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Busy Morning!

I left my apartment early with my favorite coffee in my favorite thermo.

I like this thermo because it has a rock (I can carry it around without worrying spilling drink) and my favorite penguin!  

I saw a sign telling a traffic jam ahead on Shuto Express.

I exited a highway, but it was a bad decision to make because a normal road is more crowded!!

Oh well, at least I could enjoy listening to music and drinking coffee inside of my car.

I drove by the area that I used to live…I spotted familiar buildings and new buildings.

Yes, I made many good and bad memories while living here!

It’s still 11:00 am in Tokyo.

It is a busy morning for me.

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Sayonara Miho-no-seki

Time to say Sayonara.

It was a short stay, but I enjoyed it very much.

I’m already at Yonago Kitaro Airport.

“Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro” is famous manga series.

This airport is named after this manga because the manga artist, Mr. Shigeru Mizuki, his hometown is nearby, Sakai-city where fish market is.

This approach was taken at few airports to stimulate use of airport by welcoming tourists.

Luckily, I had time to enjoy and relax at the airport.

Daisen Pilsner and Matsue Staut!!

Okay, it’s time for boarding.

Sayonara Miho-no-seki

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Visit to Miho-no-seki

First I stopped at Sakai Port Fish Market for lunch.

I had a special seafood rice bowl.

There are many types of fresh and delicious seafood such as crabs, prawn, sea urchin, salmon roe, abalone, squid, tuna, yellowtail, egg.

It’s worth to stop by to have a lunch there.
Then I visited Miho Shrine, my main objective for this trip – to pay a thank you visit.

Japanese Gods, Mihotsuhime-no-mikoto and Kotoshironushi-no-kami (widely known as Ebisu-sama) are enshrined in Miho Shrine.

Mihotsuhime-no-mikoto is Goddess for harvest, couple harmony and prosperity.

Ebisi-sama is God for fishery, agriculture and commerce. He loves music so Ebisu-sama is God for entertainment business as well.

Of course, Ebisu-sama is very popular, representing business success. 

And this shrine is head of about 3,000 Ebisu Shrines!

I just love to be here.

After praying at Miho Shrine, I walked around the area.

I stopped for snacks: tokoroten (Tengusa seaweed jelly with vinegar) and strawberry flavored kakigori (shave ice).

And shopped soy sauce, ponzu (ponzu citrus soy sauce based sauce) and mentsuyu (soba sauce).

Their soy sauce is sweeter and has more flavors.

I enjoyed this soy sauce so much when I bought it at my last visit and I couldn’t forget about it!

It was still bright outside so I went to Miho-no-seki light house.

It was a nice view to enjoy Japan Sea’s ocean view!

I checked-in at hotel and had a quick dinner to enjoy Maki-Noh at Miho Shrine.

Noh is Japanese traditional drama, and has been played since 14th century.

Noh is also performed for God to show appreciation for harvest. 

Tonight, a special performance was performed at Miho Shrine with torch.

I didn’t know about tonight’s Noh performance and I am so fortunate to be there.

I enjoyed watching Noh surrounded by great nature.

I felt holy, spiritual and blessed❤️

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Haneda Airport Now

I’m on the way to Miho Shrine in Shimane, southern part of Japan.

This is my second time to visit this shrine.

This weekend is the last weekend for school holiday; therefore I didn’t have much choice when I was booking flights.

But it is okay because this time I’m making a trip just to pay a gratitude visit to this shrine.

I’m still in Tokyo, but I’m already having fun.

I checked in with my Apple Watch for first time, and….

we were offered to have a ride to a gate with this mini-car.

Of course, this is my first time to ride this; I took an advantage being with mom.

It was fun as if I were at Disneyland because this mini-car runs with music!
Okay, it’s time for boarding.

Hummmm, it’s difficult to see…it’s a Star Wars wrapped aircraft!

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Wolf’s Peach, but this is Tomato Juice

Previously I posted that I’m hooked with tomato juice.

I’ve been drinking and comparing different brands of tomato juice; I prefer non-salt added tomato juice.
Few days ago, I was recommended this Wolf’s Peach by a staff of supermarket.
This tomato juice from Hokkaido is available only once in a year, must be special.
I wonder why this TOMATO juice is named Wolf’s PEACH!
Hummmm, it’s nice and mild.
I bought three bottles: one for mom and dad, and extra bottle for me.
Yes, I get pressure when I hear the word, “limited edition”, terrible me!

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Tonight’s Flower Arrangement

I had a busy day and I needed flower to calm me down.

Tonight we use a photo frame and arrange flower as if it’s a part of painting.

I arrived class late and my mind was in the mess; it took me some time to decide flower and design.

I didn’t have time to check the size of photo frame, but I think I did pretty okay.

When I finished arranging it, I felt peaceful.

I don’t have an empty photo frame at home so I arranged it like this.