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My favorite monthly beauty magazine: Biteki

Today, we can obtain information, any information, on internet.

We don’t need to go to a library or a book store to collect information.

It’s all available on your PC or even in your hand, a smartphone.

With no exception, the market size of printed matters (both books and magazines) is shrinking in Japan.

In Japan, there is less demand for foreign books (English written books); therefore, the area for foreign books keeps on shrinking.

Thanks to Amazon/Kindle because now it saves me to look for a book.

(If you have a recommendation for a book, please drop me a line.)

I stopped buying books because I don’t need to.

BUT, I still regurlly buy this monthly beauty magazine: Biteki (Beauty Style).


Yes, I do like their articles, AND I LIKE THEIR FREE SAMPLES!

For July issue, this magazine offers Avines Oi Oil samples (body wash, shampoo, conditioner and oil for hair) and a cool feeling camisole!!!

Is’nt it awsome? Camisole!!!

Companies are willing to provide free samples to reach targeted consumers and magazines welcome free samples to make a magazine more attractive for readers to stimulate its sales.

It’s a win-win solution.

I wonder myself, am I buying this magazine for articles or samples?

I plan to try the camisole tomorrow♪  fufufu




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