happiest Celebration.

We met at Hotel Dean Gate Maihama which is conveniently located at JR Maihama Station.

It is literally located JR Maihama Station because the hotel stands under the rail way.

Hotel guests can use their free locker.

Once we reached to Disney Sea by Disney monorail, we rush to get a Free Pass (FP) at Toy Story Mania.

Unfortunately, FP was out by 10:06 am…

We took a FP at the Nearest ride, Tower of the Terror, and went to Nimo & Friends Sea Rider.

We queued for more than an hour to get on Nimo.

After queuing for an hour, we became hungry and thirsty.

At Disney Sea, we can drink alcohol such as beers and beer cocktails. Yeahhhhh

First, we get a coin and go to the bar to get a beer.

I had a Special Pirates Lunch Set.

After lunch, I had a dessert: a tropical shaved ice.

Then we caught a ship, Steam Liner to return to the entrance for Tower of the Terror.

We had a packed schedule in the afternoon, we rushed to the Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet” performance.

We need to be careful where to stand to get wet and not to get wet.

We took a break after the show at Aladdin section: Arabian Coast.

After satisfying our throats, we watched Magic Lamp Theater.

We also visited the Mermaid Lagoon to watch Mermaid Lagoon Theatre.

We couldn’t get a FP at Toy Story Mania, therefore, we decided to queue for the ride because we don’t want to miss it.

It was fun though I’m only fourth place among five of us.

We took a rail way back to Lost River Delta section for more adventure.

We rode Indiana Jone’s Adventure and it was fun!!!

As our last event, we took a photo with Minnie and left the adventure land by a rail way to go for dinner at the sandwich shop that opens at late hour.

We rushed to this restaurant because this restaurant is one of few restaurants that serves alcohol.

This time I had a beer cocktail for sandwich.

My stomach enjoyed both food and a drink!!!

Indeed, it is a dream land!

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Fruitful Sunday

Today, there was a special campaign for Sixpac at Yodobashi Camera Akihabara.

I tried them and I think these are good.

My personal trainer recommend it so let’s give a try.

After lazily exercising, rushed to a movie.

A new theatric movie theater opened at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

I watched American Assassin.

I enjoyed it.

After the movie. I had early dinner; enjoying food and gathering.

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Business Trip to Wakayama (Day 1)

I was frustrated because I could not post my blog: Trip to Bulgaria and Romania (Day 4).

I tried to post again and again but I still failed.

I thought I should post in order so I took a break since then.

I will try to post about my Trip to Bulgaria and Romania when I find time to redo.

Today, I decide to restart my blog.

It is nice to share a small happiness that I find in every day life.

Today, I came to Wakayama to participate in a workshop and forum.

It’s about 4 hours journey by train from Tokyo.

I took a Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka then changed to Tokkyu Kuroshio (Express Kuroshio).

This is my first time to try Tokkyu Kuroshio.

Seats are comfortable.

There is one seater seat.

It took one hour to reach Wakayama from Shin-Osaka.

We visited tourism office, market and historical display area.

Then checked in at Daiwa Roynet Hotels Wakayama.

Yeah, I’ve got a Castle view!

We even walked to the castle.

It was a nice walk.

After visiting the temple, I had nice Japanese dinner with my boss.

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Snake in Roppongi???

Today I safely returned from Bulgaria and Romania.

I had to catch up on my sleep during the trip so I took a break; I will upload ASAP.

Well, I had to report a shocking event happened today day.

When I arrived my apartment, there were a couple standing at the entrance, looking concerned.

According to them, there is a SNAKE!


Soon police arrived and… wow…THERE IS A GIANT SNAKE!!!

How could it be in Roppongi???

There aren’t any jungle, but concrete jungles only.!!!

We think it’s a pet, escaped from the cage.


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Leave or Not to Leave

Recently I joined a new gym so I was considering to leave the current gym.

However, during my absence (about a month), the layout of the gym changed and installed a new equipment.

Hummm it wasn’t bad today.

Should I leave or not to leave…?

I paid the monthly fee till July 2018 so let’s try few more months.