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Business Trip to Wakayama (Day 4)

I couldn’t upload on that day, but I think I should share what I experienced in that day.

Well, I was sentimental disabling this view from my window.

Before leaving Wakayama, we had an excursion to learn Japanese technology and culture.

First, we visited Shima Seiki Mfg Ltd.

This company is leading sewing machine in the world which occupies 60% of global market.

The company introduced a whole garment machine to reduce waste by producing a clothing by one single yarn.

The company also introduced 3D design machine to reduce time and cost.

The company has amazing technology, but I’m not allowed to take any photos at the premises.

I received a nice souvenir from them.

Then we visited Nakano BC: brewer of sake, Umeshu (plum wine), shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) and also producer of ume extract as health food.

The company name, BC means Biochemical Creation.

This is my first tour of Umeshu company.

Reserve Tanks

Processing Tanks

This is Sake production tank.

I remember this Sugidama (a ball) as a good luck charm.

However, it has more meaning to it.

It means when it turns green to brown, it means Sake is ready, time to enjoy it.

I tried their plum extract which is so sour!!!

It supposed to supplement improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, anti-bacteria and many more.

There is a machine to check our blood flow.

I was worried that I might get a negative comments; on the contrary, my blood flow is good! Yeah!

I had a vegetarian lunch at the harbor.

Typhoon 7 wad approaching the area so tides are high.

There is a fish market a d fruit market to enjoy shopping Wakayama delicacies.

Fish market

Fruit Market

I enjoyed staying in Wakayama and would love to come back again!!!

This what I wanted to report the other day…

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Business Trip to Wakayama (Day 2)

I started my day with a luxurious breakfast – Wakayama local specialties and Wakayama Castle.

I believe ONLY Japan can provide this scenery: breakfast with a castle. hahaha

I was pumped with this breakfast to attend the workshop for capacity building organized by International Trade Centre.

This is my first time to participate in workshop which applies mix format of theoretical presentation, group discussion and practical exercises.

All of us come from different countries; it was fun to discuss to practice exercises.

I would like to participate again in this kind of workshop for self improvement.

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Network Connection

I’m starting my holiday tomorrow, but I might need to go back to office to change Ethernet Properties on my office PC enabling to access office network from outside of office.

I’m such an amateur.

I thought I can change it from outside.


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Today, I accompanied my boss to visit companies in Yokohama.

The meeting was quite interesting because I was learning about new industry: LNG.

I also enjoyed dinner at Arabic Restaurant AL AIN.

Hummmm food is delicious.

This became my second cheat day of week. Ahaha

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Suddenly, I couldn’t use my office email account.

My boss and colleague were telling me earlier that they are unable to use their email.

Therefore, I asked for IT engineer to remote in my PC to solve the problem.

According to the engineer, the system is working, but I am disconnected.

I was asked to unplug and plug back the cable.


But how could it happen?

I didn’t touch the connection.

I was fine till noon; then suddenly lost the connection…?


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Golden Week Holiday in Okinawa (Day 1)

It’s Japanese National Holiday (Constitution Day) today, but my office was opened.

Usually, morning of Ginza Station is crowded with people, but today it was quiet.

It was a quiet day at the office as well.

The office building was closed and we were the only office opened on Golden Week Holiday season, but it was fine with me.

I enjoyed long lunch with my friend from Malaysia at Tempura Restaurant, Ginza Tenkuni.

We chatted for a while and she departed for Shibuya to join other group of friends.

At 5 pm, it’s my turn to enjoy Golden Week Holiday in Okinawa. Yeah

I already polished my nail for beach.

I quickly packed up and departed for Haneda Airport.

it’s dinner time, but food won’t be served on domestic flight.

I bought my favorite Maisen Katsu Sand (Maisen Pork Sandwich).

The packaging is cute airport version – with many airplanes!

I ate it with Aojiru (vegetable juice) at ANA’s Lounge.

After satisfying my stomach, proceeded to the gate.

It’s night flight so I could not take a sharp photo due to the reflection of the glass.

I see an airplane in strange colour.. in yellow…?

OMG, YODA greeted me at the entrance!!!

My seat is decorated in Star Wars as well!!!

I found my airplane model on inflight shopping magazine.

The cup.

Yoda is seared at one of seats like us.

I was protected by the FORCE so safely

arrived at Naha Airport.

Mensore (Welcome in Okinawa ben (dialect))

I finally reached Naha West Inn.

It’s a nice cozy room.

Oyasuminasai (Good Night)