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You Mee

Sorry for not updating my blog for few days.

I am simply busy with work and down with a cold.

I feel much better now.

Today, I received a gift box from Malaysia.


A box of newly developed Malaysian style instant noodles!

There are Penang Prawn Noodles, Green Curry Noodles (Dry), Sanbal Chili Fried Noodles (I think this is Mee Goreng) and Plain Noodles.

I tried Penang Prawn Noodles tonight. Very shrimpy, Yammy!

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Enzyme Facial Mask

I tried Koso Pack (Enzyme Facial Mask) at May’s Garden Spa last week.

Spa gave me a trial Enzyme Facial Mask for me to do by myself a week later which is today.

I mixed cream and powder.

And applied paste for 15 minutes.

I have sensitive skin so usually I get a trouble after using self treatment facial mask.

However, this one is different.

My skin is fine with this facial mask and I think my skin is whiter, clearer and smoother.

I’m considering buying it next time I visit the spa.

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Nostalgic Friday Night

I went to Takashimaya Main Store, Nihonbashi to meet up my friend.

Many cute Pikachu greeted me at the main entrance of Takashimaya.

We went to Kanda, Tokyo for dinner and drink.

It’s downtown area and there are many nostalgic restaurants and bars.

We went to Konamonoya, Kanda for casual dinner.

This restaurant serves mainly Kansai (Osaka) food.

Then went to very nostalgic bar: LUDENS, Kanda.

This bar is for enjoying Suntory whiskey.

I had a glass of Hakushu Highball (Suntory Hakushu whiskey with soda).

You might remember this bar because I am introducing this bar for second time.

Today, I remember the name of this bar! LUDENS!