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Sunday @ Roppongi, Tokyo

Today, my friends from Malaysia visited me in Roppongi, Tokyo.

I took them to Toraya Cafe, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Tokyo.

I also wanted to try Toraya’s shave ice.

I heard about it, but haven’t tried because I always see a long queue for the restaurant.

This time, I stayed on the queue.

I tried Uji Mizore (greentea shave ice with white sweet azuki beans).

I added three shiratama (rice-flour balls).

So delicious!

There is a big electric panel for entertainment.

There is an event collaborating with the electric board and 300 fireworks; but we didn’t have time to wait for it for another hour.

We missed the fireworks.

We also stopped by to catch Doraemons at Roppongi Hills.

There are many Doraemons!

My friend is so sweet. 

She carried bath salts what my other friend asked her to bring them for me.

These are heavy…

It’s so sweet of my friend to thought of me because she knows I take bath every night.

And another friend who brought all the way from Malaysia and carried for a day till she she sees me today.

No joke, these are heavy!

I’m happy to have thoughful friends!

Yes, I soaked in the bath and feel refreshing!

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Roppongi, Tokyo

I had breakfast at my regular breakfast place: Eggcellent, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

I had an egg benedict plate.

After breakfast, I went to shopping at Roppongi Midtown, Tokyo.

I enjoyed window shopping and found hats that I was looking for!

After visiting boutiques, I stopped by for a drink at the lounge of the Ritz Carlton, Roppongi, Tokyo.

The lobby and the lounge of the Ritz are on 45th Floor; therefore, the scenery is nice overlooking Tokyo such as Akasaka (the State Guest House) and Shinjuku.

The live music, piano and violin, is playing and the scenery is nice; I felt like drinking bubble. fufufu

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Breakfast @ Denny’s, Ginza, Tokyo

It is Japanese national holiday today:  Mountain Day.

Due to the global warming, the Summer in Japan has been very hot.

Originally, there isn’t any national holiday; therefore, the Japanese government created a national holiday in August.

Our office building was closed; we knew it’s going to be quiet today.

We went to Denny’s (the US origins dining restaurant) for breakfast.

In Japan, we call this type of restaurant, family restaurant because all family member can go and dine.

I enjoyed breakfast there.

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Is Diving Addicted…?

I hope I’m not boring you…
Today, I received a turtle shaped dive stick and a book: Fish Watching 500.

When I started diving, I never thought I would want to learn name of fish and marine creatures that I see under the water.


By the way, I usually buy diving goods at Aqros Shibuya Store.

Staffs are kind and always give good recommendations.

I also seek an advice on diving spots.

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Attended the Seminar @ Tokyo Dome Hotel, Korakuen, Tokyo

This hotel is named Tokyo Dome Hotel because it stands in front of Tokyo Dome which is the home for Tokyo Giants Baseball team.

I’ve been here to watch baseball games and come for music concerts such as Mariah Carey, Rolling Stones, etc.

 (Now I enjoy arts in overseas because there is a designated theatre for a play or music to appreciate it in the best condition, instead of temporary stage.)

There is a theme park and spa, La Qua as well.

There are also roller skate rink (it will turn into an ice skate rink during the Winter) and bowling alley.

In a way, it’s a dream land…?