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Japanese Movie Saturday

I watched a Japanese movie, Inori no Maku ga Oriru Toki (When Lower the Curtain of Prayer) at Toho Roppongi.

This movie is the last case of TV series, Shinzanmono (New Comer).

It’s a dramatic detective movie with great sadness, very touching story.

After the movie, I had nice okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza or pancake) for early dinner.

This okonomiyaki is sauce flavor with buta (pork), kyabetsu (cabbage), negi (leeks) and tamago (egg).

It might look the same; however, this okonomiyaki is called negiyaki: soy sauce flavor with a lots of negi, buta and tamago.

I opened Japanese design Coca-Cola for late dessert.

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Opening Goodies

I had a nice lunch at the Manhattan Fish Market, Shibuya today.

I had grilled mayonnaise shrimp, fried fish, French fries, rice and brownie.

I also had bites of fried chicken and mud pie. Yammy

Somehow, I’m lucky these days.

I received many goodies yesterday and today.

These are from different countries.

Lovely Japanese confectionery

Japanese traditional rice topping and seasoning.

Pineapple cakes from Taiwan

Water bottle from Malaysia.

These two days were early Valentine for me.

Thank you my friends for your thoughts!

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Cooking @ Home

I love to dine out with friends; but I cannot dine at a restaurant alone.

When I’m lazy to cook, I buy take out dinner.

Well, it’s not healthy and some are not welcomed such as rice or other carbohydrates.

Nowadays I cook at home.

Unfortunately, most of time, dishes that I cook are not photogenic enough to be posted and these are not my own recipe; I search from internet, mostly from COOKPAD.

I cooked Oyakodon (Family Rice Bowl: Chicken, Egg and Rice) tonight.

I made a minor modification by using chicken tenderloin and with brown rice.

I try to make it healthier.

2.8 million recipes are introduced at COOKPAD.

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My New Customs

About a month ago, I consulted how to lose weight with my physical therapist.

He advised me to cycle for 20 minutes 2 – 3 times in a week.

Before exercising or starting a day/waking up, I was advised to take amino acid to recover from muscle fatigue quickly or prevent from any muscle fatigue.

I searched for the product and started taking Ajinomoto’s Amino Vital Pro which contains 3600 mg of amino acid.

I regularly take one sachet in the morning and before exercise; sometimes even in the evening because I can take as many as three sachets in a day.

It is recommended to take amino acid because our body cannot produce it; we need to obtain it from food.

After exercise, I was advised to take a lot of protein.

The quickest way to obtain protein is by drinking a protein drink.

Again, I searched for it; then start taking Meiji’s SAVAS Whey Protein 100.

This is my first protein to try and image of protein wasn’t good then.

I picked Meiji brand because Meiji is a major confectionery manufacturer in Japan and good in making chocolates.

This SAVAS Whey Protein 100 is a chocolate flavor.

When I start going to gym regularly for 20 mins bicycle ride, I became very hungry, and I mean, VERY hungry.

I was scared about my huge appetite which I couldn’t control at that time.

Well, I found out about a week later that I need to make a protein drink with three scopes of protein powder.

Since a scope is big, I thought it requires only one scope to make a protein drink.

Actually, I was making a watery protein drink then.

Now I don’t mind to replace my breakfast with a protein drink and I am fine with it.

Today, I finished my first pack of protein.

There are some days that I had a difficulty to control the appetite, but now I’m doing better.

I bought a new package: Meiji’s SAVAS Soy Protein with a yogurt flavor.

According to the package, it states “Weight Down” and “for Losing Weight”.

It also contains Garcinia, a popular weight-loss supplement.

It supposed to help me controlling my appetite and prevent from making fat – sound absolutely great!

I hope I would experience these effects.