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Health and Beauty

I went to Megalos Hibiya Studio to participate in Volt Drum (Exercise in Dark using Drum Sticks).

We use two drum sticks that light in dark when we hit them.

It was fun but I look forward for Volt Box (boxercise In Dark) next week.

Hopefully, I don’t need to cancel it.

After the lesson, I went to Chinese Restaurant Keiraku @ Hibiya/Yurakucho for dinner with my friend.

Oops, beer tasted VERY NICE!

I came back home and greeted by Choco.

I dressed him in Halloween Costume.

He looks nice but he will try to take it off. ahhhhh

For beauty…I’ve been using Gerovital which I bought them when I visited Romania last May.

I’m about to run out so I ordered via Amazon.

Apparently, these arrived from Romania.

I received some samples, too.

Of course, the price is more expensive than what these are sold in Romania.

However, I have sensitive skin and so far these never gave me any troubles.

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We couldn’t get food at proper time.

We had to skip lunch and dinner due to event.

But when we manage to have our lunch or dinner regardless the time, we treated ourselves.

Shark Fin Soup Noodle while waiting for VIP at the Tokyo Station.

Shark fin is rich in collagen.

I could come back home early so celebrated the completion of event with my colleague.

I had to have two glasses of drafted Asahi Super Dry Beer.

I’m glad that the event ended successfully.

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Spoiling Day

The park that we go for a walk regularly organizes events.

This time, L’CCITANE…?

People are busily preparing for a day to start.

After the morning walk, I went to treat myself at Spa.

I need to regularly maintenance myself; especially before the big event which will start tomorrow.

After the spa, I prayed at Asahi Shrine that is local area guardian.

The Shrine brings me peace in my mind.

I had a volumy ramen lunch at Tenka Ippin Roppongi Store.

I took a cha siu (toasted pork), tamago (egg) Kotteri (thick soup) ramen.

I enjoyed every bite!

After taking a lunch, I became sleepy so I took a nap. hahaha

I was asked for dinner to the Teppanyaki Restaurant that I can bring Choco with me: Teppanyaki Yasaiya Roppongi.

The restaurant is prepared for welcoming Choco and even gave Choco a complementary jelly.

He seems to like it very much because he couldn’t control himself; he went straight to the jelly.

The restaurant can prepare dinner for Choco as well, but this time I already brought his dinner (dog food) with me.

Perhaps, next time.

Food for us/human is also nice.

I’m happy to know that there is a restaurant that we can dine inside because it’s getting cold in Tokyo.

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Spending Friday Night at the Office

This week has been hectic and I really needed to refresh myself with Volt Box (Boxercise in dark).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish my work.

Instead of going out with friends or to gym, I had Domino Pizza at the office.

I haven’t had Domino pizza for a while so I enjoyed many slices.

I had many slices of pizza and I had a duty to settle accommodation for our client before his arrival, I walked to REMM Hibiya on the way back home.

I walked by the gym that I missed my session tonight.

It’s a newly opened studio, opened on 15 September 2018, and I was REALLY looking forward for my first Volt Box session at the Megalos Hibiya.

The session is very popular and it’s tough to get a spot.

Next time…