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Waking up on New Ishikari

Ohayogozaimasu (Good Morning)

I didn’t close the curtain last night.

I thought I would wake up when Sun rise; but alarm woke me up.

I went for a morning dip.

I like to dip in the morning with morning sunshine.

And I had a power breakfast.

I took a walk on the deck…

Then enjoying listening to live piano concert with ocean view.

We are approaching Tomakomai.

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New Ishikari

A room is spacious with an area of 40 sqm.

Basic things are equipped and quite comfortable.

I have few bars to access internet at my room. Yeah!

I enjoyed a buffer dinner, live music and a public bath on this New Ishikari.

After dipping a bath, now I’m relaxing at the room, watching TV (sometimes TV freezes) and drinking nice local drink that I bought at a souvenir shop on New Ishikari: Hokkaido Guarana Highball (I’ve never tried this guaranara drink. It tastes herbal.) and Tokachi Wine.

The waves are nice, actually making rocking in nice rythum.

It’s difficult to open my eyes….

Oyasuminasai (good night).

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Trip to Hokkaido

I really look forward to this visit to Hokkaido.

I’ve been to Hokkaido for skiing and snowboarding, but not the areas that I’m going to visit this time.

I arrived Sendai, Miyagi by Shinkansen (bullet train).

The scenery from the window is nice and golden, rice fields are harvested with fresh rice.

Sendai Station was expanded with a new station building, S-Pal.

I remember visiting this S-Pal recently in last May when I visited the Great Eastern Earthquake Hit Areas.

Tonight, we will spend over night on New Ishikari (Taiheiyo Ferry).

The journey is between Sendai, Miyagi (main island) and Tomakomai, Hokkaido.

This reminds me my trip from Copenhagen to Oslo by DFD Seaways♪


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Otaku Bunka: Geek’s Culture

It’s been awhile since I uploaded last.

I was too busy preparing for participation in Tokyo Game Show 2016 which was held from 15-19 September 2016.

It was challenging for me because this industry is totally new to me.

At last, I learned the industry and could enjoy the event itself.

I made Otaku (Geeks) friends and also learned Otaku Bunka (Geek’s Culture). 

We might participate again in Tokyo Game Show in 2017.

I should consider cosplay…?

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Sayonara Made in Japan Oreo, Ritz and Premium!

Yamazaki-Nabosco stopped producing Oreo, Ritz and Premium on 31 August 2016 due to the termination of contract.

Oreo will be imported from China, Ritz from Indonesia and Premium from Italia.

I’m pretty sure products won’t be the same, knowing Japan produces high quality confectioneries.

I realized it’s already September.

I rushed to a supermarket and particularly looked for these.

I know  I’ll miss these made in Japan Products.

I never thought I would appreciate Oreo as one of delicacies like caviar. Ahhhhh

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Would it cancel all bads?

This week, I’m busy working on a project.

I need to continue working at home.

I decided to give a treat to myself.

This is reasonable (JPY 1800 or USD 18), and nice.

Chateau La Verriere (Bordeaux, France)

It’s defenately a nice buy.

I went to gym to watch Suits while walking.

hahaha I know I should write I walked on a treadmill while watching Suits on hulu.

But I could say that I look forward to go to gym to watch a new episode of Suits.

I ate natto (fermented soybean) and mekabu (seaweed) and hopefully these will cancel instant noodle, Malaysian Tom  Yam flavored instant noodle.

I ate with extra vegetables, I hope this cancels some bads.