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Kasumidai Country Club, Tsukuba Course, Ibaraki

It had been raining, but rain stopped today.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain again tomorrow.

I’m so lucky to play a golf on the sunny day between rainy days.

On the way to the golf course, it was foggy.

But when we arrived at the Kasumidai Cluntry Club, it was sunny and nice.

The course is nice, but my skill for putting was off today.

I couldn’t win any prize today. Boo Hoo

But it’s nice being a woman; I get a nice pack of coffee as a ladies’ participation award.

It was nice to meet golf mates that I missed playing with.

Kasumidai Country Club, Tsukuba Course is highly recommended.

I would love to play here again!

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Malaysian Food Day

My Malaysian friends supplied me these.

These were sourvenirs from my friend and emergency food for my friend. 

For lunch, I had Brahim’s retorted food: Nasi Goreng Kampung with Beef Curry.

For dinner dessert, I had coconut cookies and Kacang Tumbuk (peanut crisps).

These are all ready-to-eat and delicious.

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Feeling Bummer

Don’t you have a moment that you want to be with your friend?

Well, tonight I felt that way…I didn’t want to go back home straight, but I had nobody to go out with.  Ahhhh

I managed to get a day off tomorrow at the last minute by finishing work before the deadline (tomorrow).

I’ve been busy and with somebody for more than two weeks, then, suddenly, I feel free and lonely.

I had few drinks at home and ready to go sleep. 

Bummer. hahaha

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Business Trip to Nagoya (Digest)

I wanted to upload every night; but I couldn’t…simply because I was tired. 

My counterpart and also a friend joined this mission so we worked hard and enjoyed hard in Nagoya.

We continued our night chatting in my room till late because we miss each other.

She is an efficient officer and became friend  since last October.

Since then, she came in May this year and September.

We had few projects working together.

Nagoya Kanko Hotel is a nice hotel.

Breakfast menu is the same; but I didnt mind getting the same thing because food quality is good. 

Attended workshops, seminars, business meetings and networking.

I’m with friends so it was fun to attend all programme together.

As a part of programmes, I visited factories.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any photos there; therefore, I cannot share anything with you, but I could say two factories are well advancedand, sophisticated and automated.

They are Toyota (automobile: Prius) and Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyujo (HSK: aerospace engine parts).

I could take photos at Toyota Museum only.

Newly launched car: Hilux

Racing cars

And a robot to play music.

We also maximized our time after the programme.

Celebrating friend’s Birthday together.

Went out for dinner.

Nagoya local delicacy: Hitsumabushi.

We can eat eel in three different ways: 1. Eat as it is, 2. Add condiments such as Negi (Japanese leeks) and wasabi, 3. Add soup and seaweed to 2.

Grilled Seafood

Even Indian Food

Shopping at Donki (Don Quijote) @ Sakai, Nagoya.

And Japanese traditional shopping arcades: Oosu, Nagoya.

On Saturday, before we returned for Tokyo, I played golf at Golf 5 Yokkaichi Golf Course @ Yokkaichi, Mie.

The course is located one hour away from Nagoya and the play fee is reasonable for weekends: about JPY 13,000 inclusive breakfast and lunch.

This was planed during my stay; therefore, I had to buy golf shoes, glove and balls.

We can overlook Yokkaichi City from the club house.

It was a day to play a game.

It’s been hectic two weeks, working without break – not even weekends; but I enjoyed it.

I strongly believe that I could complete these projects because my friends and also colleagues from overseas helped me greatly, including moral support.

Today, I’ve been lazy.

I miss my bed and stayed till the appointment time for hair salon.

I got massage for head and shoulders which I needed at this moment.

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Business Trip to Nagoya (Day 1)

Till yesterday, I was at Tokyo Game Show 2017, Makuhari Messe promoting digital contents; simultaneously, studying Japan digital contents market.

I enjoy doing market Survey for this industry.

This morning, I went to office with my luggage because another programme for aerospace starting today in Nagoya.

I checked in at Nagoya Kanko Hotel; my room is modern and practical.

I had a dinner meeting at Sapporo Kani Honke.

Yes, I had Hokkaido Crabs in Nagoya. hahaha

I am super tired and ready to go sleep.

My crazy friends want to go breakfast at 7:00 am. Ahhhhh

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I knew her from work.

She finished her term in Japan and will return to her country in two weeks.

We never went out privately, but I asked her for a dinner.
We started Robatayaki (charcoal grilled food) dinner at Ginza Hakobune Shizuku at 6 pm.

We had so much fun, so we continued our chat at Tommy Bahama, Ginza.

There is a dining place at Tommy Bahama’s butique.

Cakes and non-alcohol mojito are nice!

I’m going to miss her; we shall keep in touch!

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Enjoy Girl’s Night @ the Palace Hotel Tokyo

I am invited for the Palace Hotel’s reception to have a hotel tour and to enjoy their drinks and  food.

The Hotel is located nearby the Imperial Place and Marunouchi Financial District, Tokyo; the view from the hotel is nice and open.

The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World with nice facilities.

Banquet Rooms

Evian Spa

And Rooms

Fortunately, my boss couldn’t make it to this event because he was ordered to attend a meeting that he couldn’t escape from.

I had nice drinks, food and chat with my friend from a sister organization.

Her boss cannot make it, neither because he caugh a flue: influenza.

We simply enjoyed the event without our superiors presence!

Furthermore, the event is free!

And so sweet of them, I received a door gift: raisin and cranberry witches.