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A Productive Day

In the morning, I went to Loft in Yurakucho.

Loft sells unique and functional products. It is a good place for window shopping.



Yes, I visited there for window shopping, but I ended up buying…a folding umbrella, a super wide lens and two sheets of nail stickers.

This umbrella is very compact and light; it will protect me from both rain and strong sunshine. The rainy season is approaching. We usually take public transportations, so we check a weather forecast before we go out. If necessary, we will bring a folding umbrella. That’s why it’s good to be small and light.

In addition, I bought a super wide lens for iphone for selfee, and two sheets of nail stickers. These are absolute necessities!


Then, I had a lunch. I grilled wagyu Chateaubriand and enjoyed with a glass of Maltese Cactus Liquor as aperitif. Kanpai (cheers)!


After lunch, I went to a beauty salon.

I was greeted by a cute pug, Roku-chan! She is surely a mascot for a beauty salon, isn’t she?


I thought my day would end after this….but there was a miracle!!!

I was at the right place at the right time.

I met my friends from Singapore on the street.

We tried to meet, but we couldn’t coordinate our schedules; BUT WE WERE FATED TO MEET.

We caught up at a Roppongi’s famous cafe, Almond.

I have a nice memory of Almond.

We spell it Almond, but we called this cafe AMANDO. I don’t know why.

I asked an American friend to meet me at AMANDO, but he couldn’t reach to the place.

I wondered because Almond is located at the main junction; it is hard to miss.

Then he told me, “this is not AMANDO, this is ALMOND”.

Then, I realized he was right.

Since then I always warn about this to my friends who are foreigners. hahaha

This cafe is famous for a ring cream puff.









Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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