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Gym before Office

A while ago, I was frustrated, building negative emotion, because of co-workers.

I knew exercise will release stress.

However, in the evening, I have other things to settle.

These could be simple as visiting dentist, having dinner with friends, etc.

Once I reach home, I get lazy to go out for exercise.

One day, my physical therapist suggested to go to gym for simple exercise, riding on bicycle for 20 mins, in the morning before I go to office.

My nearest gym opens at 7:00 am.

It’s rushing and need to move quickly to save every minutes; but based on my calculation, I could manage.

I tried it the other day and it worked.

I’ve been coming to gym for two weeks.

Today, I simply feel good (no stress), being at the quiet gym and gaining more ENERGY for a day!

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Power of Music

I realize how powerful music can be.

It can pump me and it can calm me.

Music plays an important role these days.

I’m glad that I became an Amazon Premium  Member so that I can have an unlimited access to music and I can even select a play list based on my needs.

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Nowadays I can easily find the word, mindfulness, on Japanese women’s magazines.

There are many magazines at my beauty salon and I read about it briefly the other day.

Today, I was standing in a train on the way to my dermatologist.

I needed to hold a rail because a train was packed. 

Since I was holding a rail, I cannot play with my mobile.

I looked outside, but I couldn’t see anything because windows were all fogged up due to a cold rain.

I remembered MINDFULNESS.

I didn’t close my eyes, but my surrounding created a perfect situation to listen to my feeling.

I have frustration.

While waiting for my turn at the dermatologist, I browsed on internet to learn more about MINDFULNESS.
Now it’s time to listen to my feelings to love myself more.

Perhaps, I can practice while I’m taking a bath because I sit in a bathtub for 10 – 15 mins in nice aroma and I’m relaxed.


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I was off line for a while.

It wasn’t my will but I detoxed this weekend, both physically and digitally.

I had good days and bad days and bad days eventually forced me to detox.

Last week, I was busy with good days.

Weekend: I went to Wakayama Prefecture to visit temples and enjoy being in nature – ocean, waterfall and mountains & trees.

Monday: I went to gym.

Tuesday: I went to an ear doctor for check up – nothing is wrong, I can go for more diving!

Wednesday: I went to body work.

Thursday: I went to see physical trainer.

Friday: I had girls’ night. We had so much fun so we had a little too much of red wine.

Saturday: I had a hangover and I slept through a day.
Sunday: I was feeling better, but I felt tired and slept through another day.

Monday: It is a Japanese national holiday (Spring Equinox Day); therefore, my office is closed. I finally woke up and be active: doing laundry, cleaning room, even went to beauty salon to get my hair done.

Since I slept through Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t eat and I open SNS.

I was forced to detox; but I feel fresh.

My body is lighter (lost few kg over weekend) and my mind is lighter (didn’t care about message – I only noticed I received few today).

It’s difficult to detox for me because I don’t have a strong will.

It is a perfect timing to change my diet – eating meat and vegetables only.

Let’s see how it works.

I will share more about it after getting result on me.  

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Umbrella could become a dangerous weapon…

Tokyo is still in the rainy season; it was raining in the morning. 

Of course, I brought an umbrella with me.

I hooked my umbrella on my arm when I was on the train.  

The train stopped suddenly and I lost balance.

I didn’t know what had happened then.

I saw a man suffering with agony. 

I’m not sure whether he was lucky or unlucky, he was sitting.

When I lost balance, I poked him, slightly above his knee cap where you can feel the gap, with my umbrella!


He understood it was unintentional. 

He forgave me quickly, but he couldn’t stop groaning.

I had to get off quickly because a train stopped at my station.

I silently promised to him that I won’t hurt anybody with my umbrella again.