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I suffered from a bad flue at Year End.

It took me two weeks to fully recover from it.

My friend introduced and recommended this Cleverin which is manufactured by Taiko Pharmaceutical.

Chlorine dioxide is supposed to free air from bacterias and work as a deodorizer.

It sounds good to me to try it.

I opened a box, put powder in a bottle and screwed the cap.

This small bottle is good for 10 sqm room for a month.

Let’s try it!

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Re Fa Collagen Enrich Drink

MTC supplies beauty products such as famous Re Fa Carat (face roller massage equipment).

Today, I try Re Fa Collagen Enrich drink.

This product is rich in Collagen which contains 160,000 mg in a bottle of 480 ml.

I need to take 15 ml per day.

This product is co-developed with Fuji Film.

Fuji Film used to be a major producer of films; however, the market for film has shrunk drastically due to shifting digitization.

To diversified their business activities, Fuji Film entered in beauty industry by developing cosmetics and health supplements utilizing their technologies which was developed for films.

ASTALIFT is Fuji Film’s cosmetic series that you might see in the market.

I look forward to seeing improvement on my beauty or health by taking Re Fa Collagen Enrich Drink.

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Taking a Bath

Taking a bath can solve problems of swelling and blood circulation.

I take bath which is 38 – 40C for 15 – 20 minutes to warm the centre of my body.

40C is low for Japanese, but I start sweating and get warm up after 20 minutes.

Taking a bath is also good for detoxing.

Water gets cold fast during winter; therefore, I reheat a couple time in 15 – 20 minutes.

There is a function to reheat a bath in Japan.

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Wadaya No Gohan (Wada’s Food) Making Body and Soul to Win Cancer!

Dr. Wada is teaching us how to prevent making and growing cancer.

Our daily life and eating habit creates cancer; on the other hand, we can also prevent making or growing greatly if we change our eating habit.

Cancer needs sugar/glucose to become cancer.

I should not overtake sugar and carbohydrate such as white rice, breads, pasta, etc.

Salts will give energy to cancer.

I should take less salts to reduce activities of cancer.

I should cut daily products such as milk, cheeses, yogurt, butter, etc. because it will grow cancer.

I should take good quality oil, omega 3 oil such as linseed oil, perilla oil, etc. and omega 9 such as olive oil.

To reduce salt, Dr. Wada advises to use dashi (umami: soup stock of konbu (seaweed) and katsuobushi (fish flakes) for cooking.

I will take his advice to change my eating habit to make my body and soul to prevent cancer.

I know it’s not easy because I love to eat and these delicious food is the one I should stop eating. Ahhhhhh