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Super Foods Granola

Last week, I got influenced by an energetic lady who is Doctor to eat granola.

She has been a doctor and busy looking after patients.

She didn’t have time to eat in right way; therefore, she became obesity.

One day, she thought of herself and decided to develop food that can benefit everybody.

She developed her formula of Super Foods Granola and lost 19 kg in 5 months.

I cannot find her products in Japan yet, but found the similar product at the shelf of Seijo Ishi Supermarket: Super Foods Granola.

There are six super foods with granola.

Super Foods are: Oats for fibre, golden berries for healthy fruit, coconuts for fibre, almonds for anti-aging, honey for beauty and cocoa nibs for anti-oxidant.

I will try to replace some food with granola and let see whether I can get the same effect as she does.

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Sunday @ Roppongi, Tokyo

Today, my friends from Malaysia visited me in Roppongi, Tokyo.

I took them to Toraya Cafe, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Tokyo.

I also wanted to try Toraya’s shave ice.

I heard about it, but haven’t tried because I always see a long queue for the restaurant.

This time, I stayed on the queue.

I tried Uji Mizore (greentea shave ice with white sweet azuki beans).

I added three shiratama (rice-flour balls).

So delicious!

There is a big electric panel for entertainment.

There is an event collaborating with the electric board and 300 fireworks; but we didn’t have time to wait for it for another hour.

We missed the fireworks.

We also stopped by to catch Doraemons at Roppongi Hills.

There are many Doraemons!

My friend is so sweet. 

She carried bath salts what my other friend asked her to bring them for me.

These are heavy…

It’s so sweet of my friend to thought of me because she knows I take bath every night.

And another friend who brought all the way from Malaysia and carried for a day till she she sees me today.

No joke, these are heavy!

I’m happy to have thoughful friends!

Yes, I soaked in the bath and feel refreshing!

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Tomato Juice: Kantaro

Tomato Juice, Kantaro, arrived which I bought on Amazon.

It’s in glass bottle and looks nice on the photo.

I thought it’s a normal sized bottle, 1 liter or  bigger…?

But I received a small box.

There are many ????? in my head.

But it’s actually 180 ml bottle.

I took a photo with iPhone 6S.

It’s USD 6.5 per bottle (180 ml).

It’s not cheap.

I tried this tomato juice……it’s delicious.

It contains equivalent to 15 tomatoes’ nutritious factors; must be healthy.

It has to be!

Seriously, it’s delicious.

Would I buy it again?

I’ll think about it.

Once again, it’s delicious.

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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka (Day 1)

Today, I took the first Kodama (the Second earliest Shinkansen/bullet train) to Atami, Shizuoka.

Then, I changed to Ito Line to Izukyu Shimoda Station.

I dived twice at Zabune, Mikomoto Island, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka to look for Hammerhead Sharks.

The point is only 15 – 20 mins away from the harbor.

I thought I saw the shadow of shark, but nobody saw it and I don’t have a proof/photo…. hummmm

Today, I saw a group of Takabe (Yellowstriped Butterfish) and Isaki (Grunt).

After two dives, I checked in at Hotel Marseille which is conveniently located in front of Izukyu Shimoda Station.

I was hungry and had early dinner, Korean BBQ @ Hanmi, Shimoda, Shizuoka, at 5:30 pm.

Energy is charged.

I hope I can meet Hammerhead tomorrow.


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A Decent Lunch

I went out to have a decent lunch, Chinese @ Hagoromo, Ginza, Tokyo today.

Rice (carbohydrates) was delicious; I didn’t weight it, but I guessed about 200g.

Later I checked the calories for rice; it’s 330 calories. Ahhhhhhh

I sought an advice from my physician and was told I should enjoy salad for dinner…

I’m also encouraged to exercise more. Another ahhhhhhhh

When I returned home, I received a package – aibow touch pen.

Hummmm, I can write on my iPhone and iPad, but not as I dreamed.

My palm is on the way.

On the web, someone advised to wear a glove.

It won’t look nice…. sight

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Enhancing My Time @ Gym and Room

It is a Japanese national holiday today: Ocean Day.

It’s been hot in Japan and there was no national holiday in July.

Japanese government was smart to create a national holiday in July for a break.

However, my office opened today.

It’s been a quiet day so I went out for lunch.

I had a Freahness Burger’s Cheese Burger set.

It’s a nice Japanese burger shop and delicious, but I learned that calory is high… 

delicious food always with calories…… ahhhhhh

Boss left the office and I was alone in the office this afternoon.

I quickly finished writing reports and sending emails to make time to further study about privileges of being Amazon Prime members.

Annual fee of JPY 3,900 covers fast delivery fee, video and music.

I was considering to enhance my time at gym and room with these video and music.

I had time to Pochi.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Video