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Fiction…? No, Non-Fiction!

I couldn’t believe what’s happening at the Haneda Airport.

First, we were greeted by Pepper, a robot.


Then, we checked-in our luggage, but we need to do all ourselves by following instructions on the monitor!

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I cannot believe this is not a movie, and happening in reality.

I could’t find a counter with a lady!

Or is it common in abroad???

I thought I am a modern person, but I guess I am not modern enough, outdated….

I departed rainy Haneda Airport in shock.


I arrived Miyazaki and checked-in to a nice room with nice view at Miyazaki Kanko Hotel.

I’ll absolutely enjoy spending most of my time in this room.


Yukata (Japanese styled pajama) is usually provided by hotels and inns in Japan.

We are allowed to walk public areas such as public hot spring bath in Yukata.

Fortunately, this hotel is equipped with a natural hot spring bath.

I enjoyed looking at the half-moon while dipping in an open-air bath♪



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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