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Honest Choco-Chan

We had a guest who loves dogs over the weekend.

Choco was busy visiting Mom’s and guest’s rooms in the morning and playing with them.

Unfortunately, Choco was alone on Monday morning.

I was busy getting ready for work and a new friend was busy packing to go back home.

Usually. I give him food with a command of “sit” and “down”.

We look into eyes and he eats his food from my hand.

In a way, we communicate despite busy morning.

On that day, I was running late and he was given a bowl.

He caught my eyes because he looked lonely when he started eating but I left for work.

Mom reported to me that Choco didn’t finish his breakfast.

When I returned home, he left more than half in the bowl.

I gave him the left over from my hand and he ate all though these food are harder being left out since morning.

He needs to feel loved.

Current food is bit large for him so I’m breaking in smaller pieces for him now to save time in the morning.

Choco, you are so honest; obviously, you need attention.

I will wake up earlier to spend time with you.

Love you, Choco!

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18 & 19 November 2018

I packed boxes for next moving day.

The mover collected them in early morning to deliver them at my new place around noon.

There are only two of them but very fast and efficient.

I could start unpacking in the afternoon.

I’m still unpacking now because I am considering where to put them for easy handling in my daily life.

I’m also sorting things.

If things are not needed for a new place; I also Sayonara them.

Sometimes, it takes time to make a decision.

Some of them look old and tired, but I have many memories so difficult to let it go.


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Friday Off for Settling Personal Matter

I’ve been busy with work so I’ve been neglected my personal matter such as moving.

My body couldn’t take it (though a flower arrangement class healed me last night) so I requested to take a day off.

I also need time to pack my stuffs to clear my apartment.

I’ve been staying at my parent’s condo since May so I realized I’ve been wasting to pay a rent.

It’s time to move out.

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Reservation at b-monster Ebisu Studio

I just finished my project.

It went well and I’m glad to know that participants are all happy.

Now it’s my time to tune up.

I received a half price trial ticket from my last trial participation.

I decide to use this Friday at Ebisu Studio.

I need to study basic boxing moves which is available on YouTube before my participation.

Last time, I didn’t watch this video, meaning I wasn’t prepared…?

Well, I enjoyed the lesson; that’s all counts.

I look forward for this Friday trial lesson!