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I suffered from a bad flue at Year End.

It took me two weeks to fully recover from it.

My friend introduced and recommended this Cleverin which is manufactured by Taiko Pharmaceutical.

Chlorine dioxide is supposed to free air from bacterias and work as a deodorizer.

It sounds good to me to try it.

I opened a box, put powder in a bottle and screwed the cap.

This small bottle is good for 10 sqm room for a month.

Let’s try it!

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Dinner with Friends from LA

I miss her.

I don’t think I had sufficient time to catch up with her.

I took her to my favorite Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurant in Roppongi, Yakiniku 433.

Perhaps, we were too busy eating…?

After eating various parts of beef, we went for desserts at Hoshino Coffee.

Yes, I announced my resolution yesterday – Losing Weight, but I think I can apply exception when I’m spending quality time with my friends from overseas.

She brought me goodies from Trader Joe’s: Cocoa Batons (Rolled Wafers with Rich Chocolate Cream), Green Tea Infused Mints and Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter with Shea & Mango Butters.

I cannot wait to try them!

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Bonenkai (Year-End Gathering) Day

Today, I had two Bonenkai.

I had a corporate Bonenkai (Year -End Gathering) at Malaysian Restaurant, Malay Asian Cuisine, Shibuya, Tokyo.

I enjoyed these Malaysian food: Satay, Nasi Lemak, ota ota (it’s fish surimi. After open banana leaf, there is a curry flavored fish surimi: picture on the right), Murtabak, pandan chiffon cake and Teh tarik.

At the evening, I enjoyed Italian at Il Ritrovo, Ropppongi Hills, Tokyo with my flower arrangement class mates (7 of us).

I was busy talking during Bonenkai; therefore, I forgot to take photos.

Nonetheless, the restaurant is famous for pizza, delicious and VERY cost effective.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friends!

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It’s raining and cold outside, 3C.

Today, I received a nice set of corporate calendar from my friend as a sign of Year-End.

Sending calendars is a traditional custom of Year-End: getting ready to receive a new year.

I like her corporate calendars because pictures are all beautiful Japanese sceneries.

I look at nice scenery of Japan when I get tired at office.

I plan to place all in my office room.

And I had Bonenkai (Year-End Gathering) at Malaysian Cuisine Penang Restaurant, Shiba-Keon, Tokyo.

We laughed over nice food.

Year-End is approaching.