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I’m feeling GOOD

I finally felt that I recovered from a cold and feeling good!

I EXERCISE and feeling so fresh and energetic!

I’m pumped!

I asked my trainer that am I ready for harder exercise?

He said you look so happy so you can try anything.

According to my trainer, when I’m happy I don’t feel pain. hahaha

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Nanakusa Gayu

I might blog about this last year; but let me blog about this.

We have a custom to eat Nanakusa Gayu (seven-herb porridge) on every 7 January to wish for good fortune and to rest stomach from New Year celebration food.

Today we can conveniently get all seven herbs in a packet.

There are

Suzushiro: Japanese white radish (White) represents innocence

Seri: Japanese parsley grows long for prosperous

Suzuna: old vocabulary for radish which means bell to call God

Hotokenoza: the herb looks like the seat for the Buddha.

Nazuna: means taking off dirt by patting

Gogyo: the shape of Buddha’s body

Harabeko: many leaves represents prosperity

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19 December 2018

My favorite is red wine.

I’ve waited for tonight’s wine lesson at Enoteca Marunouchi Lounge, Bordeaux Red Wines, but I was still sick.

I’ve been taking so many cough drops so I taste different from what it supposed to be.

I had to take warm drink (I regret not to bring hot water because Chinese tea in thermo has its flavor) to stop coughing.

I wish I was healthy to enjoy these.

Pauillac (2012)

Margauz (2011)

Pessac-Leognan (2013)

Clarendelle (2014)

Pomerol (2007)

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5 January 2019

It was body maintenance day for both Choco and I.

I went to gym for stretching.

I couldn’t exercise last month due to a cold, it was refreshing to move my body though it was only stretching.

Time to gear up!

I also took Choco for monthly care: grooming, nail, ear cleaning, etc.

He also had spa.

He posed for new year.

Choco, I didn’t know you can pose for camera.

You are full of surprises!

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17 November 2018

I participated in the 7th anniversary of Aunty’s Buddhist Ceremony at Onjuku, Chiba.

Many of my relatives gathered on Saturday morning.

We miss Aunty; simultaneously, we enjoyed talking among us before and after the ceremony at lunch.

After the ceremony at the temple, we stopped by one of our relative’s house to talk more.

They gave me souvenirs: fresh vegetable from their house farm

These are so fresh and healthy because they don’t use any agricultural chemical at this farm!

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Busy Scheduled Saturday

First I went to spa to maintenance myself.

I also sent Choco to grooming so Choco also maintenance himself.

We both beautify ourselves.

I can continue beautify myself by getting quality sleep.

I finally receive my bed: Serra New York 552 from Dream Bed.

Japanese manufacturer is licensed to produce Serra Brand bed in Hiroshima, Japan.

It took 50 days to receive it.

How do I like it? Very Much!