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Unlocking SIM

In Japan, all our mobiles and tablets are SIM locked.

Today, we can request to unlock.

It used to be a handle for consumers  to change a mobile carrier because we were forced to purchase a new mobile which can cost about JPY 80,000 (USD 800) for a smartphone.

However, recently, the government requested mobile companies to unlock SIM.
(Hummm, the government finally has done something good for citizens.)
From the latest iPhone 6S and iPad Mini 4, we can request a mobile carrier to unlock SIM if a mobile or tablet is registered for more than 6 months.
Last week, I roamed and I know it costed me unfortune.

I’m planning to unlock my iPad to allow using overseas’ SIM or inexpensive data SIM to save cost for roaming. 


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11 thoughts on “Unlocking SIM

    1. Yes, FINALLY is the word.
      There are many funny rules that only applies to Japan.
      For example, we don’t have a silent mode when we take a photo.
      It is compulsory to make sound.
      On the rush hour train, it’s packed, so packed that we cannot move or even shift body.
      There were many cases that people took advantages on the situation to sneak a mobile under ladies’ skirt to take photos.
      After finding about this, it became compulsory to make sound when we take a photo to alert people a photo is taken.
      Yes, it’s not nice to take photos when you are at the sightseeing places in overseas,, especially when we visit a quiet place such as a church.
      We surprise others by making noise.
      I received many frowned faces, but we don’t have a silent mode!
      I downloaded the silent mode app before, but it’s not available and the downloaded app cannot be functioned now.
      Today, I use Live Mode to take photos because it won’t make a loud noise, but consume large data. Ahhhh
      Funny, right?

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      1. Wow! That’s nuts! A good reason behind it, but you’re right, in churches and quiet places it must be a nightmare! Thank you for educating me! X

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      2. No, no I understand that. Sorry to didn’t mean to imply you had a choice. It would be nice if you did, if you were given the choice x

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      3. Oh I understand what you are implying. Our system is different from other countries. I use an international model iPhone. I think it makes it difficult for foreigners to understand because we use the same model, but we are not provided with the same function. Who guess Japan model iPhone doesn’t have a silent mode? hahaha

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      4. I literally would never have guessed. I think sometimes I’m a little ignorant in not realising that other countries have such different rules etc.. x

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      5. Same here. The world can create conflicts and confusions, but simultaneously, the world can make things interesting. We are communicating over boarders or ocean. That’s wonderful!

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      6. It truely is! I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams I could be typing to people all over the world! Xxx

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