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Dad gave me a worth of JPY 700 (USD 7) Starbucks voucher to me.

I wanted to buy a cute Starbucks shaker for my protein so I extended a voucher to the cashier lady together with a shaker.

The lady asked me what do I want to buy with a voucher?

I was puzzled because I handed a shaker with a voucher.

According to a lady, I can use the voucher to purchase food and drinks including coffee beans and VIA.


I decided to buy a bag of coffee: Tokyo Roast.

I will enjoy it at home.

I ended up paying quite an amount. hahaha

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Trip to Malaysia (Day 4)

I started my day with Sarawakian Style Laksa and some Chinese pao at Courtyard, the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

And Jack Fruit, grapes and local sweets.

Then I continued pampering myself by going back to Banyan Tree Spa at 10 am for Royal Banyan (3 hrs spa).

First, Foot Spa.

Then mist sauna/steam bath.

Body scrub, full body massage (hand and pouch) and facial (hand and jade stone).

Bath (herbs and rose petals) and refreshment.

I really enjoyed this three hours spa and I definitely would love to come back for it!

I quickly get ready to go out for lunch: nice Pecking Duck at Five Sem5ers, the Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

My BFF reserved a whole Duck for me.

In Japan, Pecking Duck is expensive and although we order for a half or one duck, it means only skin and not including MEAT.

Therefore, when I was asked how I want my meat to be cooked, I was puzzled.

We asked for chef’s/restaurant’s recommendation: spring onion.

I found out what they meant later.

Pecking ducks are prepared in front of us by restaurant staffs.

I enjoyed them very very much because these are luxuriously double potion of Pecking duck skins!

How rich and gorgeous!

Then I understood what a restaurant staff was asking.

We had two more dishes for meat part of duck!

For legs…

And the rest!

How generous they are and there are so much food!

For dessert, I had a nice chendol delivered from Petaling Jaya.

My BFF got it for me.

So sweet of her!

I miss chendol because this dish is not available at any Malaysian restaurants in Tokyo.

This is nicely coconuty (very coconut) with gulu Malacca (coconut sugar/syrup) and fresh coconut milk!

After lunch, I took a power nap for two hours…two hours!

I cannot believe myself because I’ve been sleeping well at night, slept during my body massage, yet took a power nap for two hours…was I that tired…?

Thought we were still full from lunch, we went to the Club Lounge to have light dinner and drinks.

I’m gonna miss the lounge.

Staffs there are so sweet and made us feeling comfortable.

I will also miss this….

I really enjoyed relaxing at the pool side last night so we went back to chill out again.

And I will miss moments in the room: chatting with BFF and ambience of the Urban Suite Room!

I don’t want to go back to Tokyo tomorrow. Boo hoo.

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Trip to Malaysia (Day 3)

I woke up lazily and went for breakfast.

I went down to Courtyard to get Malay Style breakfast, Nasi Lamak.

After breakfast, I went to Sky Gym to burn some calories.

Then swimming at the Infinity Pool.

I also tried sauna before spa.

Quickly went back to the room to take a shower to up to Banyan Tree Spa.

I had 90 minutes Thai Classic massage.

First I took a mist sauna/steam bath.

I selected Love for oil (lavender, yelang yelang, etc.).

It was a good 90 mins massage for me.

Since our bodies are relaxed, we went to the Club Lounge for dinner and drinks.

We took a drink with us to go up to the pool.

It’s just perfect.

Well, we are having an AC problem at the room.

The temperature keeps on dropping to 20C which is too cold for us.

We requested the technician three times but the problem is not solved.

The hotel proposed to change to an upgraded room.

Of course, we happily agreed and packed our things.

There is a large bathtub! Hooray!

And individual shower booth and toilet.

Now I’m ready to take a bath and sleep.


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Unpredicted Sunday

I woke up early to make breakfast for five.

After breakfast, originally, I supposed to wait for a guest who planned to meet her relative at home while Mom sending two guests to Tokyo Station.

However, the guest changed her mind and followed Mom to Tokyo Station to send friends off and continued to walk in Ginza.

Suddenly, I became free.

I quickly made a reservation for spa.

I need spa after serving guests for days.

I managed to take a quality nap to energize myself.

I happily returned home after spa feeling fresh and excited to go for a nice dinner (that what Mom’s friend promised).

However, they had a big lunch at Ginza and already decided to eat lightly at home.

I was disappointed because I had left over from last night instead of fine dining dinner.

Oh well, I went for a walk with Choco after my dinner.

Night Sakura viewing cheered me up.

It’s beautiful.

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Vernal Equinox Dayi

Usually, my office doesn’t follow Japanese holiday, but we closed today. Yeah.

I appreciate this break because I am tired.

I went to my hair salon to get a hair dryer and iron: REPRONIZER 4D PLUS.

I tried this at Salon before and my hair felt so smooth after using it, especially straight iron.

I have wavy hair that is not in fashion but gives impression of damage hair.

However, after using this hair iron which won’t damage my hair because of its technology and special material — ceramic, my hair is so straight (no sign of wavy) and smooth!

It surely drew my attention.

I was told the more I use the more my hair get straighter and healthier.

I decide to get one.

Simultaneously, I was looking for a nice hair dryer.

It might give me multiple effect. hahaha

I waited to buy these for five days till today for 5 times Point Day at Roppongi Hills.

I save points to get a voucher for my beauty salon. hahaha

Today, we received a guest who is 91 years old, fit and wise.

In fact, I enjoy talking to her.

She brought us various kind of sweets for our afternoon tea.

Guess who also enjoys her company.

She will stay with us till Sunday.

What shall we do tomorrow?