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Trip to Malaysia (Day 3)

I woke up lazily and went for breakfast.

I went down to Courtyard to get Malay Style breakfast, Nasi Lamak.

After breakfast, I went to Sky Gym to burn some calories.

Then swimming at the Infinity Pool.

I also tried sauna before spa.

Quickly went back to the room to take a shower to up to Banyan Tree Spa.

I had 90 minutes Thai Classic massage.

First I took a mist sauna/steam bath.

I selected Love for oil (lavender, yelang yelang, etc.).

It was a good 90 mins massage for me.

Since our bodies are relaxed, we went to the Club Lounge for dinner and drinks.

We took a drink with us to go up to the pool.

It’s just perfect.

Well, we are having an AC problem at the room.

The temperature keeps on dropping to 20C which is too cold for us.

We requested the technician three times but the problem is not solved.

The hotel proposed to change to an upgraded room.

Of course, we happily agreed and packed our things.

There is a large bathtub! Hooray!

And individual shower booth and toilet.

Now I’m ready to take a bath and sleep.


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Trip to Malaysia (Day 2)

I took 11:30 pm flight for Kuala Lumpur.

I purchased the ticket at very last minutes; therefore, there are only two seats left when I purchased the ticket.

I’m glad to grab a seat.

I had a cup of red wine and watched A Star is Born on inflight movie.

I managed to sleep a while and took a breakfast before landing.

I landed at 6 am.

My BFF is so sweet to pick me up at the airport despite its early arrival.

She also requested for early check in at the Pavilion Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur so we could rest in the room upon arrival.

We also had immediate access to the Club Lounge to have our breakfast.

The hotel hospitality is superb!

We took a nap and went for a hotel complementary afternoon tea.

The afternoon tea set was light; therefore, we went back to the Club Lounge for snacking. hahaha

We returned to the room to chill and returned to the Club Lounge for cocktail dinner.

We surely maximized use of the Club Lounge today.

Since the hotel is nicely connected to the Pavilion Mall, we decided to do some exercise by walking at the mall.

We reached to the entrance of the Banyan Tree Hotel.

Since wanted to check out the sky bar: VERTICO, we went for a drink.

It is a bar with incredible Kuala Lumpur Skyline View.

I enjoy overlooking two iconic landmarks of Malaysia: PETRONAS Twin Tower and KL Tower.

It plays nice music so definitely a place to chill in Kuala Lumpur.

I am enjoying a very relaxing vacation in Kuala Lumpur.

I have no motivation to go for sightseeing, food hunting or shopping.

All I want is chit chatting with my BFF.

Obviously, that’s what we’ve doing in the hotel especially in the room. hahaha

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1st Day of Golden Week

According to the Japanese calendar, Japan started 10 days holiday.

My office don’t follow Japanese calendar but recently office announced closing till 1 May 2019.

I can enjoy 5 days off!

I decide to meet my BFF in Kuala Lumpur.

I bought many types of Japanese snacks to relax and chat with her at the hotel room.

I call it Honeymoon arrangement. hahaha

Now I’m relaxing at the airport lounge, Haneda Airport till departure.

I’m having sake and water, but it’s difficult to tell by photo. hahaha

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Last Working Day in Heisei

Heisei era is ending.

Emperor’s ascension will take place on 1 May 2019 to start new era: Reiwa.

We will celebrate continuous Japanese national starting from 29 April (Showa Day) till 6 May 2019.

My office usually don’t follow Japanese calendar, but this time, our office will close till 1 May 2019 to respect the head of state.

On that note, today (26 April 2019) would be the last working day for Heisei era.

I went to my memorial restaurant, Kandagawa, Ginza for lunch to treat myself.

It is the right place and delicious food to be sentimental ending my Heisei.

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Choco’s Birthday Cake

It’s Choco’s 1st Birthday tomorrow.

Since it’s his 1st Birthday, I want to give him a cake.

I ordered roast beef with sweet potato cake for him at Teppanyaki Yasaiya, Roppongi.

There are many dogs at the restaurant.

According to a restaurant staff, there was a dog event at Yoyogi.

I brought bag his cake.

Happy Birthday Choco!!!

I love you and I’m happy to be with you!

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Celebrating Birthdays (13 April 2019)

I invited my school mates and we all celebrated BIRTHDAYS.

I need to spell birthdays with s because we celebrated my birthday on 3 March, other friends’ birthday on 15 March and 7 April and Choco’s on 15 April.

We prepared a birthday cake with a birthday plate without name.

We sang birthday song starting for me, then I brew candles; lit candles and sang a birthday song for other friends…and for Choco, too!

He couldn’t have a bite but he seems interested in a Joel Robuchon cake!

I cooked Chinese for five for dinner and they cleared all.

Time flys and we chatted past 11 pm.

It was fun to reunited!

I shall plan again for Summer…?

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Office Ohanami (Sakura Viewing) Lunch on 9 April 2019

Boss took us out for Ohanami Lunch at the Oven, Aqua City Odaiba, Tokyo.

We luckily managed to get the window view table.

It’s buffet lunch with varieties of food such as Japanese, American, Mexican and Chinese.

I had American and Mexican.

The restaurant is located at the sightseeing spot.

We walked the area for a while.

It was nice refreshment.

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Hosting Lunch for My Friends on 7 April 2019

I invited my friends for Ohanami (Sakura Viewing) Party.

My parents arranged dinner on 6 April 2019; therefore, I could not use the kitchen on the previous day.

I managed serving food by Costco delicatessen.

I usually cook, but I didn’t have time to cook for 11 of us this time.

I have been wanting to try Costco Party so I tried it for this day.

I also used paper plates.

It was like picnic in house. hahaha

I also ordered drinks on Amazon to make a drink bar.

The above photo is showing partial drinks.

This was the actual drink bar.

Wr met at 1 pm and they left after 9:30 pm.

I had fun and I hope they did, too.